To See You by Rachel Blaufeld
A new emotional standalone from Rachel Blaufeld. Coming June, 2016 No cliffhanger, only hard-earned unexpected love. And angst. What is it about this guy? On paper, he’s one hundred percent wrong for me. His e-mails are equal parts annoying and funny. Okay, more funny than annoying. More like refreshing.... Read more
The Prince’s Bride (Modern Fairytales #2) by Diane Albert
Alicia Forkes went to a trendy club looking for a way to forget her troubles, and she found that in the arms of the gorgeous man who swept her off of her feet…and into one of the hottest encounters she’d ever had in her life. Awesome sex with a... Read more
Survivor (The Soul Mates Series Book 1) by Victoria Johns
When you’re a woman on the run the last thing you need is a complication. A complication that can unravel and expose your secrets, one that can undo the new life you’re trying to build. A complication in the form of an irresistible, tattooed guy, that brings out feelings... Read more
Savage NIGHTS (Savage Nights, Book One) (An Alpha Male Romance) by Mia Parker
A Hot And Brand New Alpha Male Romance Series! Savage NIGHTS features a strong, independent woman who is captivated by the rawness and honesty of a man who is simply average. Ann, our billionaire, has created a multi-billion dollar corporation, building a dating site that has allowed many people... Read more
One Night by Ramona Gray
Kate Jones always plays it safe. She’s perfectly content with her life and her job as a legal assistant. Until the day she falls into the lap of Edward Turner. Handsome and well-spoken, he’s everything she never knew she wanted. His warm touch sets her body on fire with... Read more
His Heart’s Revenge by Jenny Holiday
Twenty years ago, I was too smart and too poor to be cool. Now I’m laughing my way to the bank—the bank I’m CEO of. Nothing can touch me. Except maybe him. We met at summer camp. We made out under the stars. Then he stabbed me in the... Read more
Hard Core by Tess Oliver
A new standalone romance from NYT bestselling author Tess Oliver. Ledger Sometimes one good dose of trouble could turn your life around, put you on the right path. But I’d taken the opposite side of the forked road and headed off looking for even more trouble, like a junkie... Read more
Going Down (Elevator #1) by Katherine Stevens
The plan for Cici Carrington was to steadily climb UP the corporate ladder, and hopefully do so without her skirt tucked into the back of her underpants. Unfortunately, there was no contingency plan for the aftermath of spending a night trapped in an elevator with a suit-wearing Elevator Sex... Read more
Moonstruck (Diablo Lake #1) by Lauren Dane
In Diablo Lake, Washington, a town populated by werewolves, witches, and more, magic woven deep into the earth protects the town’s secrets from outsiders. Katie Grady left Diablo Lake to get over a humiliating breakup; but her family needs her help, so she’s back, in a sublet right across... Read more
Breaking Skin by Debra Doxer
Dancing is like magic. It makes me disappear. When I dance I’m not a sister or a daughter, not a lover or a friend. I exist in the moment, onstage, where I turn pain into art and pretend the illusion is real. My past is an abomination and my... Read more
Born Into Trouble (Occupy Yourself, #1) by MariaLisa deMora
Benny Jones grew up fast, much faster than anyone in his family realized, in the backwoods sticks of Wyoming. Blessed with movie star good looks he didn’t lack for female attention, and his first girlfriend set the tone for his romantic life. Older, beautiful, rich, and generous, she wanted... Read more
Betting on Beaumont: A Brooklyn Novel #3 (The Brooklyn Series) by Danielle Jamie
Las Vegas isn’t called ‘Sin City’ for nothing… One weekend in Vegas will either bring Brooklyn and Dixon together or finally tear them apart for good. Can the Hollywood Starlet and the Southern Playboy truly settle down and give their love a fighting chance? Brooklyn is torn between two... Read more
An Artful Seduction by Tina Gabrielle
1815 London His lust for revenge will be his downfall… Eliza Somerton has a dangerous secret. As the daughter of the infamous art forger who duped half the ton, she’s rebuilt her life under a new name. But when an old forgery goes up for auction, her father’s enemy,... Read more
A Man of Honor by Miranda Liasson
Former Army Captain and venture capitalist Preston Guthrie has always had a thing for Cat Kingston, but he never felt like he could date his best friend’s sister. Plus, he’s a wrong-side-of-the-tracks guy and she’s a white-picket-fence kind of woman. Yet when they met again just before he was... Read more
A False Proposal by Pam Mingle
London 1812. War hero Adam Grey returns home with a burning ambition to run for Parliament. But he needs the support of the local baronet, who controls the seat. Adam’s plans are thwarted by his dissolute father, who has promised him to the baronet’s daughter in return for forgiveness... Read more