WILDER: A Rockstar Romance by Vivian Lux
Scarlett: The whole world thinks they know him, but no one knows him like I do. Keir Wilder may be the lead singer of the biggest rock band on the planet, but he was once the boy next door. He was my first love. He put a ring on... Read more
Torn: A Stepbrother Romance, The Complete Series by Eva Mara
Hang Onto Your Seat…” – Sherrie “Cocky, indeed!” – Allison “Really good stepbrother drama!” – Kerah When they’ll interview me about Carter Evans, I’ll say he’s obnoxious, controlling, and way too cocky. With his muscular body, deep blue piercing eyes and smart mouth he’s always been the center of... Read more
The Day That Saved Us by Mindy Hayes
BEFORE life wasn’t perfect. Peyton Parker was grieving the loss of her father. Brodee Fisher was battling for control over his future with his father. But every summer, their families came together to rejuvenate and lose themselves in the salt air of Cape Hatteras. Nothing could put a damper... Read more
PRIDE (The Brody Bunch #1) by Sienna Valentine
Three brothers with a bad reputation and three Amish girls. What could possibly go wrong? It all started when my brother Ash proposed a bet… Just an innocent bet. Okay, well, maybe a bet to rob the three most virtuous girls in town of their purity isn’t exactly innocent... Read more
Possession (Caballo de Fuego #3) by Florencia Bonelli
Matilde Martinez and Eliah Al-Saud are fighting hard to forget each other. After watching their love crumble before their eyes in the perilous Congo, the kind, beautiful pediatric surgeon and the rich, handsome soldier struggle to move past their pain and acknowledge the romance was doomed from the start.... Read more
Looking Back from L.A. by M. B. Feeney
***AN accompanying novella to It Started in Texas from Gage’s POV – NOT a complete retelling of the original story*** It Started in Texas, but as we all know, “…Gage Charles Weston will not start something without thinking about the consequences.” In this companion novella to the story that... Read more
Fight for Her: The Complete Series (Fight for Her #1-4) by J.J. Knight
The complete four-book series from USA Today bestselling author JJ Knight, now in one boxed set. What do you do when you’ve just lost everything? You fight. For four years, I’ve been punching and kicking my way through hundreds of unworthy MMA opponents. For four years, I’ve kept seeing... Read more
Escorting the Player (The Escort Collection #3) by Leigh James
Win or Lose… Winning is important but this is championship quarterback Chase Layne’s last chance for glory. All he wants for his final season is to win the Superbowl. But dreams of ending his career on a high will be sacked if his soon to be ex-wife has her... Read more
Blood Instinct (Blackthorn #6) by Lindsay J. Pryor
I think what is inside of you triggers the worst of me’ Sophia McKay has always had a reckless streak, but falling for lycan leader Jask Tao gave her something to live for. Now, cursed with a serryn bloodline, a darkness inside Phia is awakening. A darkness she knows... Read more
Midnight Star (Vampire Girl #2) by Karpov Kinrade
From the USA TODAY Bestselling series Vampire Girl, comes the next book in the saga: MIDNIGHT STAR I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until I sold my soul to save my mother. Now, I am forced to choose between my heart and my conscience. Either way,... Read more
The Royal Rake (Royal Romances #3) by Molly Jameson
A Rakish Prince Prince Leopold, fourth in line for the throne of England, has earned his bad reputation. He loves the thrill of being a daredevil search and rescue pilot every bit as much as he loves being the center of attention—female attention, that is. Charming and naughty, Leo... Read more
The Princess Royal (Royal Romances #2) by Molly Jameson
Lizzy, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom, has always been … bold. Her antics keep her in the news, but she’s trying to turn over a new leaf in the form of a good deed by helping out an old friend, a friend who just so happens to be... Read more
Taken In The Dark  by Veronica Rowe
Claire met the mysterious Z online, and in their chats, he showed her an entire new world of sensual enjoyment. Day after day, he made her discover a part of herself she hadn’t known existed: far from the promising executive who called the shots day in and day out,... Read more
My Step Brother Lover by Veronica Rowe
Summer Williams wants to take the next step with her boyfriend of one year and have sex with him, although her own fears keep holding her back. She’s a virgin full of doubts: What if she can’t please him? What if her first time is so terrible he breaks... Read more
It’s My Life (Filming Rhiannon. Book 1) by TL Messruther
Rhiannon Addison has reached a point in her life where nothing is going how she envisioned. She has been made redundant from her job, and no company she is educated for is taking new employees. Her savings are running low, and as a last resort her best friend Grace,... Read more