The Hart Brothers – The Complete Series by Caleb Stone
This complete series, including all three steamy Hart Brothers books, is a scorching collection of standalone M/M romance stories fully loaded with ultra gorgeous guys, insatiable sexual appetites, and unexpected newfound love. This bundle includes “Not Just An Attraction”, a previous best seller on Amazon. This collection includes: NOT... Read more
Her City Dreams  by Politically Incorrect Team
1. Her Billionaire Boss: Maria desperately needs a win in her first case as a recruit. The only person who can help her is Daniel Boon, the firms partner and a rich NYC playboy. Maria’s self control is of no comparison to Daniel’s seduction, and the two find themselves... Read more
Taking the Heiress (Billionaire Bad Boy Book 3) by Jenna Chase, Cynthia Dane
Daphne DeMarco had to find out she’s engaged the hard way – the paparazzi informed her, right in the middle of her hookup with would-be boyfriend Logan Dean! The DeMarcos have pulled out all the stops springing the “perfect” husband on their good girl heiress. Except Daphne doesn’t want... Read more
The Eighth Floor by Brian Isgrove
Christopher Hunt is love-struck from the moment he sees the beautiful and free-spirited Monica Cook. He has no inkling that his life is about to take a frightening and violent turn. Monica is not only the girlfriend of a local bikie leader, she is also the only witness to... Read more
The Memories of Bellevue (The Bellevue Trilogy #1) by La’Chris Jordan
Have you ever been in love? Then The Memories of Bellevue will melt your heart…Experience the passion between Thomas and Jeyne, a slave owner’s son and a beautiful slave girl. A powerful and unforgettable love story, THE MEMORIES OF BELLEVUE is the first book in the Bellevue Trilogy, a... Read more
The Roses I Left Behind: (Book 2 of the Bellevue Trilogy) by La’Chris Jordan
From the author of The Memories of Bellevue, the hypnotically compelling and passionate story of Thomas and Jeyne continues, taking us back in time to the tense moments leading up to the American Civil War. For almost twenty years, Thomas White has kept his feelings hidden. But now, the... Read more
Good to Me: Sour Mash on Tour by Brair Lake
He’s the drummer in world famous Heavy Metal Band, Sour Mash. She’s the band’s new PR officer, and it’s her job to keep their dirty linen out of the limelight. He enjoys his sex with kink. She’s just come out of an abusive relationship. Has Oscar the control to... Read more
Gunslinger: A Sports Romance by Lisa Lang Blakeney
I hate sports, and he is football royalty. I like quiet and predictable, but he’s sex and swagger personified. I didn’t particularly care for Saint Stevenson the first moment I laid eyes on him, but his warped brain seemed to process our initial meeting as foreplay. I have a... Read more
Living in Secret (Living In… #3) by Jackie Ashenden
She always tried to be good, but now he needs her to be bad… Lawyers Connor and Victoria Blake had a high-powered marriage to match their meteoric careers—until a secret from Victoria’s past came back to haunt her. A year after it all fell apart, Victoria is ready for... Read more
Open Snatch by Amy Kyle
He’s the hotshot quarterback of his college team, and a playboy to match… Johnny Strom can have them all. He doesn’t even have to ask the women to come to him; they approach him all the time. He’s always enjoyed the benefits of his life, the women in all... Read more
Stranded by Samantha Chase
What happens when two people who are supposed to hate each other are stranded together in a winter storm? Cool down after a hot summer with two fun, festive winter romances available together for a limited time. Moonlight in Winter Park by Samantha Chase – When Hope barges into... Read more
Diesel  by Kylee Parker
Diesel is a BAD Boy, a Biker, and a PRICK I’m falling for him and I’m already in over my head… Spencer is Kim’s best friend and everything she should want for herself. And he definitely wants her. Diesel, on the other hand, is a dangerous prick who seems... Read more
Break: A Bad Boy Romance by Gabi Moore
Plucky young journalist Katie Mack has an answer for everything, but even she has a hard time explaining her irresistible infatuation with the tabloid playboy that blusters into her life. He has inconceivable wealth, an unthinkable lifestyle and most unbelievable of all – he has her in his crosshairs.... Read more
Bring The Heat by K.B. Winters
Steamy, Sexy Bad Boys Of Summer! Can It Get Any Hotter? I never claimed to be the greatest pitcher in the world—then again, maybe I did—but I was probably drunk off my ass trying to seduce some chick. I had no intention of ever becoming Cody Wright, the best—or... Read more