The Letters (Carnage #3.5) by Lesley Jones
It’s just a box of letters, right? Words that were written a long time ago. From a boy to the girl that he missed. From a man to the woman he loved. But what if those words carried more impact than anyone realised? Will they finally give Georgia the... Read more
Submission Specialist (Still a Bad Boy #2) by Ada Scott
Instead of Prince Charming, I got Him. Skylar I promised I’d save myself for my wedding night. Of course, I didn’t know it was going to be a fake marriage to a heavyweight MMA fighter. I couldn’t have known how good it would feel to be pinned under all... Read more
On Her Knees by Jenika Snow
Karina has never considered herself one of the svelte, beautiful women that could capture a man’s attention, especially not the one man she’s lusting after. Viktor Port is many things: arrogant, demanding, and wealthy. But he’s also her boss, and she knows there will never be anything between them.... Read more
Jerk: A Bad Boy Romance by Tawny Taylor
I grabbed at my shirt, but Clay knocked my hands away. “This is mine to unwrap. Mine…” Clay Walker is the bane of my existence. Ever since I was five, he’s gone out of his way to make my life a living hell. He even tricked me into letting... Read more
Healing Love (Love to the Extreme #4) by Abby Niles
Doctor Ella Watts wants her old life back. Desperately. But the past has returned for its rematch, and going back home—even telling anyone her real name—isn’t an option until she’s confident in her MMA abilities. Personal trainer Lance Black is the man to help her reach her goals. Not... Read more
Green Eyes by Amanda Heath
My name is Alexis Michaels and my life is pretty lonely. Don’t feel sorry for me, I’ve made it that way. Ten years ago my family did things to lose my trust and stomped all over my love. If I never see any of them again it’ll be too... Read more
Everything He Wants by Erin Lark
Kira’s spent the better part of a year masquerading as an escort, and quite frankly, she’s tired of it. But with pay as good as it is, and no lack of clients in sight, it’s impossible to pull away from such a lucrative job. That is until her favorite... Read more
Diary of an Engaged Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils Book 3) by Violet Howe
Tyler Warren felt like the luckiest girl alive when her very own Prince Charming proposed. Her euphoria was short-lived, though. Before long, she was wishing she could skip right over the fairy tale wedding and go straight to the happily ever after. In her job as a wedding planner,... Read more
Bed of Thornes (Bed of Thornes Trilogy, Book 1) by Angel L. Woodz
Synopsis: Veronica Thorne is nearing her 30th birthday. An established painter who is quite comfortable financially, owning an art gallery in Dallas, TX. She has never questioned who she is and what she wants in life, until now. Veronica has an addiction, one that she is losing all control... Read more
Balls (Ball Games, #1) by Andie M. Long
Camille Turner has returned to her home town of Rotherham to open her new business, a childrens play centre. She said she left to pursue her education but in reality she was driven away by the antics of fellow pupil Dylan Ball, whose parting shot, a photo of Camille... Read more
A Billionaire’s Game (The Ellsworth Brothers #2) by Cece Baker
Drake Ellsworth is cunning, devious and reckless, not to mention ripped, ravishing and gorgeous. His good looks make it all too easy to get anything he wants, be it women, money or power. He’s a self-proclaimed bad boy who flaunts the title boldly. Thus far he’s led a charmed... Read more
A Heartless Design (Secrets of the Zodiac #1) by Elizabeth Cole
“Heartless” Cordelia Bering refuses every marriage offer she receives. Yet men still try to win her, drawn by her sharp wit and intoxicating green eyes. But Cordelia knows a marriage could reveal her deepest secret and truly endanger her life. Besides, she hasn’t met a man worth considering, until…... Read more
Come Lie with Me by Linda Howard
Blake Remington lives life to the fullest. So when a terrible accident robs him of his ability to walk, it also takes away all of his desire to live. Dione Kelly, a physical therapist, takes on his case and begins to heal this broken man and help him realize... Read more
Dear Emily by Julie Ann Levin
The last person Amy Knight expects to see on one of the worst days of her life is Jack Harper. She shouldn’t be accepting his help. He’s the man that killed her sister. Though they try to deny their feelings for each other, the two end up being just... Read more
Finding the Sky by A.M. Burns
Dillon Smith is so ready for the school year to be over, because he’ll get some relief from the gang that’s been pressuring him to join them. Unfortunately, when he stops for a soda, he’s implicated in the gang robbing a convenience store. Given his late father’s association with... Read more