When a tough, ice-cool cage fighter meets her match in two hot as sin dragon shifters, the sparks fly. Ice is a tough cage fighter who has spent her life closed off and mostly alone. As a child, she experienced moments where she burned others with a mere touch.... Read more
Leif It all started with a misdirected letter. I shouldn’t have done it, but from the time I read that first letter from Karli, I was obsessed. The letter had my name on it…but it was meant for another soldier…another man named Leif Thompson…the same name as mine. Before... Read more
Murder. Deceit. Revenge. Within the walls of the prestigious Lincoln Hospital in New York City, a hunter awaits. A man with a thirst for blood and an appetite for vengeance. Dr. Cian O’Reilly, the city’s most respected cardiovascular surgeon, is living a double life, one bathed in torture and... Read more
If you’re looking for a light formula romance with a HEA, this book isn’t for you. This is a story about a group of flawed, all too human people, navigating life in Manhattan, dealing with real life drama, emotional baggage, and something else sinister besides. Beautiful and damaged Gillian,... Read more
Alexandra’s about to go on a nightmare vacation to Bora Bora. Quiet? Not when your mother and step father are fighting. Peace? Not when your mother’s up to her old tactics for maximum humiliation. Fun? Not when your step father has a private eye snapping pervy photos of your... Read more
Maddie B. Callaway saw tragedy first hand when she was only nine years old. She was tossed around foster care for years, until finally being placed somewhere she could call home. She finds family and love when she never thought she would again, but bad teenage choices take her... Read more
Like being stranded on a desert alien planet wasn’t enough… All I ever wanted was someone to love. Now my best friend is knocked up by the only hunky alien-dragon available and I can’t tell anyone how totally jealous I am. The handful of humans who survived our ship’s... Read more
Continuing the story of Sophie and Christos from Who You Love. They fell in love at the most inopportune time in Sophie’s life. To love Chris meant to turn her life upside down and damage the life she created with another man. But in the end the decision was... Read more
Penelope Murphy is a naïve, 19-year-old American missionary with a domineering fiancé who thinks her big ideas about volunteering in Africa are just plain stupid. But she’s determined: for six months, she’ll work on a community garden in a rural village in Malawi. Everything is going to plan until... Read more
He’s mastered the breakout play on the ice. She’s still trying to break out of her shell. When Adam first lays eyes on Ally in the dark, country-themed bar, he immediately knows that he’s going to take innocent-looking beauty home for the night. When she resists his charms and... Read more
Kirsty. Addiction is something you have no control over. I would love to say I have control over my feelings for Michael Smith, but I can’t. The longer he stays in my life, the harder it gets to walk away from him and the more addicted I become. He... Read more
Twenty-two-year-old Sara Singer meets handsome wine heir Hunter Pierce on a very bad night, when he punches out her best friend’s horrible date. A crappy one night stand in college has left Sara reluctant to get involved with a man again . . . yet she can’t turn Hunter... Read more
Alexander Bryant has lived his entire life making everyone else happy. After meeting Lincoln, will he have the courage to finally do what makes him happy? Alexander – I like to imagine myself a rebel – an ass-kicker that takes what he wants regardless of what others think. I... Read more
From award-winning author Regina Scott comes a tale of intrigue and romance. Renowned statesman Malcolm, Lord Breckonridge, chooses to court Sarah Compton to further his career. Unfortunately, the plain and penniless Sarah wants a love match, and the one thing Malcolm has learned to hide is his heart. When... Read more
In a post-apocalyptic world, the only way to stay alive is to join a crew, and the only way to do that is to survive the hunt… Ryo Ishikawa has survived for years on his own, living on the edges of what used to be the city of Tokyo.... Read more