Marauder Fenrir: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance (Mating Wars) by Aya Morningstar
He came to kill, but stayed to claim me. When the captain throws me in the brig, it feels like things can’t get any worse. But they can. A deadly alien assassin slaughters everyone on our ship, but spares me. If I want to survive, I’ll have to accept... Read more
Lucas: #3 (Luna Lodge: Hunters of Atlas) by Madison Stevens
When Taylor Mills divorced her cheating husband, she never expected her town to turn against her. Now it seems like not putting up with a philander isn’t just going to hurt her, but also the family ranch. Though the hunky Lucas is a bright spot in her day, she... Read more
Keep Her (Grayson Sibling #2) by Faith Andrews
The Grayson siblings are at it again—guilty of keeping secrets from each other when it comes to who they fall in love with. This time little brother’s best friend is the object of Riley’s affection and their intimate connection is impossible to resist. Riley Grayson—snarky, successful, lonely. She’s looking... Read more
How The Warrior Fell (Falling Warriors series, Book 1) by Nicole René
SHE was the Chief’s daughter in a small tribe… To bring an end to an ancient feud between her tribe and another, Leawyn’s hand in marriage to Chief Xavier was the only way to ensure peace. HE was the fiercest warrior of them all… Plucked from everything she’s ever... Read more
Hell On An Angel (Fated Love, #2) by Lauren Firminger
A story of second chances I had the perfect girl and I loved her more than anything. We had our futures planned together. I was gonna give her the world but my father had other ideas. Will she ever forgive me? He was my life when I had nothing... Read more
Gabe’s Destiny (Alien Mates Book Three) by Serena Simpson
Gabe was considered the lucky brother, when his twin was captured by their twisted enemy he was left behind. No one knew just how close the twin bond was or what Gabe was suffering through. Now that his twin has found his soul-bond Gabe’s ready for the pain to... Read more
Fool Me Once (Codie Snow #1) by Jade C. Jamison
Something’s gotta give…but Codie Snow doesn’t know if it needs to be her non-committal workaholic ex-boyfriend attorney Slade Sheppard or her unsatisfying job as a nursing assistant. Because even though the chemistry with Slade is off-the-charts hot and the job is a necessary evil, she doesn’t know that she... Read more
Fleeting Moments by Bella Jewel
One single moment changes everything In one breath, you can have it all A split-second later, it can all disappear Vanished forever That was me I had it all Then in a cruel twist of fate, it was taken from me A beautiful life gone in a flash But... Read more
Dangerously Red (A Dark and Dirty Tale #3) by Kristin Miller
In part three of the new Dark and Dirty Tale serial by New York Times and USA best-selling author Kristin Miller, the time has come for Red to choose. But things are not always as they seem… Before the night is through, I’ll join the Arcana wolf pack, declare... Read more
Zenith (The Androma Saga #1) by Sasha Alsberg
There is darkness sweeping across the stars. Most know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness: a powerful mercenary whose reign of terror stretches across the Mirabel Galaxy. To those aboard her fearsome glass starship the Maurader, she’s just Andi, their captain and protector. When a routine mission goes awry,... Read more
Trust (Trojans MC Book 6) by Sam Crescent
From the first moment Knuckles saw Beth, he had to have her. He saw the demons in her eyes, and the fear. There was no one else that would ever have the patience for a woman like Beth. She was broken and it would take time for her to... Read more
Say You Want Me by Tara West
I want Cesar Cruz. God, how I want him. And he’s made it no secret he desires me. I can’t handle another heartbreak, one more haunting memory that threatens my sanity. What I need is to feel wanted by a man who will love me unconditionally and forever, a... Read more
Rowdy (A Taboo Short, 6) by Jenika Snow , Sam Crescent
ROWDY From the moment I saw Cassandra I wanted her, but she was the daughter of my trainer, and I knew she was off limits. Even if she gave me the time of day, I knew I could be overprotective, dominating, and infuriate a person to no end. It’s... Read more
Losing Her (Lexington #1) by Belle Winters
Lucy comes home to find that her mother is uprooting her from her life. They move in with their new family only to find one of her new roommates is the tormentor from her nightmares, Landon Miles. What does she do when she realizes that she’s falling for him?... Read more
Just a Monumental Summer: Girl on the train by M. Schneiders
“M. Schneiders is a gifted writer with the ability to seduce readers with her clear voice, her compelling characters, and a historical setting that is equally intriguing. The author makes the story even more interesting with the masterful use of suspense, steamy sex scenes, and intelligent dialogue.” Readers’ Favorite... Read more