I was going to use my wealth to change the world once—but then I was betrayed and left for dead by the people I...

I was going to use my wealth to change the world once—but then I was betrayed and left for dead by the people I trusted most.

After I was brought into the fold, tied by blood and gasoline to the Robber Baron MC, I swore revenge against those who would use all I had created for ill… and I swore in the same breath that I would never trust anyone who wasn’t a brother again.

But then she came along. With her flame-red hair and entreating, gorgeous green eyes, I knew she was trouble the moment she walked into the bar. I had no way of foreseeing that trouble would soon be riding pillion, her soft curves pressed maddeningly into every lean line of my body…

She knows too much about me already, and now I can’t let her go—not until I’ve taken the lives of those who destroyed mine. But how am I supposed to concentrate on making them pay for all that they took from me, when all I really want to take is the irresistible stranger riding behind me?

Book 2: LESHER

I’m not like these other rich boys who ride with the Robber Baron MC… and it’s not just my slick blond undercut, too-piercing eyes, or even the snaking menagerie of tattoos that set me apart from the rest of my fallen brotherhood. It’s the fact that I started at the bottom, and I’m still working my way to the top, that makes me the outlier.

Of course, the fact that I also tend to emphasize the robber over the baron might have something to do with it.

Maybe they see a chance for redemption in me, but I sure as Hell don’t. The fact that they called a meeting to dispute my membership sounds to me like they’ve had enough.

Doesn’t matter. I’ve been kicked out of clubs before… and even though this one is the closest I’ve got to family, I can’t let them mean a damn thing to me. I can’t let anyone mean anything to me, not when I’m about to pull off the biggest heist of my life.

Little did I know my robbery would lead me directly into a hostage situation… and after staring into a pair of stricken sapphire blue eyes, I’m not sure who the hostage is anymore.

Book 3: WOLF

I’ll admit it: I probably would have retired from this long ago if it wasn’t for Officer Elizabeth Lane.

But I’ve got a torch for this scorching-hot member of the lawful good. She pursues me with a single-minded obsession that thrills me more than any fleeting passion I have ever known with a woman. So I ride the roads she patrols as ‘Houdini’, the leather-clad phantom whose death-defying escape stunts always leave us both craving just one more encounter.

I never counted on the cargo thieves to show up. And you better believe I never counted on finding myself trapped inside the back of a long haul truck with the woman who has staked her badge on bringing me down.

Things are about to get a lot more interesting along the Pacific Coast Highway… and as an unsteady truce is forged between myself and Officer Lane, I can’t help but think this is one hot complication Houdini doesn’t want to get himself out of.

Bring on the handcuffs, little Laney. You just better hope I don’t get to them first.

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