Full Exposure (Hands On #3) by Cathryn Fox
Full Exposure is the finale of a three-part erotic series from New York Times and USA best-selling author Cathryn Fox. I’ve just had the best two weeks of my life! Who’d have guessed that a big part of my rehab would involve giving a gorgeous psychologist private lessons in... Read more
Darkside Blues: SciFi Alien Romance (Dark Planet Warriors, #4.5) by Anna Carven
Be careful in Darkside, because its darkness is seductive. Once you feel its allure, you won’t be able to resist. Zyara al Sirian has devoted most of her adult life to the art of healing. As the First Division’s medic, she’s seen more than her fair share of war... Read more
Double Blessing (The Celestia Divisa Collection, #3) by Kellie McAllen
Two girls desperate for a chance at a new life. Twin angels with the power to save. Can love work a miracle for all of them? Maddy didn’t think her rotten life could get any worse until her whole world collapsed underneath her. Lissy’s life is perfect, except for... Read more
Erin’s Way (Mountain Meadow Homecomings #3) by Laura Browning
Welcome to Mountain Meadow, Virginia, where love is worth waiting for… The town bad girl is back, and this time, Erin Richardson is in need of protection. Years ago, her youthful crush on handsome older man Sam Barnes nearly led to scandal. Now she’s on the run from an... Read more
F*CK Reality Take One by Raegan Matthews
Brock LaDuece is a millionaire, but in name only. When his father disperses an ultimatum clearly stating he must marry, if only to secure the future of his family’s Fortune 500 company, Brock reluctantly agrees he has but one choice… To find a woman his parents will love, even... Read more
Cuckoo (Kindred Book 3) by Scarlett Finn
Cuckoo She’s shrewd and unforgiving, Focused on her own agenda. Her motives are selfish, And she always gets her man. Zara’s existence is unrecognizable from life before Raven. Given all they’ve lost, the Kindred are still trying to find their rhythm. Except when an almost impossible-to-refuse bid for Game... Read more
Daphne’s Delights: The Billionaire Collection by Daphne Loveling
From author Daphne Loveling: Seven sexy, steamy, erotic tales of alpha male billionaires and the women who just can’t seem to resist them! The perfect bedtime read for delicious dreams! These alphas mean business, and they will do whatever it takes to get what they want! This collection contains:... Read more
Dark Side Of The Moon (BBW Paranormal Were-Bear Shifter Sci-Fi Romance) by Catherine Vale
Veronica Maxwell has never fit in. Not into the cliques in high school, not even in her own family. Her mother was only concerned about her daughter gaining weight, and her father wasn’t much better. So, she turned to martial arts as a way of venting out that anger,... Read more
Bush League: New Adult Sports Romance by Pfeiffer Jayst
Sometimes you just have to take a chance and swing for the fences Quinn All I have to do is study and pass my classes so I can have a career after college. All I have to do is give up singing and forget all about it. All I... Read more
Caught Breaking the Law (Caught, #5) by C.M. Steele
Fall 2016 After retiring from the military, Duke Wyatt opened a security firm with two of his war buddies. Instead of being behind a weapon, he now spent most of his days behind a computer, cracking firewalls and exposing secrets. His latest assignment actually takes him to a law... Read more
Change of Heart (Fostering Love #2) by Nicole Jacquelyn
They’ve spent their lives pushing each other away, but what will happen when they need each other most? Anita Martin doesn’t expect much from life. Growing up on the street, bouncing from one foster home to another, she learned to rely only on herself. Even after she finally found... Read more
Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray
Folks in town call him a monster—say he’s dangerous. But I know him simply as Elijah Hays, the quiet, gentle giant who works with the horses on my ranch. I can feel him watching me, that steady intense gaze making me crave things I don’t quite understand, burn in... Read more
Breaking Stone: Bad Boy Romance Novel by Raleigh Blake
No one tames Stone Logan STONE There was no secret to my romance novels…I played hard, and I wrote about it. The filthier the better. If you’d been in my bed, you’d starred in my stories. My books are hot, so hot that women sent me their underwear. Husbands... Read more
The Red Thread by Bryan Ellis
After a suicide attempt left him hospitalized for seven months, Jesse Holbrooke is returning home to live with his parents. Despite the treatment he received, his depression hangs like a cloud over his head, casting his life in a perpetual darkness he can’t seem to escape. But just when... Read more
Hello Love by Karen McQuestion
From the bestselling author of The Long Way Home comes a charming novel about two strangers who find a second chance at happiness when they’re brought together by one extraordinary dog. A year after the death of his wife, Christine, Dan is barely holding on. But one thing gets... Read more