Meant to Be by Karen Stivali
Sometimes you’re already committed to the wrong person when fate finally brings you the right one. When British NYU professor Daniel Gardner’s career-obsessed wife convinces him to move to the suburbs, he hopes it’s a first step toward starting the family he longs to have. Instead of domestic bliss... Read more
Married By Contract by Noelle Adams
Three years into a five-year marriage of convenience, Jenn finds herself wanting something she never thought she’d want from her laid-back, ex-military husband. Sex–as a much-needed release of tension from her high-stress job. But weekly sex with Nick, despite their careful parameters, is likely to get messy eventually. Ever... Read more
Love Connection by Monica Tillery
Chocolates may win a girl’s heart on special occasions, but it takes more than sweet talk to find true love. Dive into these decadent romances and discover the secret recipe to a happily ever after! Download Links Filescdn (Note: Use Filescdn to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
Kickin’ Up Dust (Operation Cowboy #1) by Em Petrova
This Marine follows the rules. This cowgirl is all about breaking them. Operation Cowboy, Book 1 After losing his best friend and CO, Matt, in combat, Brodie Bell didn’t think his spirits could sink any lower. He was wrong. One look at his and Matt’s storm-flattened hometown nearly levels... Read more
Hunted Love (A Dangerous Kind of Love Book 2) by Lisa Boone
A clean romantic suspense novel. Sarah Love is in love. Madly, deeply and irrevocably in love. Has been for months and she’s pretty confident Jamie Murphy is also in love with her. In fact, she’s convinced of the fact especially after he saves the lives of her sister and... Read more
Holding On by Karen Stivali
When you have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, the hard part is Holding On. British NYU professor Daniel Gardner thinks life can’t get better than the day his three-year-old stepdaughter, Ella, calls him Daddy for the first time. Then his wife Marienne tells him she’s pregnant. Daniel is thrilled,... Read more
Hitting the Right Notes by Elisa Jackson
What happens when you get thrust back into the spotlight? For years, Darya has been living with the demons that haunted her from her days in the spotlight. She had been living every rock star’s dream – sold out shows, climbing social status, and fans from all over the... Read more
Hitman’s Baby (Mob City Book 2) by Holly Hart
I didn’t tell Roman he had a son. I didn’t know. Roman This town was going to sh*t long before I got here. Alexandria’s the kind of place that attracts the scum of the earth – people like me. It’s a real mob city. The only person doing a... Read more
Him or Me (A Bite-Sized Romance #2) by Veronica Larsen
There’s the boyfriend and there’s the friend. I’m the friend. The guy she leans on, laughs with, and complains to. The guy that gets all of her jokes and sees her at her worst. The guy with his hands shoved deep in his pockets to keep from touching her.... Read more
Fool for You by Rina Gray
Sports journalist Melanie Foster has achieved most of her goals: job—check. Tomboy-to-smoking-hottie makeover—check. Convince her best friend, Damien Richards, to slide a ring on her finger and father her two-point-five kids—not so much. When she activates Operation: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, she never imagines her BFF... Read more
Dragon’s Pleasure (Lords of the Dragon Islands #3) by Isadora Montrose
In this steamy paranormal novel, super-hot billionaire dragon shifter Lord Ivan Sarkany must abandon his womanizing, find a virgin and turn her into a dragoness who can bear him some sons. But a one-night stand with wanton woman-of-the-world Christina has him craving her delectable contours instead of looking for... Read more
A Face in the Crowd by Christina Kirby
Alexis Hightower considers trust a four-letter word, and she has no intention of getting serious with anyone. After all, her day job as a nurse is plenty serious enough. On one of her nights off, she attends a concert for her favorite band and ends up on stage. She... Read more
Up in the Treehouse by K.K. Allen
I wanted to tell him all my secrets, but he became one of them instead. Chloe Rivers never thought she would keep secrets from her best friend. Then again, she never imagined she would fall in love with him either. When she finally reveals her feelings, rejection shatters her,... Read more
Through Fire (Portland ME #3) by Freya Barker
Violence corroded her… Obedience defiled her… Fear kept her chained… Freedom is hard to embrace when she’s never learned to trust. Yet in the span of a second, she grabs a single opportunity and runs toward it. Straight into the sanctuary of a pub at the end of a... Read more
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not by Kristen Kehoe
Kennedy Russo has had it rough. She’s become a pro at being invisible. But when she’s paired up for a 5 week assignment with golden boy, Gage, she starts to realize that anonymity may not always be the best option. Gage is on a mission to make her his... Read more