Just a Woman (The Porter Trilogy #2) by Shannon Youngblood
Charlotte’s history, and Alex’s inability to speak the truth, fractured an already unstable relationship and sent Charlotte running in the opposite direction. However, a connection like theirs, one that is so palpable, cannot easily be broken. Alex is determined to right the wrongs done to Charlotte. But deep rooted... Read more
Johnny (Special Forces #2) by Madison Stevens
After a raid on a safe house leaves a good friend dead, Navy SEAL Johnny decides it’s time to return to civilian life. Despite the call in his head to stay with his Navy brothers, he finds a powerful anchor in Maddy, his heart’s true desire. Years earlier, he... Read more
Hunter: Fairy Tale Bad Boys Book 1 by Erin R. Bedford
She got her happy ending, or did she? Isabel It was like a fairy tale. A handsome misunderstood prince with more money than he knew what to do with and he wanted me. A plain country bookworm with a penchant for numbers. I should be happy, right? Then why... Read more
Draw Play by Tia Lewis
Jake: I can’t believe my coach assigned me a tutor. I’m all that on the field and between the sheets — who cares about my stupid grades? But Claire doesn’t treat me like I’m dumb. When we’re not busy fighting, she actually encourages me. And with those sexy curves... Read more
Coma Girl: part 3 (Coma Girl) by Stephanie Bond
From the international bestselling author of STOP THE WEDDING! and the BODY MOVERS mystery series comes a new story of family drama, suspense, comedy, and romance. In COMA GIRL, a victim of a tragic event lies in a hospital bed, at the mercy of friends and relatives who think... Read more
Big, Bold & Bearing (Grizzly Affairs: Book 2) by Magenta Phoenix
She never wanted any of this…. Doctor Gabriella Vega is looking for a way out. After being selected to work with the best researchers and doctors for a special government program she feels flattered to have been chosen. Until she sees what is really going on. As things begin... Read more
Bearing It All (Grizzly Affairs: Book 1) by Magenta Phoenix
As Alpha over all the shifters in the safe haven of Darkwood Springs, Doyle Mackenzie lives a simple and very boring life. Until all that changes one night while out hunting, he comes across a half frozen woman in an isolated cave. Instantly he and his bear recognize the... Read more
Bad Boy Extended Epilogue (Valetti Crime Family #5) by Willow Winters
They thought I would do my job. They thought I would kill her. They thought wrong. I’m a dangerous man. It only takes one panty-dropping, mouth-watering look to know it. You may be fooled by my good looks and charm. But my eyes give it away. I’m the hitman... Read more
A Bodyguard For The Princess (A Bad Boy Romance) by Mia Carson
I’m your personal bodyguard. My job is to protect your body with my life. Princess Daphne, heiress to the throne and terribly misunderstood, doesn’t know much about men, especially dangerous men like Matthias. How could she when she’s practically a prisoner in the palace, protected from the tragic accident... Read more
A Husband by Any Other Name (Men Made In America 2 Series, #27) by Cheryl St.John
Caught in a lie…. Fourteen years ago Dan Beckett’s identical twin took off without a word to his pregnant young fiancé or their father. Having secretly loved Lorraine for years, Dan assumes his twin’s identity as the first-born son, as Lorraine’s husband and father of the baby she carried.... Read more
A Generation of Vipers (A Shifter Shield Story) by Margo Bond Collins
Capturing the killer who was stalking the shapeshifter community should have earned weresnake Lindi Parker and her new boyfriend, mongoose-shifter Kade Nevala, a vacation. Instead it earned them a basket of baby lamias and a whole heap of trouble. Someone in the shifter community doesn’t want those infants—or Lindi—to... Read more
Rushing Waters by Danielle Steel
Hurricane Ophelia is bearing down on New York City. And in a matter of hours, six people, along with their families, friends, and millions of other New Yorkers living around them, will be caught up in the horrific flooding it unleashes. Ellen Wharton has flown into New York from... Read more
Graduation Day (The Testing #3) by Joelle Charbonneau
In a scarred and brutal future, The United Commonwealth teeters on the brink of all-out civil war. The rebel resistance plots against a government that rules with cruelty and cunning. Gifted student and Testing survivor Cia Vale vows to fight. But she can’t do it alone. This is the... Read more
Devils and Details (Ordinary Magic #2) by Devon Monk
Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea… Police Chief Delaney Reed is good at keeping secrets for the beach town of Ordinary Oregon–just ask the vacationing gods or supernatural creatures who live there. But with the first annual Cake and Skate fundraiser coming up, the only secret... Read more
Cursed (Charming Bastards MC #3) by Lexie Davis
Three years ago, Josslyn Maverick left the MC world to raise her son alone and make a decent living as a realtor. The former MC princess knew nothing about the current war going on between the Charming Bastards and her father’s motorcycle club until her son is kidnapped. Needing... Read more