Hard, Dirty, Sexy Games by Megan West
No apologies—this is HOT, ROUGH, and FILTHY. You’ve been warned… Hard, Dirty, Sexy Games That’s what I have on my mind when I see the filthy rich and irresistible Carter; which is something you wouldn’t expect since we’re both part of high society. But even us one-percenters like to... Read more
Her Temporary Boss (Slade, Inc. Book 1) by Mackenzie Williams
Morgan White is in the middle of a rough patch in her life as she begins her new job. She has just broken things off with her fiancé after finding out about his unfaithful ways. As she starts her temporary job at Slade Incorporated, she feels unworthy of love.... Read more
Good Girl (Valetti Crime Family #3) by Willow Winters
I’m not a good man, but I’m damn good at what I do. I was raised to be ruthless, and as muscle for the Petrov mafia, that’s all I am. Then she got caught in the crossfire, and when it was over, she was mine – given as a... Read more
Formidable: Shifters Forever Worlds (Never After Dark Book 5) by Elle Thorne
Isabel Valenti’s on a mission. Her sister Ana needs the help of a legendary witch to free the love of her life. The legendary witch resides in Tiero terriory. Now the Valenti sisters know better than to trespass on another shifter’s territory. Of course they do! Especially not on... Read more
Foreign Affair by Amanda Martinez
How quickly can someone fall in love? Niall O’Connor is a hopeless romantic visiting the U.S. from Ireland when he sees the beautiful Kate Franklin at a bar. Kate is constantly pressured by her mother to marry any nice man she deems fit, against Kate’s wishes. But when Niall... Read more
Finding Forever (Smoky Mountain Lawmen Book 1) by Ashley Quinn
Book 1 of the Smoky Mountain Lawmen Series. When a serial killer brought former Army Ranger turned FBI Special Agent Ben Davidson to North Carolina, he never expected to have his life turned upside down by a chestnut-haired dynamo. At forty-two, Ben thought forever with a woman wasn’t in... Read more
Drug Lord: A Bad Boy Baby Romance by Alyse Zaftig
One day, I hear my fiancé and my best friend moaning in a coat closet. Did I mention that it was during my engagement party? Now I’m a princess who has left her old life behind. I go to a country where I don’t have to remember who I... Read more
Billionaire Prince by Minx Hardbringer
She’s a thief, but what she steals is his heart. Lorelei was only going to do one more job. She didn’t want to steal the crown jewels of the Najadin Royal Family, but her employer is holding her grandmother hostage. When she’s apprehended in the airport trying to get... Read more
Alien Morsels: Short Tales from Zerconian Warrior Series (Zerconian Warriors #6) by Sadie Carter
Revisit the sexy, Alpha warriors and their strong, funny women in these short morsels. Zoey and Dex Feeling like she’s been pregnant forever, Zoey is uncomfortable, grumpy and if one more piece of advice comes out of her mother-in-law’s mouth she’s going to explode! It seemed like the moment... Read more
A Dream for Two by Kate Goldman
Elise Roberts dreams of being a pop star but has been stuck in her hometown since she graduated from high school. Her life seems achingly dull and mapped out when she’s suddenly laid off from the offices where she works as a secretary. With her faithful guitar Elise moves... Read more
Yours for Eternity by Miya Lee
Reaping souls is a nasty business, but someone has to do it. It took Aiden an entire semester to ask Brandon out to the Winter Formal and a split second for a drunk driver to pull them apart. Now, three years after arriving in Limbo, he’s one of the... Read more
Winning Back His Wife (Camp Firefly Falls #1) by Gwen Hayes
Twenty years ago, Michael Tully fell hard and fast at summer camp. Now his soon-to-be ex-wife has quit her job and invested every last penny into re-inventing Camp Firefly Falls. It’s a crazy, ridiculous plan–which he ignores, right up until he’s served with divorce papers. Download Links Ge.tt Filescdn... Read more
The Space Colonel’s Woman (Dragonus Chronicles #1) by Jay Shaw
Helicopter pilot, Julia Swift, lives her life from one rescue to the next. Unlucky in love, she longs for a lover who resembles the hero of her favorite space show, Phoenix Rising. When an injured man falls through a portal and lands on her local beach, it seems the... Read more
The Man Who Told the World (Sing Out #3) by Hanna Dare
It all comes down to this. After months of high stakes competition, backstage drama, and secret romances, a winner is going to be chosen for the Singing Sensation TV show. Recording contracts, fame, money – Conor’s whole future hangs in the balance. But how much of himself is he... Read more
The Billionaire’s Student: A BBW, Alpha Billionaire Romance by Sana Chase
Sometimes to get what you want, you do things you could never dream of—even if it means bending over a desk for a spanking . Katie Darling is a college student with a bright future—until a tragic accident threatens to derail her dreams of getting an education. When a... Read more