It’s safe to say Ana Torez’s life sucks. The only family she has is a mooch for a brother, she hates her job, and her love life is pretty much non-existent. It can’t get worse, right? Well, it did. Sort of. Teleported to a strange new world, she unwittingly... Read more
Lust is hard. Love is DEEP. I’m hard as a f*cking rock. Tough as nails. Cold-blooded. Arrogant as hell, with a ripped set of abs women can’t help but drool over. Yeah, that’s me. Hunter Scapoli. I knew the Luciotti Family would come for me eventually. They don’t deal... Read more
This is a classic story of, boy meets girl, boy saves girl, boy blows shit up! Georgie Roarke was always the quiet one, always the one to take care of things, always keeping her sister out of trouble. When she’s had enough of that, she makes the decision to... Read more
It’s been ten years since Annie Martin left the sleepy island town of Stone Harbor, ten years since her last kiss with the boy she thought was the love of her life. She’s tried to move on, but there’s still a part of her that wonders what could have... Read more
Meredith Adams lost her husband, David, in a tragic motorcycle accident three years ago. Since then, she’s been focused on moving, starting her own business, and raising their teenage son. Now that everything’s settled and with her son leaving for college in a few short months, Meri’s thoughts linger... Read more
Four years ago Jeremy Bradford disappeared leaving the woman he loved heartbroken and pregnant with his child. Two years ago Sylvie Solum married Silas Chambers and vowed to leave any hope of seeing Jeremy again in the past. Today, Jeremy Bradford woke up from a four year coma. Resolved... Read more
COLE I wanted nothing to do with love. I’m done. Broken in so many places I’m unrecognizable—even to myself. Lost. So f***ing lost I don’t know what the Hell I’m doing now. I’ve succumb to the darkness that has kindly offered me solace. Dead set on letting life pass... Read more
Choose your mate from among the pack, Ethan has been told all his life. But he can’t help thinking that he’s missing something—that there might be someone like the beautiful Abby in the place she came from, the island called Dolphin Cove. So, against the wishes of his family,... Read more
We’re kicking up some dirt on May Fourteenth. So, start your engines, shift into gear, and join Cooper Brewis And Ansley Young As their day is finally here! Friendship was tested and love was found. Now it’s time to celebrate from the start of their bachelor and bachelorette parties,... Read more
Claire King wasn’t really the type of girl who was looking for romance. She had to deal with some issues from her past before she could even begin to think of getting into a serious relationship. Though she had grown up with the Martin boys, Claire never entertained the... Read more
He wasn’t good for her. He never would be. At eighteen, Stevie Case finally surrendered to her attraction to bad boy Ethan Rafters, sharing one night with him before she graduated and he skipped town on a one-way road to destruction. Years later, Stevie has hit back life’s curveballs... Read more
The moment I met him I started wanting things that I hadn’t wanted before. It crept up on me slowly. I remember a curious look, an electric touch, the polite kiss the first night we met. I remember wondering if he wanted me. He did. This is the story... Read more
She could save me. And I could destroy her. Luke Football was God and the stadium was my church. Except for the nights I would stay out, when the choir was the moaning in my bed. I was the Austin Warrior’s bad boy. Alcohol. Women. Parties. You name it—I... Read more
The curvy single, Jenna Anderson, isn’t just a sassy BBW, but as a lab geek, specializing in detecting art forgeries, she’s also as smart as a whip. That is, until she loses her mind to the devilishly handsome billionaire, Riley Storm. How can such a bad boy, flip a... Read more
SAM That long blonde hair, sexy hippy-style and a laugh that makes me want to fall to my knees and worship her body– Katy Williams is slowly driving me crazy. I moved out to the woods to get away from everything, including women with ulterior motives. But now she’s... Read more