Elijah Black, a hardcore Navy SEAL, eats, sleeps, and lives for his missions—and little else… The self-proclaimed playboy has no time for relationships, unless it’s between the sheets. So he’s more than happy to leave for his newest mission, a quick extraction of a terrorist believed to be responsible... Read more
Ranger bred, Ranger bound… Being a Texas Ranger is Zach Travis’s destiny. But war-weary Zach didn’t come home to Texas to take on his father’s legacy, only to heal his emotional scars…until his family’s compound is invaded by an enemy as brazen as she is beautiful. Not only does... Read more
They used to be on the sidelines. Now they’re out in the field… Two years ago, Taryn Hall was a pro football cheerleader—until she left her lecherous boss with a bloody nose and a faceful of Mace. Now she’s part of a different kind of squad. An elderly billionaire... Read more
HOW TO MASTER A MILLIONAIRE Max Oberon’s got his big break. The millionaire model-turned-actor has just one problem. His next character’s submissive relationship is a big part of the movie, and Max can’t make it convincing. Only five days with a dominatrix can help him overcome his need for... Read more
Mia wasn’t supposed to get pregnant from her one-night stand. She especially wasn’t supposed to get pregnant by someone from Honeypot. She’s heard all the rumors about what the men there are like: tall, dark, handsome, and shifters. Still, when her at-home pregnancy test shows the little + sign,... Read more
The Playbook by Missy Johnson
I bring new meaning to the phrase ‘Most Valuable Player’ Women love me, men want to be me and my team mates loathe the constant attention I bring. Trouble always finds me, both on and off the field. I see so much controversy the tabloids have my manager on... Read more
Taken (Kept #2) by Sally Bradley
What do you do when right becomes wrong? Cam Winters has been known as the guy who dates the new women at church–and then ends the relationship quickly. He’s never talked about his past, about life before he became a Christian. But Jordan Foster has learned to look past... Read more
Shifters in Seattle Box Set Books 1 – 3: BBW Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance by Truli Thorne
Three COMPLETE interlocking romances — NO CLIFF HANGERS — Paranormal fun, steamy passion, thrilling danger, and happily ever afters!! Shifters live among us. And they thrive best in Seattle, hometown of billionaire bear shifters and the curvy women strong (and lucky!) enough to love them. Shifters in Seattle will... Read more
Shielding Lily by Alexa Riley
It’s Lily Parker’s first day at a new high school. She’s a senior finishing her last semester, and all she wants to do is graduate and get out of town. Her home life is a secret hell, and she’s trying to find a way out. But everything changes when... Read more
Runt of the Litter (Halfbreed Chronicles Book 1) by Isabelle Hemlock
Avery Gallagher is a shifter who doesn’t fit in anywhere. He doesn’t look like his lumberjack twin brothers do, nor has he managed to phase once in his twenty-something years. He doesn’t seem to belong in any world, neither the wolf kind, or the human kind. Meanwhile, Riley Connolly... Read more
Gone By by Beatone Hajong
The book, depicts the life of a young lad, who turns himself into a writer after he fails to stay in relation to his long love. He conquers his dream to be what he wanted to be and finally ends up writing a novel for the love of his... Read more
Indigo by Max Ellendale
When Jeslyn wakes up to a simple note, the world falls to pieces at her feet. With everything slathered in violent torrents of gray, she drifts listlessly from one empty moment to another. A dangerous encounter reintroduces red, but is her heart broken beyond recovery? Download Links Ge.tt Userscloud... Read more
On the Prowl (Bad Things #2) by Cynthia Eden
Time to embrace your inner evil. Rose Kinley never intended to be one of the most feared creatures to walk the earth. Once upon a time, she was a human—one who fell in love with a mysterious stranger. But when she got caught in a paranormal war, she lost... Read more
My Hope Next Door by Tammy L. Gray
Former bad girl Katie Stone can feel the weight of her reputation settle over her as she drives home for the first time in years. Feeling deeply guilty about her past mistakes, Katie wants to do the right thing for once. But the small town where she grew up... Read more
Joshua Healy (The Mitchell/Healy Family #10) by Jennifer Foor
hey say without the support from his family, a man is lost. My parents have been pushing me to make the right choices throughout my life. Instead of taking their advice, I’ve gone against their guidance more times than I care to admit. Now I’ve done the unthinkable; something... Read more