A Lush Rhapsody by Selena Laurence
Romeo, meet Juliet. She’s Everything That’s Lush… Tully O’Roark just scored the most coveted job in rock and roll: keyboardist and backup vocalist for the world-famous Lush. Now she has to earn the trust of Joss, Walsh, Mike, and Colin, if she’s going to have a place in the... Read more
Bewitching the Viscount by Regina Darcy
Nathaniel Hughes, the Viscount of Wiltshire, once had his young heart shattered by the most faithless woman in London. Since then he has avoided any relationship that isn’t superficial. Then he stumbles upon Miss Abigail Baxter in the outskirts of the Forest of Dean and his heart is bewitched.... Read more
Broken by Jordan Silver
Kerryanne Lashley is trying hard to pick up the pieces of her life after suffering a horrible betrayal. Not only did her husband of ten years, her high school sweetheart the man she thought would be hers for a lifetime cheat on her, but he did it with her... Read more
Caleb (The Unseen Series Book 1) by K.M. Thompson
To keep her, he has to lose everything… Forced to grow up way too fast, the idea of happily ever after really is just a fairy tale to Caleb. When a job goes wrong and his client ends up dead, Caleb Slate gets a reality check. Now with a... Read more
Exposed by Sennah Tate
Jasper Wild. The name says it all. I’m a man used to getting my way. No one says no to me. Some may call me a pr*ck, but I didn’t get to be the world’s hottest young chef by playing nice. And the whole bloody world loves to read... Read more
Falling For The Boss by C.M. Steele
Nathaniel James Hendricks Jr. —I was dealt a shitty hand when my parents died and left me in charge of my younger sister, but I still made it to the top. The problem was there was always someone trying to take your place. The sabotage did do me one... Read more
Goodbye Arizona by Claude Dancourt
The last time free-lance journalist Deborah Stone invaded Marcus Turner Jr.’s privacy, it nearly cost her their relationship. If he finds her this time, she has little hope their love affair will survive. But she can’t resist a mystery, and Marcus’s presence at the annual Romance Society’s gathering falls... Read more
My Greek SEAL by Sabrina Devonshire
After a sudden job lay off, Maya holes up in her apartment, drinking wine and eating ice cream until the day she’s slated to leave for Greece. Even though she’s lost enthusiasm for this Greek island swimming vacation, she’s paid for the trip so she boards the plane. She... Read more
Rookie Mistake (California Dreamers #4) by Dakota Madison
When a police recruit reports for duty he discovers his wild one night stand from the previous weekend is his new field training officer. ROOKIE MISTAKE is a romantic comedy novella by USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dakota Madison. After serving seven years as a police officer in a small... Read more
Senn (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 5) by Lane Hart
The woman is pure evil. Tiny, sexy, manipulative evil. I can’t even blame my stupidity on alcohol. There was only half a beer in my bloodstream when I agreed to get into that cab with her. Why didn’t I just drive us? Because when I asked her, “My place... Read more
Surrender the Wind by Elizabeth St. Michel
When fate throws a Confederate soldier and a Yankee heiress together, they’ll uncover a fierce love worth fighting for…even if it means crossing enemy lines. From the award-winning, bestselling author of The Winds of Fate comes a novel about a love that crosses the boundaries of civil war. When... Read more
Tall Dark and Alpha (Twenty Book Box Set) by Kelly Favor
Whether you like your guys protective, notorious, dangerous, controlling, or everything above and then some—we know you definitely like them tall dark and alpha! This 20 book bundle includes: The Billionaire’s Rules (4 books) by Kelly Favor His Property (1 book) by Hannah Ford Obscene (1 book) by Kelly... Read more
The Billionaire’s Mistress 5: A Billionaire Romance by M.S. Parker
No More Cliffhangers. The series is now complete! I thought that finding out that Jal was engaged to my half-sister was the worst thing that could happen. Then he told me that it was over, that I was the only person he wanted. For the first time in my... Read more
The Willingness to burn by J.P. London
This Intense Story of Betrayal, Lust, and Love Will Keep You Guessing Until the Last Page What Would You Do If Your Perfect Life Started to Unravel… Jace is living a charmed life. He is young, handsome, and successful. He seems to be living in a fairy tale. He... Read more
Wicked Weapon (Dark Hearts #2) by Cari Silverwood
Zorie is lost, again. Friends can become enemies and enemies can become friends. What is a man who declares himself your knight in cracked and bloody armor, when he seems to be leading you to your doom? Mavros, once known as Mister Black, has vanished. Zorie and Grimm are... Read more