Written in the Stars by Megan Alban
Mia and the Alien Prince by Megan Alban Crown Prince Khiron of the Delinan Empire is looking for the fiancée he hardly knows, who’s doing aid work on a far-flung planet. The lovely local female he meets on a stopover on Mars shouldn’t be more than a brief distraction.... Read more
Whatever It Takes by Marie Scott
Mason Pierce is an admitted bad boy. He’s content with his life on the wrong side of the law and doesn’t see any reason to change. That is, until beautiful, spirited Laurie Donovan walks through his door. Laurie is a sassy, driven law student bent on success. She finds... Read more
Traveller by Abigail Drake
Former Junior Miss Kentucky Emerson Shaw won pageants using martial arts as her talent and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” as her guide, but a painful secret leads her to the University of York, and puts her in the path of tattooed and pierced bad boy, Michael Nightingale.... Read more
Shades of Midnight (Shades #1) by Linda Fallon
THE GHOST OF A CHANCE Summoning the man who left her at the altar two years ago is definitely a last resort for Eve Abernathy. But paranormal expert Lucien Thorpe is the only person who can rid her house of the uneasy ghosts–noisy, lovemaking ghosts, no less–who haunt it,... Read more
One More Time (Love, Vegas Style #3) by Ethan Stone
One More Time Love, Vegas Style, Book 3 Small town cop Will Jacoby is comfortable in his life, or so he thinks. When he realizes that Brannon Frost, his neighbor and friend, has grown into a handsome young man, he’s confused by his interest. Things get even more messed... Read more
Mobster’s Gamble (Chicago Mob #1) by Amy Rachiele
I can’t change it. Sometimes you just have to live with it.” ~Anya, Mobster’s Gamble Carlo Caruso runs the family businesses. The son of mob boss Ennio Caruso, Carlo knows his place and he is up to the challenge of taking care of both the casino business and the... Read more
Marked (Marked #3) by Elena M. Reyes
“With everything I am. I’ll always be by your side.” It was his truth. A vow Talan made to the woman who owned him. Because that is what Maya did to him, she held his entire life in her hands. He lived for her smile . . . her... Read more
Fallacy (Apprehensive Duet 1) by Kimberly Bracco
It was only supposed to be one night. One night of hot, no-strings-attached sex. But what happens when one night turns into two years? Two of the best years of their lives… until it wasn’t. Quinn Taylor doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters. Her heart hardened by the past. Despite Quinn’s... Read more
Defying Eternity (An Obscure Magic Book 5) by Viola Grace
Trading her services to a vampire king is a price Leo pays gladly, but her human life is not on the table. Leonora has managed to save her pregnant sister from a vampire attack, but to insure the safety of her sister and niece, Leo is willing to pay... Read more
Bearly Accidental (Accidentals #12) by Dakota Cassidy
At the request of their friend Antonia (Accidentally Ever After), Wanda, Marty and Nina find themselves trekking up a snowy mountainside, in search of Toni’s brother. Wanted by the mob, Cormac Vitali is hiding out in the Colorado Wilderness, where the ladies from OOPS finally catch up to him…freshly... Read more
Always His Earl by Cheryl Dragon
Back in London, and free from the navy, Lieutenant Myles Harris is now a wealthy man of property. His late father separated Myles from his lover, the Earl of Thistledown, George Hardwick. Years apart have hurt both men, but their feelings haven’t disappeared. George believes he has put the... Read more
Sapphire by Ashley Suzanne
Dallas isn’t the kind of girl you bring home to mom … she’s the exact opposite. For the last four years, Dallas has been living a life that nobody would wish upon their worst enemy. Running away from home at sixteen, she’s had to make a life for herself... Read more
Royal Brit Bastard: A bad boy stepbrother romance by Alice May Ball
“They all give it up, sis, all of them, sooner or later.” It was totally forbidden, but from the moment I first saw him at my school in New York state I loved him. He treated the older girls so bad, and it made me ache in a way... Read more
His to Guard (Fate #6) by Elizabeth Reyes
Even if you’ve given up, it doesn’t mean your heart ever does. With her life in danger, Raquel Santana had just begun to blend into the sleepy little town she’d escaped to, to start over. Now her father’s non-negotiable plan to protect her could ruin everything. After adamantly refusing... Read more
Her Russian Brute: 50 Loving States, Idaho (50 Loving States #15) by Theodora Taylor
Ivan Rustanov is a total a-hole. He has no conscience, and now he’s forcing me to stay in his remote mountain home as his prisoner until Spring. He’s no holds barred, and dangerous as hell–the kind of guy you just know has a body count in his back story.... Read more