Stars Fall by Louis J. Harris
Keegan Mansfield is the star of the track and field team and he’s destined for Rio 2016. But there are problems; he’s lost, lonely and a social outcast. You see, Keegan Mansfield is a bilateral amputee. A T43/44 Paralympian whose life is filled with false friends and dysfunctional parents.... Read more
Refired by B.A. Tortuga

Refired by B.A. Tortuga

2016 February 5, 2016

When Kris Cerny walks back into Two Spirits, the art gallery he owns with Josh McPhee, all he wants is a clean break. Austin’s booming real estate market means the building he bought years ago is worth a fortune, and with the sale, he and Josh can finally go... Read more
Body (Naughty Wishes #1) by Joey W. Hill
In Naughty Wishes Part I, the fearlessly sensual author of Naughty Bits—and “one hell of a writer”*—now draws readers into the desires of one woman, and the two men who make her every fantasy come true. Samantha and her roommates Geoff and Chris have always shared an innocent and... Read more
Hibernate With Me by Diana DeRicci
Rhody is coming to Alaska for Christmas. Will Brendan get his Christmas wish? After an earthquake that rocked Alaska brought them together, Rhody and Brendan are still going strong months later. With Christmas right around the corner, at least one of them has plans to make what they have... Read more
Grace After the Storm by Sandy Sinnett
Mitch and Laci will experience a great loss and return to the Pacific Northwest for healing and renewal. On their trip however, they encounter a new friend and a business venture that will bring Mitch’s brother, Brad, a little closer to finding love. Brad too longs to find his... Read more
Desire in the Arctic (the sequel to Desire in the Everglades) by Stacy Hoff
Ana Davis has been given the promotion of the century—from secretary to television producer. But the new job is not without its problems. The network will do anything for ratings. In the executive’s scramble to come out on top, they reveal Ana’s newest show—one she’s forced to star in... Read more
Clockwork Heart (Clockwork Love #1) by Heidi Cullinan
Love, adventure and a steaming good time. As the French army leader’s bastard son, Cornelius Stevens enjoys a great deal of latitude. But when he saves an enemy soldier using clockwork parts, he’s well aware he risks hanging for treason. That doesn’t worry him half as much, however, as... Read more
Bulldozed by Catt Ford

Bulldozed by Catt Ford

2016 February 5, 2016

Bull rider Trey Stuart voluntarily ties himself onto the back of a 1,500-pound animal for fun and money. But however tough he is in the ring, Trey is too scared to take a chance on love, especially when the man he wants is star rider Smoke Carter. Trey and... Read more
Brick And Mortar (Student Bodies Book 4) by Pandora Pine
Broken-hearted architecture professor Turner Maxwell has had all he can take of star student Cannon Sommers’ disruptive and disrespectful behavior in class. Exasperated, he takes matters into his own hands by gagging and spanking his infuriating but handsome student. About to graduate with a degree in architecture, Texas boy... Read more
Arrows of Love by Fel Fern

Arrows of Love by Fel Fern

2015 February 5, 2016

Love between mates is a forever kind of thing they say. I call it sentimental bullshit. I say take love by the balls and never let go. I’m Lorenzo Esteban and I’ve been many things. Sexy underwear model, werewolf, and villain turned redeemed hero. To keep my mate, I... Read more
An Unexpected Summer by Kate Sands
Life at home has become awkward since Brendan told his parents he’s gay. Relief comes when his cousin gets him a job at a nearby lake resort for the summer. Happy to get away, he plans to give his parents space while saving money for his college fund and... Read more
A Touch of You (Paranormal Crime Unit: The Touch 0) by Arvel Amaya
There are some things you can’t run from. When Micah finds himself the witness to a horrible car accident, he discovers a young psychic and the beginning of a romance that spans decades and a love that can cross lifetimes. Download Links Userscloud (Note: Use Userscloud to download... Read more
6 Days to Valentine by L.E. Franks
In Nick’s perfect world, Valentine’s Day would be struck from the calendar. Nick’s dreams of a Happily Ever After were shredded long ago, and the last thing he and his customers need is a bunch of happy loving couples rubbing it in their faces. Bouncer Fat Boy Newman is... Read more
Voice of the Spirit (A Trinity of Death Romantic Suspense Series Book 1) by Charlotte Raine
Tobias and Lauren have been together for four months since the end of Do You Want to Play. They’ve found rhythm in their relationship, but that rhythm comes to an abrupt stop when a body is found nailed to a cross inside Pious Church. As they dig through possible... Read more
Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy: Part 1: A Heroes and Heartbreakers Serial (Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy #1) by Shiloh Walker
Money Can’t Buy Love… Ella Cruise doesn’t like to be touched. A survivor of childhood abuse, she craves security in all aspects of her life: fulfilling work at the nonprofit she runs, more than enough money to live comfortably, and a good friend and confidant. But none of it... Read more