Unwanted Sacrifices (Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC #6) by Sapphire Knight
Sabrina Sold. I never imagined I would be grateful to be bought by the Bratva. One more year and I was set to marry evil. I’ve heard the gruesome tales of that family before. I’m awarded with a new beginning when I’m given to the Mafia, for Nikoli to... Read more
The Dragon Billionaire’s Secret Mate: BBW Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance by Zoe Chant
The first time Theresa reads the ad in the paper, she’s sure it has to be a trick—and even if it isn’t, surely the mysterious bachelor won’t be interested in a plain librarian like her. But to save her sister from dangerous loan sharks, she needs money, and if... Read more
Teacher’s Troublemaker (Culpepper Cowboys Book 4) by Merry Farmer
Her whole life, Chastity Quinlan has dreamed of NOT living up to her name. But now that she is free of her parents’ iron rule, ready to say “I do” to Chris Culpepper, it looks like all that is about to change…. Chris Culpepper is more than happy to... Read more
Stuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland
From the New York Times Bestselling authors of Cocky Bastard, comes a sexy new standalone novel. It started out like any other morning on the train. Until I became mesmerized by the guy sitting across the aisle. He was barking at someone on his phone like he ruled the... Read more
Rancher’s Remorse (Culpepper Cowboys Book 2) by Merry Farmer
Faith Quinlan agreed to marry Cooper Culpepper as part of the deal she and her sisters signed to help the Culpepper boys fulfill the terms of their Granddaddy’s will so they could keep the family ranch. But what Cooper doesn’t know might hurt him. Faith is more than willing... Read more
Puck Bear Brides: Complete Series by Anya Nowlan
These hockey bears are the furthest thing from ice cold… A werebear is never complete without a mate and it has never been more true than with professional hockey bears, unleashed upon Shifter Grove on their path to claiming both victory and the women of their dreams. This box... Read more
Love is Come (Power of the Matchmaker) by Heather B. Moore
“I have to remind myself to breathe—almost to remind my heart to beat.” —Wuthering Heights From the Power of the Matchmaker series: Nelle Thompson lives a life of privilege during the turn of the century New York City. When her parents are killed in a terrible accident, she’s forced... Read more
Love in Bloom (De La Fuente Family #3) by Lexi Buchanan
They said it wouldn’t be for more than three months: it’s been eighteen. They said it wouldn’t make a difference to her life: it has. She was a bitch plain and simple but who was the real Caprice? Erin had played her role well as Caprice, but it had... Read more
Lady Helen Finds Her Song by Jennifer Moore
The exotic splendors of India are legendary, and the colorful sights of her new home in Calcutta immediately captivate eighteen-year-old Lady Helen Poulter. Whereas many of her fellow British expatriates despise the culture they see as barbaric, Helen sees excitement in the unusual locale. It is in this vibrant,... Read more
Her Shield (The Uncut Series Book 1) by D. Camille
Marcus Graham is a Special Agent for the FBI. His current assignment is to arrest and convict the infamous Milton Martin. Marcus is unstoppable and elite in every way, and in his role as an agent, he is adamant about never mixing business with pleasure. However, he never knew... Read more
Bear-ly Human (Bear Claw Security Book 4) by Terry Bolryder
Hercules is an ex special forces soldier working as a bodyguard, and a mystery to everyone around him. His friends just know him as an extremely competent soldier and a great teammate and person. But beneath his bronzed, muscled exterior is a heart scarred by a complicated past. A... Read more
What Took You So Long? (Second Edition) by Jessica E. Larsen
Milky thought she was ready for anything, but is she ready for love? Ready to take on the world, Milky Valdez moves to Madrid to carve out a life and a career for herself, away from the stifling help of her well-meaning, affluent parents. Still young and inexperienced with... Read more
Valentine (A Standalone Novel) (Bad Boy Romance Book) by Claire Adams
With a father who owns half the state, and a mother who’s legacy is being the all-time sorority queen on Campus, Valentine Scott has a lot to live up to. She’s far more interested in sports and hanging out with her friends than the designed path her controlling parents... Read more
Too Broken by J.R. Hunter
No longer willing to live with the decisions of her past, Kelli decides to make a fresh start in Los Angeles. It’s time to live the life she’s always wanted. But where should she start? No job, no friends, she quickly comes to wonder if she’s made a mistake.... Read more
The Makeover by Thayer King
Gregory Scott has lost his dream girl and his job. Brokenhearted, he’s willing to do anything to win Daria back. When his next door neighbor Mykal offers to help, he’s dubious , but he accepts her help. However, the more time he spends with Mykal, the less time he... Read more