Whispers (The Divided Kingdom #2) by Sophie H. Morgan
“He s no pushover. And she ain t no fairy princess.” “The Divided Kingdom,” Book 2 No one would guess that Sapphy, awesome whirlwind of Maze badassness, grew up sheltered in the Fae realm. Witnessing a murder drove her into the humans broken cities to hide, but now she... Read more
Triple Jeopardy by Cleo Peitsche
Maisie is so screwed. Literally—who could resist dominant billionaire bosses? But it’s more complicated than that. Ethan Brennbach. Raphael Lattimore. Trent Banno. To protect their most vulnerable clients, these hot lawyers aren’t just bending the rules. They’re breaking the law. If Maisie is too attached to turn her bosses... Read more
The Empty Jar by M. Leighton
Three months touring Europe. Romantic. Dazzling. Unforgettable. The trip of a lifetime. But some lifetimes are shorter… We couldn’t have known it would work out this way. No one could. No one could’ve guessed that something so beautiful could be so tragic. But it is tragic. Yet so, so... Read more
The Champ: Short & Steamy by M. S. Parker
“Mixed Martial Arts is my spirit, soul and body. It’s all I live and breathe. There’s no room for anything or anyone else. Then she walks into the gym and everything changes.” FFC fighter Tyrell Smoak, and photojournalist Cynthia Rose Harkness both have their lives planned out, their career... Read more
Not Afraid to Love You (Ink Series, Spin off) by Jude Ouvrard
Lilly McCarthy thought she had found the one, until an unexpected side of Dave left her with bruises to her body and pride. Living in fear, she knows she has to do something before the irreparable happens. A timely phone call provides Lilly a means to escape her nightmare,... Read more
Lord Keeper by Tarah Scott
No man bargains for war when he chooses a bride, but when he steals her from holy ground, he can expect nothing less. Iain MacPherson swore he was nothing like his father, but his kidnapping of Victoria Hockley, the Countess of Lansbury is the first step toward the same... Read more
Impulse by T. J. Henderson
After having a fight with her boyfriend, the impulsive Jessica Reid decides to take a trip to visit her best friend in beautiful South Beach Miami. There she meets Blake Matthews, a calculated defense attorney who knows exactly what he wants. Jessica embarks on a lustful, erotic relationship with... Read more
Impact by T. J. Henderson
Impact doesn’t skip a beat and picks up right where Impulse left off. A tragedy brings Jessica Reid back to New York City and back into the arms of someone from her past. Jessica is feeling the impact of her impulsive decisions. Someone is stalking her. Filled with twists... Read more
Hot SEALs: SEALed in Texas (Hot SEALs Kindle World) (SEALed For You #2.5) by Marissa Dobson
After sustaining injuries in the line of duty, Trever Alexander was forced to leave his SEAL team and all he worked for. In the midst of considering a job offer with GAPS, he was thrown into an assignment, one that brought him face to face with the woman he’d... Read more
Hot SEALs: My SEAL Bodyguard (Hot SEALs Kindle World) by Paige Tyler
She writes about danger for a living and now she find herself in it. Only a Navy SEAL can save her. When someone breaks into romance author Peyton Matthews’ Virginia Beach home to steal her newest manuscript, her publisher hires Noah Chase, a former Navy SEAL and the newest... Read more
Black (A Sexy, Modern Fairytale) by Aria Cole
A beast, alone with the horrors of his past, the scar on his face a constant reminder of the man he’s become. A beauty, on the run with her life in a tailspin, finds herself on his doorstep seeking protection. Deeply misunderstood and dedicated to his life of brooding... Read more
Behind the Hands That Kill (In the Company of Killers #6) by J.A. Redmerski
Even professional killers need vacations, but for Victor Faust, his vacation in Venezuela is about more than relaxation and time alone with Izabel Seyfried. It is a chance for him to come clean to Izabel: to tell her the truth about why he sent her to Italy with his... Read more
Battle Scars by Kimberley June
Harper Townsend promised herself she’d never let anyone close again. She has only one person in her life; her best friend Lilly, that she can count on and it’s exactly the way she likes it. It just meant no complications and no hurt or disappointment. She’s had enough of... Read more
Dare To Love Series: A Tempting Dare (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Cathryn Fox
The last place Miami divorce attorney, Katherine Quinn wants to be is at her family’s Hampton home for their annual reunion, especially when she sets eyes on him. Sebastian James: hot shot sports medicine doctor for Miami Thunder, her big brother’s best friend, and the only guy she’s ever... Read more
Asher: A Second Chance Novel by Kylie Walker
Seventeen years ago Asher met the girl of his dreams, the girl he thought would be his until he took his last breath. Their love was unbreakable – undeniable until a ripple of events tore his world apart – Mia’s world apart – their family’s worlds apart. Who knew... Read more