Stallion: A Bad Boy Sports Romance by Autumn Avery
Meet the man, take the ride. They call me “The Stallion,” and every girl knows why. I go hard, whether it’s on the field or off – catching that game winning pass or scoring with the hottest girl on campus, everyone knows I’ll do whatever it takes to get... Read more
Society Girls: Jenysis (Society Girls, #6) by Crystal Perkins
The posh princess has always wanted the pop star, but she never wanted to admit it. Jenysis left the palace for the Society, but she never gave up Wayne Preston, the boy band member who unleashed her wild side. Over the years, he’s made no secret that he wants... Read more
Small Town Secret: Mayfield Springs Book 1 by Carrie Curtis
Four years ago…Amy Donaldson had the world at her feet with a scholarship to art school and the perfect boyfriend on her arm. Chris Taylor, her best friend’s brother… Now…Amy’s a single mom working in the local diner back home in Mayfield Springs and struggling to make ends meet.... Read more
Semi-Twisted by Isabel Jordan
Dying really has a way of making a girl rethink her life choices. Mischa Bartone was a runner. Running from anything that made her feel too much was kind of her thing. But not even an expert runner like Mischa could escape death. And when the only man who’d... Read more
Seduced By The Bad Boy Sheikh: A Royal Billionaire Bad Boy Romance by Sarah Croix
HE WAS USED TO ALWAYS BEING OBEYED. UNTIL HE MET HER. Sheikh Aziz al Salam Mussayef. Known to the world for his crazy antics. Attracting a swarm of tabloid journalism wherever he goes. Nicknamed by the paparazzi as the Sheikh of Pleasure. A billionaire playboy that uses the world... Read more
Rekindled: A Mountain Man Romance by Johnny Knox
F*ck those lumbersexuals. A beard, a few tattoos, and a hipster haircut does not make you a man. A man is made by taking charge of your own destiny, by giving the middle finger to everything that holds back the rest of the male population. After spending years in... Read more
Deadly (Born Bratva #5) by Suzanne Steele
Oleg and Roksana’s story. Download Links Userscloud (Note: Use Userscloud to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
Claiming Emma by Kelly Lucille
When Noah Hale left the army rangers he had one plan, to find his missing half sister and get her safe, whatever that took. Jaded and dangerous, battle scarred and gruff, he’d spent his life fighting one battle after another, so he expected trouble. What he didn’t expect was... Read more
CALLIE (The Naughty Ones Book 1) by Kristina Weaver
CALLIE My name is Callie Landry and I have done something that would make my mama roll in her grave and my grandmother beat me to a pulp with her cane. I stepped out of the box I’ve been in. I went against every rule I have ever made... Read more
BENCHED by Abigail Graham
Mr. Right has never been so freakin’ wrong. I’m a single mom and a cop. When some arrogant superstar thinks he can speed through my town and smirk and charm his way out of a ticket, he’s wrong. I wrote the ticket and impounded his car. Then he moved... Read more
Balance (Off Balance Book 1) by Lucia Franco
Adrianna Rossi is no stranger to the rigorous demands required of her body. Years of pain and determination make her one of the best. Olympic glory is the ultimate goal, and she’ll do anything to achieve it. Even if that means leaving home to attend World Cup Academy of... Read more
Alien Mine (Zerconian Warriors #7) by Sadie Carter
She was his mate. He hadn’t touched her. Had barely spoken to her. But the moment Thor saw her he had known. She was his. But there was something in her eyes that warned him to go slow. That old demons still held her in their grasp. It would... Read more
An Indecent Proposal (The O’Malleys #3) by Katee Robert
Greed. Ambition. Violence. Those are the “values” Olivia Rashidi learned from her Russian mob family-and the values she must leave behind for the sake of her daughter. When she meets Cillian O’Malley, she recognizes the red flag of his family name . . . yet she still can’t stop... Read more
The Billionaire’s Voice (The Sinclairs #4) by J.S. Scott
As an extreme-sports mogul, billionaire Micah Sinclair is comfortable taking risks. But nothing—and no one—has ever challenged him like Tessa Sullivan. He’s fascinated by the woman who’s overcome so much, including the loss of her hearing. The petite blonde dynamo, a small-town restaurateur on the Maine coast, is the... Read more
Stripped Down (Stripped #2) by Emma Hart
What do you get when you mix a bottle of tequila, a single mom moonlighting as a stripper, and her sinfully sexy boss with an impulsive side? Married. You get married. Rich. Demanding. Hot. Crazy. That was Beckett Cruz in a nutshell. Not to mention wild, determined, dangerous, and... Read more