Wrecked (Crystal Book Billionaires) by Jessica Blake
Grace Wells’ life is one long party until her world is turned upside down. When her family’s business goes under, she’s left with nothing. Goodbye mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Goodbye weekends spent sipping cocktails while fishing for the latest hotties. Goodbye shopping. Goodbye expensive cars. Worst of all…... Read more
The Last Plus One by Ophelia London
Do you have your plus one on speed dial? Senator and Mrs. Ramsey’s youngest daughter is sure to be the loveliest June bride that the exclusive New England compound at Virtue Cove, Maine, has ever seen. But first, there’s a barrage of Wedding Week festivities to endure enjoy. And... Read more
The Billionaire’s Mistress 4: A Billionaire Romance by M.S. Parker
I always vowed that I’d never be one of those women who completely screwed up her life over a man. And yet, here I am, miserable because the guy I want is engaged to my half-sister. When Jal Lindstrom’s fiancée confesses that her pregnancy was a fake to get... Read more
Sweet Spot by Rae Lynn Blaise
“If I do this for you, it’s the last time. Here is how you will prove to me that it’s the last time. No more flings. No more parties. No more absolutely anything. You live for two things–practice and games. Give me your word.” With those words, Coach Halstead... Read more
Sunshine In The Morning by Alex Greenville
We. When had the two of them become more than a professor and his student? When had they become “we”? Because thinking of her made him reconsider himself, who he was as a son, a teacher, a man. —– Child genius and former hockey player, Aarin Kai, has settled... Read more
Slamdunked By Love (One-on-One #2) by Jamie Wesley
Revenge is supposed to be sweet… Caitlin Monroe is ready to confront her past. Years ago, her father ditched her mother for the NBA, leaving her pregnant and alone. Now he’s a big-shot coach, and Caitlin’s ready to take the so-called “family man” down. But on her way to... Read more
Roman’s Baby by Michelle Hart
Emma Roman was the biggest mistake. I always fell for the same type: large muscles, tattoos, and cocky as hell. Why couldn’t I learn? That one night didn’t turn out to be our last. There was a secret I had to keep. And Roman would do anything to stay... Read more
QUAKE by Jacob Chance
From the first moment I saw Janny Moore’s sparkling eyes and luminous smile, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of getting to know her… watching. She’s everything I need in my life, now I just have to convince her. She’s never set eyes on me, she has no idea... Read more
One Smile by Angel Berrymore
Never in her wildest dreams does Liz expect her boss to ask for sexual favors in return for a promotion. She hasn’t told anyone at work that she and Tom are no longer together. Anyway, Mr. Harrell doesn’t seem to care about the engagement ring on Liz’s finger any... Read more
Mr. Hollywood by Tracy Tegan
Allison Crawford is a nose-to-the-grindstone college student committed to getting her degree and staying out of trouble. Grayson Chase is a Hollywood bad boy committed to his career. Their worlds collide when Allison’s roommate talks her into signing on as an extra in a movie being filmed on campus.... Read more
Letting In Light by Emma Davies
Rowan Hill means many things to many people, but to Ellie Hesketh it represents new beginnings. Putting her life back together after a break-up is going to take time, but the crumbling country estate—as much in need of TLC as she is—seems the perfect place to do it. But... Read more
Down and Out (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter #3) by Lila Ros
***Down and Out focuses on relationship and personal struggle for Dive, more than the MC side of things, you’ll find out why in the first few chapters*** Stricken by grief, Kalen “Dive” Brooks drifts away from his MC brethren, only having room in his life for his child. Worried... Read more
Beyond the Rising Tide by Sarah Beard
Kai met Avery only once–in the moment he died saving her life. Now when he’s not using his new healing powers to help people, he watches helplessly as Avery’s life is unraveled by his death. To help her, he risks everything by breaking the rules, dangerously blurring the barriers... Read more
Wrecked: A Stepbrother Romance Novel by Arabella Abbing
Brandon Jensen was a legend. Known for his wealth and ruthlessness, he ran his company with the single-minded focus of a man possessed. Brandon had been working non-stop for nearly a decade. Even after he seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. No one saw him anymore. Not... Read more
Wide Open (Offensive Line, #3) by Tracey Ward
Kurtis Matthews is a mystery. His rookie year in the NFL was one of the most inspiring the L.A. Kodiaks had ever seen. He was an unstoppable force that had the fans dreaming of championships and the owners reaching for their checkbooks. Then, just as suddenly as he appeared,... Read more