The Millionaire Makeover (Bachelor Auction #2) by Naima Simone
He promised to stay away…but some promises are made to be broken Plain-Jane computer programmer Khloe Richardson needs a date—one to make the prince of her dreams jealous. Maybe then he’ll finally see her as a desirable swan and not the ugly duckling in the second office from the... Read more
Pizza My Heart 2 by Glenna Sinclair
When the sexiest man in Hollywood asks you to move in with him, do you say yes? I thought Devon Ray had lost his mind when he offered his Malibu home to me. But with Nana gone, I have no home to go to. No family to turn to.... Read more
Pizza My Heart 1 by Glenna Sinclair
How could I have prepared myself for knocking on a door, trying to deliver a pizza, and it opening to reveal one of Hollywood’s hottest actors? He was just as sexy as all of his movies, and I was helplessly tongue-tied, a victim to his relentless charm. So when... Read more
Manaconda: The Second Coming (Hammered #1.5) by Taryn Elliott
You know that awful sound your stereo makes when you drag your needle over a record? For those of you that have never listened to a record…shame on you. Dude, go Google that shit right now. Better yet, buy a record player and get your learn on. Anyway, that... Read more
Just One Sip (The Club) by Scarlett Dawn
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, turns up the heat with two best friends who were always meant for each other, in the first novella of The Club series, Just One Sip… Lucy Plume knows Jet Mak is the man she wants to marry. Her... Read more
Backlash (Don’t… #4) by Jack L. Pyke
In the aftermath of Jack Harrison’s release from the psychiatric unit, Gray Raoul’s first instinct is to take brutal revenge on the one responsible for financing Jack’s and Jan’s torturous psychological reconditioning. However, that person is a plays the game dangerously well, knows exactly how to manipulate everyone in... Read more
Change of Plans by Mila Rossi
Sarah Thompson is a twenty-five year old girl on a mission: go to her friend’s office party, find an attractive guy and lose her virginity. When she meets rough and rugged Jason Hendricks, she knows she’s found her one-night-stand. Jason knows about MMA fights and boxing. He doesn’t know... Read more
Break Me by Lissa Matthews
When I lost him, the man I’d called Sir, I retreated inside myself, uncertain how to go on. I put one foot in front of the other, shutting off my emotions, my needs. I was content to simply exist. Then, he came along, Jared, and I was no longer... Read more
Black Collar Queen (Black Collar #2) by A.N. Latro
Claiming the Morgan Syndicate was supposed to be the hardest part—but now they have to keep it. Seth Morgan has taken his place as the head of the Morgan syndicate, with his cousin Emma by his side. But the change of regime came at a heavy price: Emma’s mother... Read more
Black Collar Empire (Black Collar #1) by A.N. Latro
After two years away, Seth Morgan has returned to New York, desperate to honor his father’s dying wish for a unified family. But the heir’s welcome is sadly lacking: his family’s criminal empire is divided, the woman he loves hates him, and his brother Caleb has become a cold... Read more
Viktor: Heart of Her King (Kings of the Blood) by Julia Mills
Three millennium brought the Supreme Commander to this place at this time to meet the one woman who can save not only his soul but his very existence. Too many days pondering her life. Too many nights dreaming of the nameless, faceless man who makes her feel things she... Read more
Uncontrollable Temptations (Tempted #3) by Janine Infante Bosco
Jack “Bulldog” Parrish Crazy: Mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way. I was thirteen when I discovered the definition of the word I’d forever be labeled. Some used it as a figure of speech but for me it was a scar I’d carry through life.... Read more
The Sheikh’s Pretend Bride (Qazhar Sheikhs series Book 2) by Cara Albany
Book 2 in The Qazhar Sheikhs series. Three brothers and their search for love Enemies in public. Lovers in private. Feisty Ella Brant never thought that the sheikh she had come to expose and publicly shame would become more than an enemy. He would become her lover. Sheikh Raz... Read more
The Billionaire’s Beloved by Ella Cari
It has finally come the time for Macy Davis to choose between her sexy but aloof billionaire husband and the handsome blond begging to show her the love and passion that Macy so desperately yearns for. That choice, however, is complicated by the premature birth of an unhealthy child.... Read more
Rough & Tumble by Kristen Hope Mazzola
That’s all I saw all over social media a few years after he dumped me for a super model and was the first round draft pick for the North Carolina Hogs. I thought I loved Bo, way back when, but it was all too cliché. He was the star... Read more