This Scarred Love: A Bad Boy Romance by Kathryn Thomas
I’m her worst nightmare come to life. She didn’t ask for my protection, but when a hailstorm of bullets lands her father in the hospital, I’m the only hope she’s got. Sure, the job pays. But I didn’t fight my way to the top to be some glorified babysitter.... Read more
The Institute: Daddy Issues (Age Play Discipline Romance) by Evangeline Anderson
Can Kink heal a Broken Heart? Detective Andi Sugarbaker is going to find out…the hard way. Searching for the source of the deadly new date rape drug, Please, Andi and her partner, Viktor Saltanov, must go undercover at the infamous Age Play resort, called simply The Institute. Here at... Read more
The Hitman’s Baby: A Standalone Bad Boy Romance Novel by Kimberly Fox
Nobody f*cks harder than a girl that hates you. And this girl hates me. Hard. She’s going to be fun. Sara I hate guys like him. So why am I always so attracted to his frustratingly arrogant and cocky type? Well, his muscular, inked up arms aren’t helping at... Read more
The Billionaire’s Pet by Loki Renard
As far as twenty-seven-year old Ellie Jones is concerned, she is not only the youngest CEO in her company’s history, she’s also the best. So when Daniel Treville—one of the richest men in America—purchases the company and wants to lead it in a new direction, Ellie is not about... Read more
Diamond Mine [Billionaire Doms Club 2] (Siren Publishing Sensations) (Billionaire Doms Club ) by Daisy Philips
Lori Graham is in Chicago to evaluate a company her boss wants to buy. She’s also considering moving home to the Windy City for good. Dillon Harris is one of the owners of the company being... Read more
Fraternization Rule (Risque Contracts #3) by Fiona Davenport
Falling for her college professor has turned Charlotte Young into a romance novel cliche. The hint of taboo makes her want him more every time she sees him. How can she hope to lose her virginity when all her peers pale in comparison to him? What Charlotte doesn’t know... Read more
Dillon (Scandals #1) by Hazel Gower
Dillon I know I’m hot stuff. Not only am I in the hottest boy-band, Right Time, but I’m young, good looking and rich. What more could I want? I never sleep with a woman more than once, and I’m the first to admit I’m a man-whore, but when I... Read more
Dark Beast by Alexa Sinclaire
Scarred and bitter, all former soldier Kieran Thomson wants is a wife, a beautiful bride he can control and manipulate. And use for really hot sex. He isn’t supposed to fall for her. He isn’t supposed to actually care about her. He just wants to lock her up in... Read more
Broken Promises: A Bad Boy Romance by Evelyn Glass
He promised me that he’d always be there for me. But that was before he was gunned down in the streets and left to die. Since that terrible day, he was gone—alive only in my memory. Until I saw him again—heard his booming laugh, and traced the irresistible smile... Read more
Breaking the Schism (Illirin 0.5) by Laura Maisano
A prequel to Laura Maisano’s hit series: Illirin… The trials are looming, but Makai spends his days watching the portals to Earth and filling his sketchbook with drawings of his muse—a strawberry-blonde beauty named Heather. Although breaking the Schism is illegal, taboo, and all sorts of wrong, temptation to... Read more
Atonement (Earth Evolution Series Book 3) by KD Jones
Mediko Jared Estro is a brilliant scientist, head of the mediko team on the Drastan fleet, and a well respected member of the Drastan community. So why does he lose all common sense the moment he is around the beautiful human female? Lily Tyner survives losing her husband during... Read more
Against the Current by Elaine Ashford
What happens when your teammate is also your biggest rival … and the hottest guy you know? A cocky, charismatic bad boy… Miles Hann is the best freestyler on his college swim team. He works hard, and plays harder. He’s got no complaints…except for his new teammate. Jake gets... Read more
Valentine Biker (New Adult Valentine Romance Short Stories) by Lyra Daniels
Dumped on Valentine’s Day? No need to worry,,, this sexy alpha biker will take you for a ride! ***Bonus Stories Included*** Abandoned by her husband on Valentine’s Day, Summer Jones blames herself and her inability to conceive. The marriage was short lived, and left her with a bad taste... Read more
Out of Focus (Chosen Paths #2) – L. B. Simmons
“Shhhh, Cassandra, it’s our little secret.” Secrets are stubborn things when they refuse to remain hidden. They tear through your soul, clawing and lashing until the pain becomes so unbearable, you’re left no choice but to silently scream your agony. No one hears you, of course. You smile on... Read more
My Love Regret by Anna Antonia
When love is hate and cruelty is kindness… How could I walk away from Damian when he held my heart so tightly? Risa Kelly is barely holding on by a frayed thread. Her lover, Damian Black-Price, has not only lost all memory of their relationship, but he seems determined... Read more