Boxed Set: Steel: Blacthorne MC Romance by Carrie Cox Boxed Set: Steel: Blacthorne MC Romance by Carrie Cox
Once you’ve had your first bad boy biker, there’s no going back… Ella I’m in the middle of a nightmare. Taken from a Las... Boxed Set: Steel: Blacthorne MC Romance by Carrie Cox

Once you’ve had your first bad boy biker, there’s no going back…
I’m in the middle of a nightmare. Taken from a Las Vegas bar because I saw something I shouldn’t have, I’m terrified and desperate to escape the clutches of the Blackthorne MC.
But I didn’t count on falling for Nick Steel, a smoking hot, tattooed, bad boy biker.
He’s wrong for me on so many levels – damaged, dangerous and ridiculously good-looking. We have nothing in common, and yet … something draws me to him, and although I know this has to end badly, I can’t resist him.

Complete story with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

(This romance contains steamy love scenes and lots of twists and turns.)

The moment I saw her, I knew I needed to make her mine.
I’d noticed her as soon as she’d walked in. It was hard not to. A fresh-faced college kid with sinfully hot curves, she looked completely out of place in the biker bar, and I’d guessed she’d come down with some college friends to celebrate the end of the school year.
Las Vegas, party time.
She had a cute heart-shaped face and a body to die for. The red dress she wore clung to her curves in all the right places. It was cut low enough at the front to give a hint of cleavage and made me imagine unzipping her from that dress and releasing her lush, hot curves.
God, I wanted her, but I couldn’t have her, not tonight. I was supposed to be working. I tore my eyes away from the curvy temptress and scanned the rest of the bar. Other members of the Blackthorne Gang were set up in position, but we still had at least an hour until things were due to kick-off.
An hour… I turned my attention back to the gorgeous chick, sipping her margarita. I could get a lot done in an hour.
I was about to head over and make my move when I felt a hand on my arm. That showed exactly how distracted I was. Tonight was the one night I should be keeping my guard up and know exactly when anyone was approaching me.
I turned sharply to see a slim brunette standing beside me. She flinched and took a step back at my angry glare. She swallowed hard, and then she seemed to recover herself, adjusting the straps on her dress and making sure I got an eyeful of her cleavage. She wasn’t my type, too toned and muscular for my liking. Her hair was carefully curled with not a lock out of place. Too high maintenance.
She’d probably spent at least an hour on her make up tonight.
“Hi, there,” she said. “My name is Clarissa and I wondered if you would like to buy me a drink.”
I barely looked at her. “Sorry, I’m spoken for.”
But when I turned back to claim my prize, my curvy Margarita girl had disappeared.
I threw down some cash to tip the waiter who’d been serving me and scanned the bar. Where the hell had she gone?
From across the room, I caught a glimpse of my cute temptress at the bar placing another order.
Obviously waitress service was too slow for her. She was definitely in Vegas to party.
I checked the time. Everything was still on schedule, so I drained the rest of my beer and headed towards her.
As she picked up her drinks, she turned towards me, and as she looked up I felt my breath catch in my throat. She really was beautiful. Her eyes widened before she quickly turned away, cheeks flushed.
Damn. She was hot.
Before I could get any closer, a heavily-muscled guy on her left staggered back, knocking the drinks and spilling the contents all over her.

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