Just A Bit Of Trust( The Constel·lación Series 1) by Noma-tee Thompson
Didac.Alien. King of Constel·lació. Vivian.Human. Abused. Untrusting but artless. Daughter of the man who betrays Didac. Vivian’s father is villainous and greedy to the point that he never has an interest in being a good father, husband, and leader. In a world where interplanetary trading is common, her father,... Read more
In Love With A Vampire by M.J. Stevens
Jesse Winds is in love with a man … but what she doesn’t know is that she’s in love with a deadly vampire named Catan. He’s one of the most notorious vampires who have ever existed on earth. When Jesse stumbles upon the shocking truth, her whole world turns... Read more
Hard Up: A Military Mafia Romance by Vivian Wood
Callum Connor lives by one code — kill or be killed. Only two things matter to Callum Connor – his gang, the Black Saints, and himself. When the former SEAL isn’t protecting The Family or gunning down made made men, he’s burning his way through the women in Savannah.... Read more
Dragon Heat (Dragons of Perralt Book 2) by Sher Dillard
Laila Mason lives by two simple rules. There are monsters everywhere, and the only thing she can rely on is her trusty dagger. The only life Laila Mason has ever known is the rough streets. It is all she will ever know. So, when offered her dream, a Prince... Read more
Dance or Die by Liza O’Connor
Tess Campbell, mafia princess, has fallen in love with a British prince during his stay in Iowa. He appears equally besotted, having given her his family ring that’s been passed down through the generations. Still, he asked that she keep his proposal and ring a secret for the time... Read more
Christopher and Jaime (Pianos and Promises) by Jennifer Peel
Jaime Seger has two goals in life: marry her best friend, the man that owns her heart and soul, and buy her very own grand piano. But Christopher McKay, who has no idea Jaime’s been in love with him since she was eleven years old, never gets the memo... Read more
Brett by Kylie Walker
He was a one night stand that I wanted to last a lifetime. The tattoos, shaggy hair and massive shoulders were enough to make me quiver at the knees. He touched me, every part of me. Savored the haven between my legs in a way that convinced me that... Read more
Bending the Rules by Ali Parker
With the need for affection… perhaps not all rules are made equal. After losing his little sister, Kendal is more in need of a warm body in his bed at night to remind him that life isn’t one loss after the next, but his damn rules… How can he... Read more
Arrogant Prick: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by Tessa Thorne
The mafia princess is off-limits. Good thing I don’t have any f*cking limits. I’m a dangerous man. The targets on my hit list can’t hide from me. Men cower before me. And women can’t resist my ripped, tattooed body. I get everything I want. And all I want is... Read more
Alien Romance: RETURNED: An Alien Warrior Romance: (Acarnania Warriors Book 1) by Jane Hinchey (
Struggling to discover her role in a terrifying new world where everything has changed, she must decide who she can trust. Sierra Walker has been missing for 30 years. Her family thought she was dead, only when Sierra turns up, she hasn’t aged a day. But Earth has changed... Read more
Aevar: Trekkers (A SciFi Alien Human Military Romance) by Terra Wolf
Aevar has to prove himself. As the new leader of the Trekkers, he’s finding it difficult to live up to the position. When Jubar, a small planet, calls for aid, this is his opportunity to show his team he’s fit to lead. But when he arrives, there’s a lot... Read more
Above All Else: A Bad Boy Military Romance (Easy Team Book 2) by Gemma Hart
She was in danger. He WAS danger. My country was in revolt led by a man determined to not only have my crown but also my head. I was a wanted princess on the run. And I needed protection. But I didn’t expect that protection to come in the... Read more
Secret Scandal (Trinity Masters #7) by Lila Dubois
A dashing thief. A passionate scholar. And the beautiful bodyguard engaged to protect them. Eli Wexler is a prominent art historian, a job that under normal circumstances isn’t dangerous. But Eli is a member of the Trinity Masters, and when he’s called to the altar he not only meets... Read more
My Song for You (Pushing Limits #2) by Stina Lindenblatt
In a poignant romance from the author of This One Moment (“Hot, intense, and filled with emotion.”—Rachel Harris), the rock stars of Pushing Limits have hit the big time. But fame gets tough when love presents a fork in the road. At twenty-one, Jared Leigh had been prepared to... Read more
Mercenary (Deadliest Lies #2) by Michele Mannon
Sometimes in life, choices just aren’t part of the plan. When fate interferes and bulldozes right over you. That’s how I felt the first time I saw him. Standing in my kitchen, soaking wet, hotter than a man has the right to be, and holding a knife. Declan’s cold,... Read more