Matt Hudson has his life exactly the way he wants it. He’s a well-paid account with corporate clients both in Carson City and Las...

Matt Hudson has his life exactly the way he wants it. He’s a well-paid account with corporate clients both in Carson City and Las Vegas and he balances out his serious, organized and sometimes boring profession by moonlighting as a male escort. Oh no, this isn’t the male version of Pretty Woman, nope, no champagne and chocolate strawberries here.
Matt belongs to a very high end, escort agency based in Vegas, owned and run by his old SEAL buddy, Baxter Peterson. The escort service pays well, is flexible with hours and Matt gets to indulge in his favorite pastime- Women.
Matt is a woman aficionado, he loves them tall, short, thick, skinny, small-breasted, big breasted, American, Italian, European, it doesn’t matter, women fascinate him. He loves to hear that hitch in a woman’s voice when he touches her just right. He loves taking a woman who just wants to feel, cherished, wanted, and desired and becoming whatever her greatest fantasy is. Therefore, Matt isn’t looking to change his life, his job or anything else in his perfectly organized world. That is until he meets the woman that turns his neatly balanced life upside down.
Alison Collins had been Taylor Duke’s research assistant for Taylor’s romance novels for about five years. It was an easy friendship and a great career. Alison would travel to wherever Taylor’s next series would take her, research all the historical data for the book and the send all the information to Taylor on a flash drive. Since she was used to Taylor sending her to faraway places that included castles and old monasteries, Ali was shocked when Taylor told her the next assignment was right in her own backyard; she wants her to go to Las Vegas to interview gigolos, no wait sorry, male escorts for her next series.
It wasn’t that Ali had a problem with Vegas, she grew up on Mt. Charleston, only an hour north of the glitzy city, so really, despite having to come up with interview questions for men, who made their living being the secret fantasy to women, this job should be a snap. The upside was once she finished the assignment she’d be able to take some time off and work with the animals in her sanctuary. Thus, allowing her a long break from having to deal with people, any people. It’s not that Ali doesn’t like people, she’s used to being alone. The sole survivor of the horrific car crash that killed her parents has left Alison with a permanent limp and scars that cover a large portion of her back and thighs.
Ali knows she can’t compete with the beautiful women roaming around Vegas, with her hideous scars, unattractive limp and dirt under her short nails from working with her animals she doesn’t even try. So, when the sexy, gorgeous and younger, Matt Hudson, male escort superstar, she interviews for Taylor, doesn’t take the hint that she’s not just playing hard to get, she’s playing hard to want, Alison ties him to the hotel room bedpost and bolts!
When Matt meets Ali sparks fly, but while Ali is bold with her questions she shies away from his touch, after spending one night in this gorgeous, funny, sarcastic woman’s company, without getting to touch her, Matt wants more, a lot more. When Ali bolts the next morning with no way to contact her, Matt realizes she left behind her leather case that contains all of her interviews for the past three weeks. He’s even more encouraged when he realizes Ali works for his new sister-in-law’s bestie Taylor Duke.
Now that he has a solid plan of getting Ali to talk to him, Taylor and Synclair both warn him off. Refusing to go into details, Taylor tells Matt to leave Ali be, she likes to be alone and will never give him the time of day

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