Rich, handsome, and talented, gymnast Alec Maes has it all. He’s one lucky bastard. But just when he’s about to leave for the Summer Games in Rio, his luck seems to be running out. A dying mother, bone-deep betrayal, and a floor routine he can’t stick threaten to steal... Read more
Not everyone will walk away from the heated final climax of The Redline Series. The Gold family’s control over Ashville shatters with the rippling effects of a single bullet. Only one person has the potential to step in and take control, but will Colt be taken out before he... Read more
From New York Times bestseller Katy Regnery comes another timeless tale of love everlasting! Loosely inspired by the legend of Camelot, Dark Sexy Knight tells the story of dinner theater knight Colt Lane, who meets down-on-her-luck Verity Gwynn on the worst day of her life. Evicted from their home,... Read more
The war over Ashville and their sanity culminates with Exhaust. Devlin won’t give up. Colt and Aubrey have nowhere to run. But soon, Colt will be faced with a new and difficult choice. Download Links Filescdn (Note: Use Filescdn to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
I’m having that cocky jock’s baby, but he won’t have me. Gibson Evans is the best college football quarterback in the country. He’s tall, broad, tattooed, and so incredibly handsome. And he got me pregnant. It was supposed to be just one night, but a broken condom changed all... Read more
“I will always be there for you, Mady, always.” One month later, I was slammed with the realization that there were some things you just can’t count on being true. College sophomore, Madelyne Stewart, has it all—a wonderful home, a close-knit family, and great friends. But when tragedy strikes,... Read more
Self-absorbed. That’s the reason he gave Marisa when he broke up with her… “You’re too self-absorbed…” Ever since their breakup she’s been devastated, but she’s determined to take her mind off the heartache. Tonight she’s going out. And when she sees a mysterious man that looks totally out of... Read more
What do you do when the attraction is wrong, but too strong to deny? Adam Clark isn’t exactly living the dream, but he’s doing what he loves: freelancing as a pinup photographer. When he’s offered the chance to fulfill another dream—teaching photography at a small liberal arts college—the opportunity... Read more
She’d lost control of her life, but now she was taking it back. Megan Connelly’s time in prison for killing her tormentor is over. Now, she’s determined to put the past behind her. Living at Second Chance Ranch won’t be easy, especially with sexy Killian McKinley in charge. He’s... Read more
Siberian Volkov Pack, #11 Shadow Walker Tribe, #4 Sergei Sokolov, Siberian Lycan, is surprised when the mating bond snaps into place and connects him to a woman being attacked in Moscow. Knowing he may lose his destined mate sends him running to rescue her. Lindy Quiet Thunder, Shadow Walker,... Read more
SAVE A HORSE, RIDE A COWBOY! Sugar Hill, Texas is our town. We’re the Hope brothers and we’re known as the Bad Boys of Sugar Hill; real rough and tumble cowboys who know how to ride hard and ride fast. The Haggards, they’re bad boys too, but for different... Read more
You know how you always say “Someday I will”? Well, I’ve hit my someday. Someday begins today. Baylee Morgan is at a crossroads of her life. Leaving her marriage of ten years and the only life she’s ever known, she starts over in a penthouse ocean-front condo in Santa... Read more
Certain to appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie, and Katie MacAlister, Elise Sax’s hilarious series debut introduces matchmaker-in-training Gladie Burger, who stumbles into a dangerous quagmire of murder and red-hot romance. Three months has been Gladie Burger’s limit when it comes to staying in one place: She’s... Read more
Fast, cunning, and driven, he’ll do whatever it takes to nail the most violent federal perps. But she is the one danger he’ll never see coming… She can’t remember when she wasn’t afraid. She can’t go to the police. And “Olivia Gallagher” is only a day away from fleeing... Read more
EMBER Kayson Williams stole my heart in an instant with his charm and dimpled smirk. We were just kids, but we fell hard, we fell fast, and we fell deep. It was perfect…until it wasn’t. I fought hard for him, for us, while he set out to ruin it... Read more