There isn’t much Theo Convington wants but can’t have. His charms and green eyes have gotten him everything, from an easy job to his choice of easy women, and that’s exactly how he prefers to live his life. Easy. However, when one wrong decision lands him on house arrest,... Read more
In this pitch-perfect novel from the author of When Joss Met Matt (“One of those books that make you forget everything around you.”—Sophie Jordan), a rock ’n’ roll diva must choose between her career and her heart. After getting kicked out of her own band—by her own boyfriend—Presley Mason... Read more
Cara saw her prey from across the arena. The early morning rays of sunshine sliced through the grandstand seats, casting crosscut shadows across the rodeo field. Many hours from now, men and women would tempt fate as they rode for glory and acclaim. But Cara didn’t care about that.... Read more
One overly-excitable fangirl couldn’t possibly compete with the woman a rock star god loved and lost… I watch him in concert. I adore him from afar. I live for those brief moments backstage when he acknowledges my existence. That’s as close to a man I ever let myself get.... Read more
Part 2 is now released…( Lexi’s story continues) One night and a huge mistake…how can that change the life of one girl forever? Lexi made a wrong choice to trust the wrong person. She falls into darkness and begins spiraling out of control. She is terrified of closeness and... Read more
Three years ago, Lyla fled from her ex, Gavin Pyre. She created a new identity and began a relationship with a man who knows nothing about her past. The normal life she built for herself is shattered when Gavin blackmails her into returning to Las Vegas where he rules... Read more
For young Paris Branch, life as an adult is about to begin and she is ready to leave the limitations of her small-town life behind. Carson, Virginia, may be where she was born, but it’s not where she sees her future. An inbound freshman at Howard University, she has... Read more
Lara Everybody knows that Prince Henry of Corso is the sexiest prince of the century. His bad boy image is hard to ignore, what with the tattoos, the dirty mouth, and the revolving door of women, each of them hoping he’ll choose her as his one and only. I... Read more
A cat burgler. A petty cash thief. A desperate housewife. A nosy cat sitter. A reckless basejumper. What could these five women have in common? They are all Bad Girls. When Gemma climbs into the first apartment on her list to burgle, she is distracted by something more enticing... Read more
Sometimes, new beginnings come from unexpected places. To Cecily Baker, being unattached means making her own decisions, living by her own rules, and never answering to anyone. So when her sister drags her to a singles night at a local club—and then ditches her—it only strengthens Cecily’s conviction that... Read more
On the day the world shook, everything changed for the barbarian tribe. This short story goes back to the event and gives additional insight. How do Rukh and Harlow fare through the disaster? How does the chief handle the destruction of everything he’s ever known? This short story is... Read more
Destiny Bridges moves back to her old family home with her nine-year-old daughter Sophia. Sophia doesn’t fit in at school and Destiny pulls her out, deciding to homeschool the wayward child. Her world spins on it’s axis though when she opens the door to find the new principal and... Read more
Official Description: As a boy, Kyle worshiped his teenaged neighbor Raymond; now Kyle’s a young man with deeper feelings. The casual meetings that sustained him will be over soon—Raymond’s parents are moving from the old family home. The weeping willow tree in Raymond’s back yard is a place of... Read more

Stud by Avery Wilde

2016Romance September 17, 2016

There’s more than one game he’s good at… Troy Ballard is a pro footballer, party-addicted jock, and renowned playboy. He’s rude, he’s crude, and….okay, fine, I’ll admit it: he’s hot as hell. He’s also my ex. He destroyed me seven years ago, and now my heart is more guarded... Read more
The Hands-on Engagement and Recognizance Operations (HERO) Force works behind the scenes, completing missions too sensitive or dangerous for regular channels. HERO Force member and former Navy SEAL Trevor “Hawk” Hawkins is on an unsanctioned mission to take down the man responsible for his teammate’s death. But when his... Read more