Taken (A Bad Boy Romance Book 1) by Amanda Scott
She thinks I’m bad. She has no idea. More like out of control. Yeah, I got the tats, the muscles, and the torn up hotel rooms to prove it. But that ain’t nothing compared to what I’m going to do to her sweet, unsuspecting body. I can hardly wait... Read more
Surrender (The Forbidden Series Book 3) by Michelle Betham
All anyone wants is a happy-ever-after. And ex-high-class-escort Kira Blu thinks she might have finally found hers, with the most unlikely man, living the most unlikely life, given her past. With hot and handsome art dealer Neal Cannon and New York now nothing more than a memory, she’s moved... Read more
Mind F*ck by Kimber S. Dawn
The following story, while it may contain facts and pieces of actual truth, is based fully on fictitious events and the psychotic mind of the author. Tread carefully. She keeps warning you. This time she’s just point blank said it. Be prepared to be MINDF*CKed. Once upon a time... Read more
Risky Temptation by Gemma Hart
Espionage. Secrets. Murder. Love. These were all the components that had made up the romance between former FBI agent Halle Margot and notorious mafia hitman Marco Desmond. But that was now all in the past. Having safely fled to Europe, Marco and Halle are ready to start fresh with... Read more
Meet Me in the Middle by Eryn Scott
Ruby and Chris could be perfect together. Unfortunately, they’re working for opposing presidential campaigns. Unable to ignore their feelings, they become entangled in an across-the-aisle attraction complete with non-stop travel, Shakespearian references, scandals, and even a few meetings in airport bathrooms. It will take more than a miracle to... Read more
Lost Angel: Book 1 of The List Series by N K Love
The series begins as Beth’s marriage to her high school sweetheart ends. When they said ‘until death do us part’, she didn’t know that in her case it was the slow death of her sex life that’d part them—well, that’s if it was every really alive to start with.... Read more
Innocent in New York by Victoria Sterling (
Sophia, a hardworking twenty-five-year-old, is sent on a late-night mission by her boss. A casual, calm Friday evening transform into a night where she needs to mingle with New York’s finest socialites, masked and dressed in tulle and lace, like straight out of a Venetian carnival. Sophia’s mission seems... Read more
For Love’s Sake (Edwardians In Love, #1) by Leonora De Vere
At the turn of the 20th century, an English aristocrat reluctantly inherits a failing North Carolina textile mill and changes the life of Miss Laurel Graham, an outcast young woman who wants more than her sleepy town has to offer. Download Links Ge.tt Uploadex (Note: Use Uploadex to download... Read more
Fight to the Finish (First to Fight #3) by Jeanette Murray
The author of Against the Ropes takes her First to Fight series another round with a novel of a JAG officer who loses his cool, when love delivers a knockout punch… Kara is a single mom working hard to keep life running smoothly for herself and her son, but... Read more
Dream a Little Dream of Me by Cobie Daniels
It’s 1995, and though raised in a conservative home, by a controlling mother; Kelsey Chapman has graduated from high school, met the love of her life and is about to embark on a summer adventure in York, England. Although she leaves a waiting Jason Bauer behind, she will spend... Read more
Divine Conspiracy (The Divine Series Book 1) by Rose Hudson
Before moving to southern Alabama, and before realizing my daughter was getting older and my life, devoted solely to her and my career, was in desperate need of change…I would’ve said that fate was a myth. Opening up to the possibility of needing more and admitting that loving someone... Read more
Dirty Angel: Book 2 of The List Series by N K Love
After Lost Angel: Book 1 of The List Series…. Beth’s finding her feet in the world of being single with the help of Willow, her best friend. After a rocky start, the sun’s shining on her journey and about to crank up the heat from warm to scorching. A... Read more
Burning Choice (Trevor’s Harem #3) by Aubrey Parker
I’ve been in this billionaire’s game for a month — but something changed when half my competition was eliminated. It feels less like a contest now … and more like an experiment. I shouldn’t have made it past the first round. I don’t know how I did; I’m not... Read more
Breaking Bones (Mariani Crime Family #2) by Amanda Washington
Bodyguard and hitman, Franco “Bones” Leone, has survived mafia life in the most powerful Las Vegas family by adamantly adhering to the rules: – Be willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for the safety of your charge. – Allow no distractions and keep no liabilities. – Show no weaknesses.... Read more
The Return of the Witch (The Witch’s Daughter #2) by Paula Brackston
Paula Brackston’s debut novel, The Witch’s Daughter, was the little book that could―with a captivating story, remarkable heroine, and eye-catching package, it has now netted over 200,000 copies in all formats. Now Paula returns with its sequel The Return of the Witch, another bewitching tale of love and magic,... Read more