Viper (The Scoundrels MC #1) by Moira Callahan
An enemy from the club’s past returns with a vengeance. The MC president and his old lady are missing, and the man behind the act is in the wind. Krista Richmond has always been protected from the club’s shadier endeavors. In one split second she finds herself thrust head... Read more
The Holloways (Made for Love, #3.5) by R.C. Martin
Life after ‘I do’… It’s never what you expect. For Roman and Logan Holloway, it’s better. For years, they couldn’t stand each other. Now, they can’t get enough of one another. Falling in love might have been reckless, but there’s no turning back for them now. Yet, every marriage... Read more
Summer (Four Seasons, #2) by Frankie Rose
Avery Patterson’s literally not the girl she used to be. A past that haunted her for years turned out to be based on a lie. Her father was not an evil man. He loved Avery enough to die for her, and now she’s determined to live for him. She... Read more
Sticks (Black Addiction #2) by T. Gephart
Kenzie Clark had made plenty of mistakes. Who cared? Life was all about the journey, and if you couldn’t enjoy the ride then what was the point. The tough-talking guitarist from Brooklyn, NY worked hard so she could play even harder. But some mistakes weren’t so easy to walk... Read more
Sparks and Flames (The Tale of Kian and Rukia Book 1) by C.S. Patra
The world has been divided into many different lands where the rich and poor live. In addition to that, several people have been granted with powers to control the elements. Rukia Benton is one of those people. Given the gift to control fire, she does her best to keep... Read more
Sinister (Sinners & Saints Book 3) by Katheryn Kiden
For years I’ve been nice– letting you all believe you could safely go about your happy little lives–but that all changes now. I’m finally free to do as I please, and freedom never felt so good. But it is the holiday season, after all, and that puts me in... Read more
Secret Torment (Bend to My Will) by Emily Jane Trent
Romance is beyond Vivienne’s reach! Is it too much to ask for love? The intimacy between them grows, yet Jacob still avoids falling in love. The playroom releases emotion, but that isn’t enough. On a trip to Argentina, there’s a tragedy that forces Jacob to realize what Vivienne truly... Read more
Reign (Marko Delacroix #5) by Alaska Angelini
This is the conclusion of the Marko Delacroix series. Please read the first four books before this one. I finally thought things were falling into place. I have Tessa, we’ve found happiness, and our roles in our world are clear. Little do we know, everything is about to fall... Read more
One Week with her (Ex) Stepbrother (Eden Manor #2) by Noelle Adams
When her father got remarried fourteen years ago, Zach first entered Missy’s life. The marriage only lasted a year, but her ex-stepbrother kept hanging around. Now Zach works with her in her father’s landscaping business, and he’s sweeter, funnier, and sexier than ever. And Missy can’t help but wonder... Read more
Regular Sex ~ Issue 4 ~ Meet me by the Kama Sutra  by Kitty French
HUEY I don’t think I’m imagining it. She keeps looking over at me today, I’m sure of it. I’ve been writing in the library for three weeks now, a half-hearted attempt to save both my money and my heart from the effect of the endless espressos that accompany trying... Read more
Regular Sex ~ Issue 5 ~ Maid for You by Kitty French
Extract from Maid for You… It’s Don’s fortieth birthday in three days, and I’ve decided to give him a birthday present he won’t forget in a hurry. I’ll share this with you upfront – we’ve been married for over ten years and our sex life has become dull. It... Read more
Draw Me Close (Hearts and Crafts #3) by Nicole Michaels
You Need A Good Foundation Lindsey Morales is a decorating genius with a natural flair for design and an eye for a bargain. As a contributor to a popular lifestyle blog, she can take anything from trash to treasure—except for her own life. Burned once, and badly, she’s more... Read more
Donovan’s Forever Love by Cooper McKenzie
A vampire walks into a bar and Jayne Peters knows her life will never be the same. She recognizes the man as the one her great-grandmother loved eighty years before she met Jayne’s great-grandfather. Now Donovan Richards is back and she fully understands the attraction. Donovan cannot believe how... Read more
Confessions in the Dark by Jeanette Grey
Whispers in the night lead to sweet surrender . . . but what will the dawn bring? Anger. Guilt. Sorrow. They’ve strangled Cole for years-and now they’ve literally damaged him. With his knee out of commission, Cole knows the road to recovery will be nothing but long and irritating... Read more
Runway Encounter: The Complete Boxed Set by Amanda Heartley
Carla Richmond runs a premiere modeling agency in South Beach. She’s successful, determined, passionate, driven and—ever since her personal assistant jumped ship to work for her biggest competitor—she’s desperate. Enter Kellan Montclair, male model extraordinaire. Recently dismissed after a minor scandal, Kellan comes to her for a modeling job.... Read more