Gideon’s Angel (Chosen #4) by Tianna Xander
A centuries old vampire meets his mate in a surprising twist that suddenly makes dying not an option. Tara Torolf, a curvy forty-something vampire slayer, meets a man she can’t resist while dropping off a newly turned immortal to a council safe house. Her sardonic sense of humor can’t... Read more
Falling in Deeper (Wicked Lovers #11) by Shayla Black
A tragic past threatens to destroy a passionate future in this dangerously sexy new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Wicked for You. After a violent tragedy nearly destroyed her, Lily Taylor ran away, changed her name, and started over. When her deadly nemesis resurfaces to... Read more
Ethan (Blackbeary Creek, #1) by Ruby Shae
Tegan Ryan is tired of being an outcast. Being the offspring of bear shifters, but lacking the ability to shift, keeps her detached from the shifter world; and living with bear shifters, and keeping their secrets, keeps her from fully connecting with humans. Her height, along with miles of... Read more
Dirty Rich by Amelia Wilde
Money can’t buy love, but loving her may cost him everything. Jax Hunter is an arrogant, selfish pr*ck. He’s got a body made for sin, more money than God, and more women than any one man could possibly handle. He rules his business with an iron fist — displease... Read more
Copping It Sweet (Murphy’s Law #5) by Anna Clifton
To find out her secrets he’s willing to risk everything—including his heart. Sara Sullivan has a landlord who wants to evict her, a 1960s Beetle that rarely starts, and a looming exam she’s all set to fail. But none of that compares to the return home of Detective Sergeant... Read more
Brocke (Alien Warlord’s Conquest #4) by Vi Voxley
Every ray of light needs darkness to make it shine… Cora Frey has been working for the Galactic Union for far too long to be rattled by anything. As a Terran investigator on the Corgan world Gaiya, she stands between the violent alien rance and the Union itself, chasing... Read more
Breakwater: Custer (BBW Bad Boy Space Bear Shifter Romance) by Becca Fanning
Delphine knew the line of work she was in was dangerous. Ok, dangerous was an understatement. Being an assassin in the employ of the Mason Corporation meant you flew around unknown stretches of space and carried out your mission. Sometimes this meant you slipped poison in someone’s drink and... Read more
Bare Skin: A Billionaire Romance by Leah Holt
Money gave me power, but a tattoo made her mine. When Willow walked through my door, I knew one thing for sure: I wanted her all to myself. So I took her the only way I could… With ink. The tattoo I painted on her bare skin told the... Read more
Audible: A Secret Baby Sports Romance (Steamy Sports Book 2) by Aimee Alesi
I’m married to the job and I like it that way… Until I meet him I really don’t have time to date with how attached I am to my career. I especially have to stay away from Brian, no matter what. Yes, he may be the sexiest man I’ve... Read more
A Scandalous Matter (Magic of Love, #3) by Margaret Locke
Independent, feisty Amara Mattersley may live under the shadow of scandal, but at least the Regency society judging her is familiar, if not exactly beloved. That’s all about to change when this nineteenth-century duke’s sister finds herself in twenty-first-century Charlottesville, Virginia–and locking horns with one very befuddling, very male,... Read more
Zoey (I Dare You Book 2) by Jennifer Labelle
Zoey Appleby is bored of her vanilla sex life, or lack thereof lately. So, when her friends dare her to have a threesome she’s all for it, in theory anyway. It isn’t until she’s introduced to Heidi and Nathan’s boyfriend, Rafe, that the opportunity comes knocking. Rafe Zakas is... Read more
What Matters Most (Texas Gold #4) by Kellie Coates Gilbert
Deeply Emotional Writing Highlights the Complexities of Human Relationships Leta Breckenridge is forced to drop out of college to care for her dementia-ridden mother. After learning a severely delinquent account may force her mother into a less desirable facility, Leta steps out of her comfort zone and lands a... Read more
Taming Chloe Summers (Grover Beach Team #7) by Anna Katmore
CHLOE: Camp sucks. I should be on a plane to London, heading into an epic second year of college. Instead, I’m stuck on Frog Pond Mountain, tasked with supervising a horde of pubescent teens, all because I had some minor run-ins with the law. But I came here with... Read more
Resilient Love (Navy Love Series #3) by J.C. Santo
How much hurt can one love go through? An ill mother, a devastating secret and depression. These are now daily battles Joanna Fuentes deals with. She sat on the sidelines and watched her friends find love, even the ones who weren’t searching for it. J.C. was meant to be... Read more
No One But You by Leigh Greenwood
The long-awaited prequel to the Seven Brides series. Leigh Greenwood returns to his award-winning classic series to pen a brand-new Western romance featuring some of his most beloved characters. Download Links Filescdn (Note: Use Filescdn to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more