Vampire Dating Agency: The Finale by Rosette Bolter
For five years the identity of the killer has eluded Haley and the ex-members of the Paranormal Police, but tonight all shall be revealed. Is it Brock? Is it Julian? Is it one inside their own circle – someone they’ve known and trusted? If Haley doesn’t figure it out... Read more
The Frozen Beginning by Daphne Robynson
Now 2069, Elementals – special humans that can control one of the four elements – are isolated from humans by a large bowl-like border surrounding each of their regions. Every three years, a tournament is held to demonstrate the skills and abilities each element can master – determining which... Read more
Temper: Road Roses MC by Ada Stone
TEMPERS BURN HOT. LOVE BURNS HOTTER. I like the innocent girls, the doe-eyed broads, the ones who want to venture into the dark side but are still a little scared of what they might find there. Amelia was all that and more. She had sexy curves and not a... Read more
Master Unchained (Stealth Guardians #2) by Tina Folsom
This is Hamish’s story. Special appearance by: a beloved character from Scanguards… (Want to know who it is? Make sure to read Blake’s Pursuit.) Download Links Userscloud (Note: Use Userscloud to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
Leon | A Bad Boy MC Motorcycle Club Romance by Rose Cody
Alia : A city girl at heart, she knows there’s nothing this small town can offer her… At least, that’s what she thought, but a night with a Rebel’s Keeper has her now questioning everything she knew… Leon : There’s nothing like the thrill of the wind in your... Read more
His to Have (A Claimed Story Book 2) by Jade Sinner
Victor She’s every man’s wet dream. Every night on the TV, broadcasting the news with her tight skirts and tits in front of the world. I’ve sat back and watched as she thinks she runs the world, directing everyone and everything. But her time is up. I’ve planned this... Read more
Dirty Rogue: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance by Amelia Wilde
He could be her downfall, but her body can’t resist. Christian Pierce revels in his bad boy reputation. Women are drawn to his ripped body and f*ck-me smile like moths to a flame. His one rule? They get three wild nights of passion and then it’s over. Those are... Read more
Dirty Lovers by Kathryn Thomas, Evelyn Glass, Laura Day, Carmen Faye, Sophia Hampton, Kara Parker
Turn up the heat with these six DIRTY BAD BOY ROMANCES Download Links Userscloud (Note: Use Userscloud to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
Defiance: Silver Snakes MC by Heather West
HER FIRST INSTINCT IS TO DEFY ME. BIG MISTAKE. When Derek sees April at a party, he can’t believe his own eyes. Amid all the ripped jeans, leather jackets, and thick eyeliner, she’s a breath of fresh air. Her eyes are bright, her face is bare, and that unblemished... Read more
Bjorn: Teutonic Knights MC by Carmen Faye
I saved her and doomed my club. In this world, the club comes first, the women second. But Peyton is different. From the moment I had her curves in my hand, I knew she was going to be mine. She set my world ablaze, and I won’t stop until... Read more
Ugly by Sam Crescent
In every element of her life, even before she was born, Blake Carson has failed. She isn’t a boy, she isn’t pretty, she doesn’t fit in—she is ugly. That is what she believes. All of her faults make her ugly. Then he comes along. Logan Black has met ugly... Read more
Until Summer Ends by Elana Johnson
Sophie Newton is determined to prove herself to her father, who insists she could never run a successful business. She opens a beachside taco stand called The Sandy Tortilla and plans to make her own way, one burrito at a time. When she loses her summer help, Sophie rushes... Read more
Roommates (Soulmates #1) by Hazel Kelly
Ethan Fitzell has been avoiding his stepsister Jenny since their parents got married, but when she shows up at his apartment uninvited, he’s forced to face the fact that her absence has only made his heart grow fonder… Jenny I always liked him. But when our parents got married,... Read more
The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
Debut author Sally Thorne bursts on the scene with a hilarious and sexy workplace comedy all about that thin, fine line between hate and love. Nemesis (n.) 1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome. 2) A person’s undoing 3) Joshua Templeman Lucy Hutton has... Read more
The Matchmaker’s Replacement by Rachel Van Dyken
Wingman rule number two: never reveal how much you want them. Lex hates Gabi. Gabi hates Lex. But, hey, at least the hate is mutual, right? All Lex has to do is survive the next few weeks training Gabi in all the ways of Wingmen Inc. and then he... Read more