Meet The Beckett Boys. Three Brothers. Each One Dirtier, Rougher, and Sexier Than The Next… A standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA ASHER I...

Meet The Beckett Boys. Three Brothers. Each One Dirtier, Rougher, and Sexier Than The Next…

A standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA


I came back here for her.

Back to Rock Bridge to claim the woman I can’t stop thinking about. The one who dug her way under my skin, despite all my efforts to forget about her, to pretend like nothing happened that one night.

Whitney Cavanaugh.

I spent months upon months telling myself that it meant nothing. Just a drunken dare between friends. A dare that started with a kiss and ended with the two of us naked, our bodies writhing against each other, mouths locked, heat pouring between us.

When I finally accepted I was lying to myself, I spent months thinking about how I wanted it again. I wanted her again.

But now I’m back and I’m going to make things right.

To explain why I left without saying a word.

Soon she’s letting my hands caress her her soft curves, letting my mouth roam between her legs.

My desire to own her body is nothing short of compulsive.

But I want more than just her body.

I want her heart.


It’s been thirteen months. Thirteen long, painful, slow months where I didn’t hear one word from him. Didn’t see him all this summer even, despite us being in the same town. Then he shows up out of the blue and turns my life upside down again.

Asher is back. For me—or so he says. I don’t know what to make of that. I don’t know how to feel about it, either.

He’s even more muscled than I remembered from last year. Muscled and warm and so damn tempting. Thinking about his hands on me sends a hot flush across my skin.

Damn him for the way he makes me react to him sexually. I don’t want to still feel anything for him. We almost had sex that night, and then I never heard from him again. It was mortifying and hurtful, the utter silence that stretched over months and months.

Until he shows up, declaring he wants me. What the hell is that about? I don’t know what to think. What to feel.

Every part of me wants to resist.

But he always was good at convincing me to do bad things.

I wonder if he still is…

Her eyes are wide, and even in the dimming light, I can see the brilliant green of her irises. She’s breathtaking. How did I stay away from her so long? Her skin is creamy soft, glowing, and I just want to strip her naked.

I take one step toward her, then another, until we’re just a breath apart. I can see her chest rising and falling faster. My own breath is growing more rapid, my body responding vividly to her proximity. I ache for her. “I missed you. The way I left things last summer was a mistake. But I’m going to make it right.”

“Maybe…I don’t want to be friends with you again,” she murmurs. Emotions are flickering wildly through her eyes, so fast I can barely keep up. Hurt, fear, anger.


It flickers there for just a moment and is gone in a flash, but I saw it. Whitney is turned on.

“Oh, I don’t want to be friends,” I tell her baldly.

That makes her draw back in confusion. “Then…what are you here for?”

I allow myself to touch her, my thumb grazing the hip bone right under her shorts.

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