He turned my world upside-down, and gave me exactly what I needed. KATIE I’ve spent the last seven years working non-stop. Building my own therapy practice, carving out a name for myself. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. Now that I’ve finally made it, I wonder where I’m... Read more
It all started with a stupid bet… Although most women that succumb to my charms do it because of my muscles and good looks, Hannah Miller had a much less superficial reason. She needed me, but not in the way you’d expect. She’s a girl with darkness in her... Read more
Ryan struggles to find himself again after a racing accident leaves him in constant pain. As his world is turned upside down, he tries to regain the strength and speed he once had. Feeling like no one understands what he’s going through, he turns to the only thing he... Read more
Kat My father’s marrying me off to the Russian mob. But is it still a shotgun wedding…if I used to be in love with the groom? Growing up, Gray Petrokov was my closest friend and confidant. Then he left town and broke my heart into a million pieces. Now... Read more
The art of romance is dead… Tessa Collins loves people. She loves her job, loves her family—and on most days, loves her crazy best friend, Chad. Determined and independent, Tessa believes in love; she just doesn’t believe romantic love really exists anymore. Real love is for fools. Jaded and... Read more
BOOK 1: DARK LIGHT Love. Sex. Magic. Before her 20th birthday, Gabriella was pretty much clueless about all three. In love with her best guy friend since the age of 14 and too crass and intimidating for most of the male population of Colorado Springs, love and good sex... Read more
Librarian Note: Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN: B01BQP8EBE. Please note: This novel contains adult themes which includes abuse of a sexual nature. Although not graphic in description it may be triggering for some readers. Arya – an emerging wolf – has lived her life in seclusion. Held captive under... Read more
The Domville – Complete Box Set. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. The Domville Complete Box Set takes a peek behind the doors of the prestigious six star chain of hotels. It includes all eight sizzling erotica novellas at a saving of over 50%. Make your... Read more
She’ll never go back. Street smart, creative, and ambitious, Nova Kinsley arrives at the illegal bordello in Federal, Idaho to work as a prostitute for the next three months. The timing and location couldn’t be more perfect. She finally gets to reconnect with her only remaining relatives…her cousins. Her... Read more
I RAN, BUT THERE WAS NOWHERE TO HIDE I’ve done everything I could to put the hood behind me. But every time, the hood finds its way back. I was desperate. Out of options. Marius Rich was supposed to help. He wasn’t supposed to dive between my legs. Wasn’t... Read more
He’s the one I can’t forget. She’s the one I let get away. But sometimes life gives second chances. Ashton I can’t forget Quinn. The dreamy athlete who took my v-card and my heart. My brother’s best friend. Then he left. Like that. It’s been years. And I haven’t... Read more
This book is part of a dark erotic fiction trilogy and may disturb some readers. The full warning is at the bottom. This is not a standalone read. What happens when the victim becomes the killer? Killing isn’t right, but it’s better than the wrong people being dead. That’s... Read more
When twenty-six year-old FBI agent, Karis Melendez goes on her first case, she never dreams that it will bring up ghosts from her past. Specifically, a ghost that makes her want to risk everything to protect him. But can she protect him from himself? Don’t miss the first book... Read more
Sometimes life gives you what you need, even if you don’t believe you deserve it. Kate Daniels wants it all—a big, crazy life, lots of kids, and an adoring husband. Someday. For now, she’ll be happy just to survive her first semester of college. Billy McDonald wants it all,... Read more
Years ago, Scott Anderson, a Kodiak bear shifter, left Bryant Station and the female destined to be his mate because he was too immature and she was too young. Military, his business, and the things he said to her have kept him away, even though she haunts his dreams.... Read more