Untamed (Beg For It #3) by Callie Harper
There’s a massive, ripped mountain man named Heathcliff. He’s brooding, bearded, and sexy as hell. Then there’s city girl Violet, a TV producer hungry for a hit show. You’d best not get in the way of her Louboutin heels or make her chip her nails. They both have secrets... Read more
Unanticipated Love (Christian Contemporary Romance) by Sam Cassidy
This is a sweet/clean Christian Romance with no explicit scenes, with a surprise BONUS inside! Katherine is the daughter of a Christian pastor, trying hard to live a godly life. And find a husband. She doesn’t expect her job at the Christian bookstore to come with much danger, but... Read more
The Sheikh’s Forbidden Mistress by Jessica Brooke
Trudy Yoder, a naïve but determined intern, is dazzled by sheikh Tahan and his dark, seductive ways. A relationship is forbidden, and as she falls for him she begins to worry that their fevered attraction could threaten her career. The sheikh is known for breaking hearts and getting hers... Read more
Storm (Bad Boys of X-Ops #3) by Rie Warren
Danger. Lust. Desire . . . Trust? STORM I’m headed back to the Blood Legion MC in New Orleans, my old stomping grounds. Guns. Thugs. Broads. Cocaine nightmares. A Mexican cartel, cracker coke runners, and now there’s a new international threat in town. Blaize Carmichael is my only partner... Read more
SABRE by KC Kendricks
Trust is a valuable commodity. Sam Breeden is a highly skilled operative known as SABRE. Genetically engineered, Sam is very good at what he does, but his propensity to act on the truth, and not his orders, continually lands him on the bad side of his handlers. When he’s... Read more
Resurgence (Heart of Stone #9) by D.H. Sidebottom
This is a short 9K novella. Decay MUST be read before this book. They lived to the extreme. They loved to the extreme. And they fought to the extreme. And now it’s time for the notorious Fox’s to bow out. To find their peace. Join Mason and Ava on... Read more
Ruthless Hold (Back Down Devil MC #9) by London Casey
She’s the daughter of the biker who taught him how to be a true outlaw… he’s supposed to keep her safe – not get her pregnant. When Trev took the vacant seat at the Back Down Devil MC table, he did it out of honor for a fallen brother.... Read more
It’s a Match by Ana Tejano
Cams Ronquillo is single and ready to mingle – at least, online. After finally moving on from her last break-up, she decides to try online dating thanks to the encouragement of Gabriel Evangelista, her friend, business partner, and serial (online) dater. As she learns to navigate through the potential... Read more
Clinch (Low Blow Book 1) by Charity Parkerson
Gunnar is one fight away from cruiserweight champion, and one flight of stairs away from true love. When Gunnar left his ex, the current cruiserweight champion, two years earlier and moved back to his hometown, he knew he was passing up his chance to win the world. The last... Read more
Cassandra (Scruples #2) by Ditter Kellen
Cassandra Blanchard is living a lie; hiding her pain behind laughter and ready made smiles. Sarcasm has become her coping mechanism for dealing with the abuse she suffered as a child. Until one night during work, a stranger darkens the door, stripping her of her defenses and laying her... Read more
Unsocially Yours: The UnSocial Dater by MJ Fields
Sugar and spice and everything nice, may be what some girls are made of. Katherine Anne Teresa Brun is not one of those girls. Katherine was raised doing what she was told, and playing it safe…most of the time. With a strong love for a book she received as... Read more
Tomcat by Samantha Westlake
”Dark, handsome, and angry, he glared down at me like he wanted to eat me alive – and not in a good way…” She’s the quiet good girl, living peacefully in her cottage and content with just her cat, Whiskers, for company – until he moves into the mansion... Read more
Spanish Lessons (Study Abroad #1) by Jessica Peterson
Vivian Bingley has big plans for her semester abroad in Spain… Along with her BFF, Maddie, Vivian hopes to indulge her inner Art History nerd by visiting the best museums in the world. She also wants to tackle more practical concerns—like a less than stellar GPA in her major,... Read more
Rough Water (Songbird #7) by Melissa Pearl
Sometimes love is more than a feeling…it’s a choice. Justin Doyle loves his new wife, Sarah. Deeply. Madly. Passionately…. And he wants a divorce. A few weeks into their marriage an unforeseen tragedy strikes, bringing their lives to a screeching halt. For Justin, the loss hits him in deep... Read more
Major League Baby by K. Valentine
After being away from home for three years, Max finally returns to his parents’ house. Surrounded by small town living and big city gossip, being the famous athlete that Max now is, he’s not surprised by the hero-style welcome the townspeople give him. But, arriving at home, instead of... Read more