What’s Left of Me (Finally Unbroken Book 2) by Maria Macdonald
How do you get over the death of a loved one? The one you were going to marry? Even if you always knew you were on borrowed time… Ruben Asher has been on a downward spiral ever since the death of his fiancée. Getting lost in a haze of... Read more
Waiting Hearts: Country Hearts #1 (Radiant Love Series) by Mila Abey
Who says a Country Heart will wait forever… Raymond Charleston spent the last seven years focused solely on ensuring the success of his family’s ranch. The oldest son of the well-known and respected Charleston family, with a mop of dark hair under his Stetson, a tall, muscular build and... Read more
The Workaholic and the Realist (New Hampshire Bears Book 2) by Mary Smith
If someone looked up the word workaholic in the dictionary, one would see a picture of New Hampshire Bears’ Keaton Jaco next to it. Not only is he a top defensemen in the hockey league; he’s also working towards a master’s degree and writing a book. His teammates think... Read more
The Vintner and The Vixen (Vintage Love #1) by Alexia Adams
It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love. Maya Tessier needs a fresh start after her last boyfriend dragged her deep into an organized crime ring, putting her life in danger. After inheriting a cottage and acreage in France from her great-grandmother, she hopes to escape her... Read more
The Playboy and The Single Mum (Vintage Love #2) by Alexia Adams
He lives in the spotlight. She has to exist in the shadows. If Formula 1 racing driver Daniel Michaud is to win the championship, he must steer clear of all distractions. However a compromising photo has his sponsor demanding that he be chaperoned for the rest of the race... Read more
Holly Grove Homecoming by Carolynn Carey
When Carly Morrison moved to Holly Grove, Tennessee, the last person she expected to meet was FBI Agent Trooper Myers. Everybody knew Trooper had cut ties with his hometown twenty years ago when his parents were murdered and his mother accused of being a child predator. And although Carly... Read more
Hero: Complete Series Box Set: Special Forces Romance by M. S. Parker
Special Forces soldier, Haze Welch, is military born and raised. Serving the country is what the Welch men do, and all Haze has ever wanted. But during a 18-month tour overseas, his world shatters in an instant. Haze gets injured and is not able to return to active duty.... Read more
Earning Edie: An Espinoza Boys story by DJ Jamison
Nick Espinoza is consumed by two things: Guilt and ambition. After making a mistake he can’t atone for, his desire for success as a newspaper columnist compromises his integrity. But the consequences of his actions may just be the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Edie Mason is... Read more
Dragon Fall: Masters of the Flame 3 (Masters of the Flame #3) by Elsa Jade
He must find the heart of his treasure. She is the treasure of his dragon heart. As lord of the Nox Incendi dragons, Bale Dorado is supposed to protect his people within the exclusive Keep casino in Sin City, but the curse that plagues the clan has all but... Read more
Consumed: A MMA Sports Romance by Claire Adams
Life has been kind to Ash. The daughter of successful parents, she is training to become a nurse. While Ash enjoys helping people, something has been missing from her life. As privileged as she’s been, she is not free. Enter, Mason. A regular on the underground MMA circuit, Mason’s... Read more
Breach Special Edition (Breach) by K.I. Lynn
The Breach series all in one place plus bonus material! From the first moment Delilah Palmer met Nathan Thorne, both their lives changed in the blink of an eye. Follow them on their journey, along with all the challenges the tortured couple faced. Find out why so many people... Read more
What a Wicked Earl Wants (The Sinful Scoundrels #1) by Vicky Dreiling
WILL A RAKE’S WICKED WAYS Andrew Carrington, Earl of Bellingham, believes in being a gentleman, whether it’s fishing a soggy stranger out of the Thames or assisting a fetching lady into his bed. If the stranger becomes a friend and the lady a mistress, all the better. He certainly... Read more
The Worst of Me by Lisa J. Hobman
Nick Dacre is the epitome of the classic rock star. Women, booze and luxury are handed to him on a daily basis and life is great. Until another alcohol fuelled sexual encounter forces him to realise that, in spite of his many achievements, his life and the relationships therein... Read more
The Vampire’s Kiss (Other World Series #1) by Ramona Gray
Abigail Winters leads a perfectly ordinary life until the night she’s transported to an alternate earth. Attacked by vampires, her life is saved by the gorgeous but dangerous vampire, Val. When Val is injured and needs her blood to heal, she repays her debt by allowing him to feed... Read more
Scent of Valor (Chronicles of Eorthe #2) by Annie Nicholas
Courage blooms in the meekest of hearts. After spending twenty years trapped in her civil body, Kele can finally shift into feral form. By tooth and claw, she’s determined to climb the Payami pack hierarchy. Her parents plan to mate her with a hunter from a rival pack, but... Read more