EXRATED by Stevie J. Cole
Tyler Westbrook, better known as Johnny Depth, is taking the adult film industry by storm. With his playboy looks, it’s no surprise a few coworkers have attempted to take things off set and into the bedroom, but Tyler refuses to blur the lines between work and play…until the new... Read more
Hard Silence (Agents Undercover #2) by Mia Kay
FBI profiler Jeff Crandall returned to Fiddler, Idaho, to work on new Bureau protocols in peace…and because he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Abby Quinn. Kind, beautiful and quietly sexy, the petite rancher next door is loved by the entire town but keeps fiercely to herself. She’s... Read more
Married For The Boss’s Baby by Susan Carlisle
An unexpected baby… When successful surgeon Grant Smythe’s baby half sister is orphaned, Grant is determined to be there for little Lily—unlike his own father. A convenient proposal… But a challenge for custody means Grant needs a wife, too! New nanny Sara Marcum is the ideal candidate… A wife... Read more
Protecting the Quarterback by Kristina Knight
This is more than just a game…to her Sports broadcaster Brooks Smith has always been more involved with the game than the players. But after she shares the spotlight at an awards ceremony with tabloid sensation Jonas Nash, one night of letting her guard down around the infamous quarterback... Read more
Roping Ray McCullen (Heroes of Horseshoe Creek #3) by Rita Herron
A MAN WITHOUT A FAMILY IS NO MAN AT ALL As soon as he was old enough, Ray McCullen left Horseshoe Creek and never looked back. It took his father’s funeral to return, though his anger hadn’t quite subsided. That’s where he met Scarlet Lovett, who seemed to know... Read more
Soft Target (Agents Undercover #1) by Mia Kay
Wounded FBI agent Gray Harper will honor his dead partner by returning to work-as soon as the Bureau shrink clears him for duty. In the meantime, a long vacation in his best friend’s hometown sounds like the perfect distraction. But Nate Mathis has another plan. His twin sister, Maggie,... Read more
The Heart (The Reluctant Romantics #2) by Kate Stewart
Jack For the last ten years, I’ve roamed the globe, captivated by the world around me. I’ve seen the seven wonders and admired sunsets from every continent. I’d lived and loved and that was enough for me. It would have to be. I was content, satisfied with my collection... Read more
Thin Lies (Donati Bloodlines #1) by Bethany-Kris
Calisto Donati She was just a woman. That’s what Calisto wanted to tell himself; that’s what he wanted to believe. Emma was nothing more than a woman. There were other women for him to want. To obsess over. It couldn’t be Emma Sorrento. Not for Calisto. She was taken.... Read more
Unspoken Words (The Unspoken Love Series, #1) by H.P. Davenport
Two lives…as close to perfect as they can be. Camryn Townsend has everything she’s always dreamed of…an amazing family, supportive friends, and the perfect job. Everything a girl could want. Or is it? A trip back to her childhood home threatens to unravel her web of perfection. Her problem…she’s... Read more
Dark Journey (Nightsiders #5) by Susan Krinard
TORN BETWEEN PEACE AND PASSION… Former serf Daniel had journeyed to Tanis in search of harmony between humans and vampires. Though the citadel’s facade promised peace, it wasn’t difficult to find the danger lurking in the shadows. Yet it was the Bloodlady known as Isis, an ancient, beautiful vampire,... Read more
A Husband to Remember by Lisa Jackson
Memories may fade, but the heart never forgets…”Nikki Carrothers wakes in an island hospital with no memory of her past or how she got there–or of Trent McKenzie, the man claiming to be her husband. Though she’s undeniably attracted to him, Nikki’s not sure she can trust him. Even... Read more
Stone Cold: A Bad Boy Romance by Michelle Hart
Kellan Lilly and I never got our happily ever after. Our perfect life was stolen when I was put in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. The men who framed me wont live for long. Four years later I walk out a free man, but Lilly wants nothing... Read more
She’s Captured my Love (Captured #4) by Karen Frances
They say everything in life happens for a reason… Me? I just think life can be cruel. What was the reason my wife was so tragically taken from me, from her family? Leaving behind a beautiful baby girl. Pointless… I no longer look to the future. I live day... Read more
Shadow Bloodlines (Shadow Bloodlines #1) by A.R. Cooper
I didn’t know I was a shifter until the hunters found me… When eighteen-year-old Beth receives a mysterious text from her deadbeat father not to go to school, why should she listen to him now? But when strangers show up in one of her classes hunting her and wanting... Read more
Reclaiming His Discarded Mate by Emma Anderson
Abused by her wolf shifter father because she was unable to shift, Ellie Chambers moved away at the age of eighteen. For seven years, she lived as a human. Now, she finds herself thrown back into the shifter world when she meets her mate. As soon as Gabe Black... Read more