Ultimate Deception (Harden #2) by Lynn Stookes
In a matter of months, Dani Delaney’s world drastically changed. Now, she faces the toughest challenge of her life and is determined to handle it on her own. Detective Sawyer Woods will do anything to be with Dani, the woman he’s dreamed about since he first laid eyes on... Read more
THOU SHALT KILL – A Military Bad Boy Navy SEAL Romance by Gabi Moore
When love has brought you to your knees, and you know what must be done, can you follow the ethical imperative reserved for those who are their own moral compass? In “Thou Shalt Kill” a Navy SEAL gets stranded on a mission where things go terribly wrong. The intelligence... Read more
The Harder They Fall (The Weathermen #12) by Ravenna Tate
Colleen Newton drew the short straw in her position at the Agency For Surface Rebuild. She had to track down Blaine Parker and convince him to apply for the permits needed to rebuild his company on the surface. Colleen is mesmerized by Blaine’s charm, but she doesn’t do romance.... Read more
The Billionaire’s Ruthless Intrusion (Billionaire Knights Book 1) by Nic Sain
Three Billionaire Brothers Three Nights with Consequences Kirsty Walker has had a mad crush on Geoffrey Holland for as long as she can remember. Now, at her parents’ annual masked garden party, she’s invited him up to her room so she can offer him her first kiss. Only when... Read more
Menage: Taken by the Dragon Brothers  by Alexa Jewel
Dr. Rose Hadley I’ve had enough of men! Who needs them! I’ll just focus on my career. I can’t believe I get to test a real live bear shifter… things couldn’t possibly go smoother for me! But there is something about Thorben that leaves me so TANGLED. Just thinking... Read more
Remi’s Choice (The De Luca Boys #1) by Amanda Wylde
Sinfully sexy Travis De Luca came into Remi’s life when she was young, inexperienced, and easily dazzled. With his scandalous words and wickedly sexy grins, he possessed a power no one should have over another. He was a foul mouthed, trouble-making thug to everyone else, but she’d witnessed the... Read more
Play Softly (The Devil’s Share #4) by L.P. Maxa
For Devil’s Share lead singer Dash Connor, meeting, dating, and falling in love with Lexi Grant happened in an instant, and getting pregnant took only 48 hours longer—which was the only easy part of their road to marriage. ROCKING OUT Dash Connor, lead singer of The Devil’s Share, has... Read more
Killing the Sun (Vol. 1) by K. Larsen
KILLING THE SUN is a collaborative novel by K. Larsen and Mara White. KTS is not a ROMANCE KTS is not ROMANTIC This book features a non-linear time line, some violence as well as graphic sex. Do not read this book if you don’t like antiheroes. Do not read... Read more
Her Protectors (Peacekeepers #2) by Tamsin Baker
Jacky is visiting Alaska, on holiday’s with her best friend Karen. She’s just broken up with her horrible ex-boyfriend, and a trip over-seas to see some Polar bears and the beautiful wilderness that America offers, is exactly what she needs. The last thing she expects when she arrives at... Read more
Fatal Obsession (Harden #1) by Lynn Stookes
Kylie Delaney had the perfect life until one night changed everything. Now she’s moving back to her hometown to escape the pain and start over, but someone won’t let her forget the past. Detective Blake Winters moved back to his hometown to escape the violence of the city, but... Read more
Desiring the Forbidden by Megan Michaels
What’s a woman to do when the only thing she really needs is the one person she can never have? All Sunni Weaver wanted was a decent job, close friends, and a man who’d fulfill her dark, twisted desires. But her sex life was dead and buried, her social... Read more
Craving The Fantasy by Cherry Folkes
Evelynn is broke and out of work when her friend sets her up for an interview with the slightly mysterious billionaire business man – Parker But Parker comes with a safety warning, “Just be careful with Parker. He likes to get his own way and he can be very... Read more
”He’s got the voice of an angel… and the charms of a devil.” Charlotte For years, I tutored students too full of themselves to actually study on their own. Yet, I’ve never met a man like Heath. This rock star has fame, a killer voice, and an equally killer... Read more
Bad For You by Alexa Kaye
I have known her for years. I have wanted her for years. There are a million different reasons why I should walk away from Taylor. Let’s start with the obvious: she’s so young– sweet, pure…innocent. I’m her older brother’s best friend. I’ve been around the block once or twice... Read more
Latin Stallion by K. Valentine
My Body Shuddered With Desire. My Flesh Quaked Beneath Him. An unexpected indulgence leads Vivian into a web of lies. She longed to be more than just a charmed pawn in her husband’s political game of chess. Flirting with scandal, in the wake of her husband’s run for local... Read more