Three Little Lies: The Complete Novella Series by Sara Ney
Three Littles Lies…. Three complete novella’s in one spot. BOOK 1: THINGS LIARS SAY Lies, lies, lies; everybody tells them…. Greyson Keller didn’t intend to lie; it just came out that way. So when the object of that lie shows up on her doorstep, she is confused, shocked, and... Read more
Mick Sinatra 4: If You Don’t Know Me By Now by Mallory Monroe
Heartthrob mobster Mick Sinatra is on a roll. It’s six weeks after the birth of his twins. His beautiful African-American wife is enjoying success in her business unlike she’d ever had before, and they both are looking forward to success in the bedroom after six weeks of abstinence. His... Read more
Feather in Her Cap (Beyond Fairytales) by Melanie Greene
Everyone knows Brendan Brody, but Jeannie Dunway never expects the singing star to walk into the small-town restaurant where she’s celebrating…or for the bar owner to call him “son.” Brendan returns to Jackrabbit, Texas to stage a concert in honor of the woman who gave him his voice, even... Read more
Blood of the Moon (Dark Moon Book 3) by Marie Medina
Once Morgaine, the queen of the vampires, was dead, Gerard and his friends thought they would be safe. The vampires would go into hiding and forget about them. Despite being born into one of the most powerful vampire clans, Gerard had sided with the werewolves for over a year... Read more
Shadow of the Moon by Marie Medina
Rebecca and Chris should have been planning their wedding, but with Gerard gone and the other vampire leaders forcing Rebecca to take her place as a clan leader, they had little time for such happy thoughts. Their troubles worsen when Blake, a powerful vampire who had stayed silent at... Read more
Curse of the Moon (Dark Moon, #2) by Marie Medina
Gerard was destined by blood to become a vampire, but chose to become a werewolf in an effort to escape the sadistic vampire clans. When Morgaine, the queen of the vampires, tricked him into drinking her blood, he was burdened with the powers of both races. He thought he... Read more
Kiss of the Moon (Dark Moon, #1) by Marie Medina
Gerard has been told what his destiny is his entire life. He’s different from humans, he is “of the Blood,” destined to become a vampire. However, he defies his heritage, becoming a werewolf to avoid being forced to become a vampire, even though the werewolf clan he joins believes... Read more
Claimed by the Grizzly Lacey Thorn
Five years ago the bear shifters were attacked. The alpha was the first to die, but his murder was followed by carefully planned attacks focused on one thing: find and kill the female shifters. Sidia Blackstone is running for her life. Someone has discovered the existence of the remaining... Read more
Billionaire Games by Kristin Frasier
Can the heat between them melt the wall of ice he’s built around his heart? A shocking demand… With no warning, Claire Winsome’s ex has come crashing back into her life. The man who broke her heart is now a billionaire—with the power to ruin her completely. And that’s... Read more
Rapturous (Quantum #4) by M.S. Force
The story begun in the initial Quantum Trilogy picks up on Oscar night after Academy Award-winning director Hayden Roth kisses the woman he desires above all others, even though he knows she can never be his. Addison York craves her boss’s best friend, Hayden, but he has never given... Read more
Clutched (Wild Riders #3) by Elizabeth Lee
Chayse McCade learned along time ago that the only person she can depend on, both on and off the motocross track, is herself. Her parents disappointed her on more than one occasion and every relationship she’s ever had—platonic, professional, or romantic—has ended in disaster. When a sponsorship offer from... Read more
Sorcerer’s Legacy (Wiccan Haus #12) by Carolyn Spear
Librarian Rebecca Jones has always found solace in books. The death of her grandmother leaves her alone in the world. An inherited old Welsh scroll renews her desire to find the father she never knew. She hopes fairytale Wiccan Haus will yield the answers she needs. Descendant of the... Read more
Protecting the Clan (Master of Dragons #2) by Caitlin Ricci
Two weeks have passed since Avery joined their clan, and Oren is glad to see how much the little ice dragon has grown. He’s no longer afraid of everything, but he wears his worry and uncertainty around him like a constant cloak, something Oren wishes he could help with.... Read more
Burned (Devil’s Blaze MC #2) by Jordan Marie
Kat: He is a very bad man. There is nothing good about him… Unless you count the things he does to me between the sheets. Those are good, very good. Everything else about him is bad to the core. One drunken night of bone-melting sex should have been the... Read more
Zane (Were Zoo Book 1) by R. E. Butler
Gorilla shifter Zane Keeton has spent the last twenty-seven years of his life at Amazing Adventures Safari Park, where shifters live in secret away from humans. The enjoyment he gets from tuning up safari vehicles and hanging out in his shifted form for the park visitors has slowly ebbed,... Read more