F*CKER (Westbeach #2) by Amo Jones
Ryker Oakley only cared about three things during school —fighting, his band, and getting laid. When he took it upon himself to ‘babysit’ Bryleigh Munroe, he didn’t expect her to be so much trouble, and he sure as shit wasn’t prepared for how fast she would grow on him.... Read more
Dirty Talk by S.L. Scott
From the New York Times Bestselling Author that brought you The Resistance comes this dirty-talking, sexy standalone. Because first love deserves a second chance One month. One movie. One shot at a second chance. I fell madly in love at first sight with Jane Lewis. The girl with bright... Read more
Blackmail by A.L. Simpson
Avery was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is she doomed to suffer for the rest of her life at the hands of an unscrupulous club owner? Destitute, in debt and on the brink of giving up, it’s the death of a friend who brings her hope.... Read more
Binary Code by D.H. Sidebottom
Binary: Relating to, composed of, or involving two things. Code: A system of words, letters, figures or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of secrecy. Everything comes in twos. His and hers. Mine and yours. Love and hate. Life and death. The world is made up... Read more
Deadly Genesis (Boomers Book 2) by Heather Long
To save her sanity may cost him his mind… Boomers, Book 2 Amanda Kincaid Codename: Corkscrew Abilities: nuclear fission and fusion, absorbs energy and fires beams of radiated heat Mission: recovery of lost memories and sanity Kidnapped and experimented on by R.E.X. labs, Amanda’s memories are foggy. She can’t... Read more
Contracted For Love: Famous Love Series by Tracey Pedersen
Two people. Total strangers. Being asked to convince the world that they’re in love Imagine if your favourite engaged celebrities weren’t really in love. Imagine if their relationship was cooked up to boost their careers. What if everything was fake? From the holidays, the public romance, right down to... Read more
Blaze (Dark in You #2) by Suzanne Wright
Defeat the enemy. Win the boy. Live happily ever after. But life “ever after” isn’t as easy as it used to be. Harper’s gone from being a member of a small demon lair to co-Prime of one of the most powerful lairs in the US with a mate who,... Read more
All of These Things by Anna De Mattea
Sometimes, good people can do bad things, and Caroline De Andreis is about to learn that the hard way. A week on the beach is exactly what her cousin and best friend, Sofie, insists she needs. Between Caroline’s full-time job as an accountant, minding her mother’s mental health, and... Read more
Barbarian’s Taming (Ice Planet Barbarians #8) by Ruby Dixon
As a newcomer to the alien tribe, I’ve struggled to find my place. It might be because I’m a tad headstrong at times. And yes, I might have thrown a few things at people’s heads. But I had a good reason to pitch a fit – my shy sister... Read more
Bad Boy (Valetti Crime Family #5) by Willow Winters
They thought I would do my job. They thought I would kill her. They thought wrong. I’m a dangerous man. It only takes one panty-dropping, mouth-watering look to know it. You may be fooled by my good looks and charm. But my eyes give it away. I’m the hitman... Read more
A Crush on Her Best Friend’s Brother, Part 1 (A Crush on Her Best Friend’s Brother Serials) by Sharon Cummin
Warning: This story contains content which is intended for readers over the age of 18. Previously release as “Taken by Her Best Friend’s Brother” under a different name. Rachel was away for her first year in college. She had remained a virgin all through high school and was tired... Read more
When Love Breaks by Kate Squires
From the author who brought you That Kiss, That Promise, I Will Catch You, and Tracing Hearts, comes another tale of love and loss. Elora Foster and Logan Turner never met, until the day she showed up on his doorstep. After a simple, chance encounter, the two embark on... Read more
The Token 10: Shepard (The Token #10) by Marata Eros
An Alpha Billionaire Dark Romance from the NYT bestselling author of A TERRIBLE LOVE. Who is Shepard? Léo Dubois is a Handler. A Handler of Women. Himself–and the right hand man serving the king of the French mob. When Shepard gifts his wife the divorce she deserves, setting her... Read more
The Golden Desires by Ann M. Pratley
Dreams of destiny across distance and time…. When Isabella starts to dream of a stranger, she is awakened inside with feelings she has never felt before. She knows he is not someone she has ever seen before, and he is not of her village. He is a stranger, and... Read more
Savage Rebel (Savage Angels MC, #6) by Kathleen Kelly
A Casino. A Rival MC. A Mob Family. Dane, President of the Savage Angels MC Tourmaline Chapter sends Rebel to Las Vegas to negotiate their purchase of a casino. When the local Mob Family in Vegas feels threatened by their presence, a rival MC, The Dark Warriors step in... Read more