Inevitable by A.S. Roberts (
Dirty talking, tattooed Nathan Blackmore has it all, at least that’s what he wants everyone to believe. Six months ago the only woman he has ever loved walked out of his life. This super bike rider vowed never to look back and never to give his love again. Nathan’s... Read more
Homerun (Pro-U #4) by Ali Parker
From Best Selling Author, Ali Parker… another book from Providence University. Jayce Moore is not only captain of the Pro-U hockey team, but he spends his off season playing baseball. His grades have begun to suffer, and though he hates the thought of asking his twin sister’s best friend... Read more
Geronimo (A Songbird Novel) by Melissa Pearl
You have to jump before you can fall… Jane is on a mission of self-discovery. Having lost the love of her life on their wedding day, she’s been a shell of the woman she once was. A year after the fatal accident, she leaves for England to return to... Read more
Gay: Our First Time (Gay Romance, Gay Love, Gay Fiction) by Caroline Heather
Travis was happy with the sounds the other man made. He continued to push his lips down the man’s taut stomach to the edge of his pants, biting down and softly teasing Dan’s hipbone. Dan let out a moan, and soon his cock was even harder in his pants... Read more
Dark Ink Tattoo: Episode 4 by Cassie Alexander
What would you do if you could be with the object of all your high school fantasies for a night? This extra-sexy episode of Dark Ink Tattoo goes into Jack’s past – how he came to Vegas and how he became a vampire. Dark Ink is a hot hot... Read more
Chased by Love: Trish Ryder (The Ryders #3) by Melissa Foster
Actress Trish Ryder takes her job seriously and has no time for those who don’t. When she’s awarded a major role in a new movie featuring America’s hottest rock star, Boone Stryker, she’s beyond excited. The six-two, tattooed hunk of burning desire is known for his dedication to his... Read more
CHASE: Contemporary Alpha Male Bad Boy Romance Book 1 (New Adult College Romance Short Stories) by Kelly Silas
Plus, get BONUS EYE CANDY inside! Jane Cocky. Playboy. Jerk. Chase Reynolds is the quintessential campus jock and exactly the type of guy I hate. Sure, he’s got that sexy bad boy thing going on that’s got all the girls going mad—tattoos all over his perfect, chiseled body and... Read more
Bookish by Olivia Hawthorne
My name is Aubrey Britton. I was your every day average nerdy book blogger, obsessed with the hot guys on the covers but lusting from afar. I knew I’d never meet a guy like the ones in my books, with muscles like that, with eyes like that, with a... Read more
BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: Oh, Mr. Bryant  by Ellie Jaxon
When recent grad Bethany Cole starts her new internship at Bryant Industries, all she wants to do is make a good impression and stay out of trouble. But when she runs into the big boss in the elevator, she can’t help but fantasize about what it’d be like to... Read more
An Accidental Gentleman (Gentleman #2) by M.Q. Barber
Fast forward never took so long . . . Kit Runyon isn’t looking for a man to keep—she’s happy with the occasional one-night stand and no strings. Making sure her family’s electronics repair shop is profitable enough to support three generations is her main focus. But when Brian Hendricks... Read more
Alien Love: The Basenji Boys by Kat Barrett
Racheal “Shell” Marks is charmed by two basenjis at the beach. When their owners Lance and Ellis Avery invite her for dinner, she is drawn into their alien world. The brothers own a funeral parlor that cares for the deceased of their kind, and after a funeral of an... Read more
…or something: Ronacks Motorcycle Club by Debra Kayn
He took her away from the carnival. She was sixteen years old. Thrust into an unfamiliar way of life with the president of the Ronacks Motorcycle Club; Bree Walsh manifests an unusual connection to the older, sexy, powerful biker until every neglected emotion from her childhood resurfaces. Intense, all-consuming,... Read more
Wrangler by Dani Wyatt
After five lonely years out west, Chad Butler spots a curvy beauty in the crowd at his hometown honky-tonk and knows he has to have her. He’s going to lasso this little filly straight into his bed – and into his life. Rachel Sweeting enjoys the peace she’s found... Read more
Warrior’s Conquest by Elle James
With proportions that would make Xena weep, Jacqueline Frazier despairs of ever finding a lover she can’t intimidate. Until the day she ignores a warning regarding use of a family heirloom, and finds herself swept off her feet by a knight in not so shining armor, back to the... Read more
The Mirror by Kelly Radcliffe
WILL DAUGHTERY NEVER SAW HIMSELF AS ATTRACTIVE… …and he never thought he would need to. That is, until he met the alpha shifter Jared Warrington—a massive man whose chest spreads wider than the wingspan of an American eagle and whose temper flares at the slightest provocation. Looking the mirror,... Read more