You Don’t Own Me 2 (The Russian Don #2) by Georgia Le Carre
The conclusion to Zane and Dahlia’s story. The sexy Russian, Zane, has taken my heart, but kept his intact. I never knew a man like him existed, let alone that I would become part of his life. A man who can make a girl’s heart pound like a freaking... Read more
Wilde Fire by Kat Austen
As a boy, he was like an older brother to her. As a teenager, he became her secret crush. As a man, he’s her target and she’s determined to get him out of her system once and for all. Jake Wilde doesn’t live a tame existence. He never has.... Read more
Topped by Kayti McGee
Miranda Rose absolutely lives for writing. Unfortunately, there aren’t many readers that live for her books. At least she can distract herself from bad reviews with her favorite hobby – trolling Charlie Shivers online. That dinosaur smut peddler wouldn’t know literature if it mounted him from behind. And, for... Read more
The Omega Team: The Soviet Connection (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Kate Richards
When Carson Ames is assigned by The Omega Team to investigate the mysterious death of a Senator’s son, his assignment takes him to a small island in the Bahamas currently in the grip of Hurricane Annika, which is rapidly becoming the storm of this century. Sophia has bad luck... Read more
The Omega Team: Hot Target (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Jordan Dane
When Rafael reaches out to his sister for a job, Athena Madero—a founding member of the private security agency, the Omega Team—can’t help but be protective of her younger half brother. After a tragic hostage rescue and its aftermath, Rafael Madero turned into a solitary loner, only surfacing to... Read more
Buffalo Undercover by N Kuhn
Candace Banchetti is trying to figure out if she can make a relationship work with Dominic Bartel, the undercover FBI agent she met during the Sirocco case. She wants to take her time to assimilate back to being a part of the precinct, after months of undercover work right... Read more
That One Day (That One #1.5) by Josie Wright
One day. One letter. That’s all it took for my life to fall apart. Now all that’s left is deception and betrayal. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know who to trust. So I leave, searching for the truth hidden behind a web of lies. The... Read more
Texas Stand-Off by Sable Hunter
A stand-off is defined as a heated situation between two equally matched opponents–which perfectly describes the sizzling sexual tension between former SEAL Deacon Jones and the woman his boss asks him to evaluate. Deacon is not happy with the situation, but he’s given his word to his friend, Grey... Read more
Strays (Red Kings Series, #1) by Emma Kendrick
Best friends Jackie and Tyler set out on an adventure to find somewhere to call home, hoping to escape the violent city life and settle down in a quiet place where they can make something of themselves. What they find instead is the notorious Red Kings Motorcycle Club, outlaw... Read more
Loveless by N. Isabelle Blanco
One night. An agreement. The obsession that ensues . . . Paige He told me he only wanted sex with me. I’ve agreed to his terms. Elijah will be my first lover—I’ll let him have my virginity. But I won’t give him anything other than that. Elijah She was... Read more
Country Kisses (3:AM Kisses #8) by Addison Moore
I fell hard for Cade the moment I met up with those bedroom eyes of his, but it’s not my heart I’m interested in gifting him. Cade James is my best friend’s brother, well bred and well bed. To him I’m just another plaything, but I can’t blame him... Read more
The Omega Team: Before The Bang Shift by Mandy Harbin
Bryn Chambers is on the run. Not from the police, but from her old mafia boss and his cronies. Within weeks of starting her job for Marco Collins, she learned he was dirty, but what could she do? She had no choice but to keep working as his son’s... Read more
Assured: Soul Serenade 2 by Kaylee Ryan
I’ve always been the guy who plays the field. I like variety and my career ensures that I can have my pick of women. Until her… I’ve always been the girl who wants more. I want the white picket fence, the two point five kids and the dog. That’s... Read more
One Night with the CEO (The Suits Undone #2) by Mia Sosa
“This debut romance sparkles.” — Library Journal (starred review) on Unbuttoning the CEO TWO TICKETS TO PARADISE After some disappointing dates, Karen Ramirez has concluded that great sex is for other people. Especially since medical school won’t leave her much time for romance anyway. Then she runs into tall,... Read more
Welcome Home, Cowboy (Hero’s Welcome #2) by Annie Rains
With its thriving military base, Seaside, North Carolina, is teeming with heroes of all stripes. But, as the Hero’s Welcome series from Annie Rains continues, it takes a cowboy to rescue the town’s newest resident from heartache. After a bad breakup leaves Julie Chandler completely devastated, she comes to... Read more