Undeceived: Pride & Prejudice in the Spy Game by Karen M. Cox
…if I endeavor to undeceive people as to the rest of his conduct, who will believe me? -Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 40 During the last gasp of the Cold War, Elizabeth Bennet, a young, forthright counterintelligence officer, embarks on an exciting assignment that would make her late father, a... Read more
The Forever Broken by Ker Dukey
This title is part of The Broken Series. The Forever Broken is a Broken Novella. Blaydon has been playing with fire when it comes to his best friend’s twin siblings, Quinn and Sofia. Sneaking behind everyone’s back to be with them both, he finds himself struggling to choose between... Read more
Kiss and Tell 2 – Faith Winslow
Kirby isn’t the only one with a big secret, however, and she’s not the only one who has to keep her mouth shut. There are a few other players involved, and their necks are on the line too, and some of them are willing to do whatever it takes... Read more
Kiss and Tell 1 by Faith Winslow
I have eyes, and I like what I see next door. His name is London Gallagher. I was shocked to come home and discover that the boy who used to terrorize me now looked like a man who just stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine. These days... Read more
Hot Blooded by Jessica Lake
Two natural enemies. One impossible love… Detective Lily Morgan’s never been one to let things lie. When a key witness in one of her cases is killed, Lily’s determined to go as deep as necessary to find the truth – even if she has to go undercover into London’s... Read more
Her Russian Mafia Protector by Bella Rose
He was supposed to protect her, but he fell in love instead.. Veronika Saiko wants to get as far away from her mobster father, Fedor Saiko, as soon as possible. Enrolling into Graduate school, she plans on leaving him. Her father agrees, but with one condition; she has to... Read more
FIGHT by London Casey
The only way to save my life is to save hers. The one thing that was never supposed to happen did – I lost a fight. There’s a bullet waiting for me as punishment, but in the meantime, I’m sent to protect Winter from someone who wants to kill... Read more
Escape: A Mob Stepbrother Romance by Lucy Snow
My arrogant and oh-so-sexy stepbrother is a high-powered mobster. And I need his help if I want to live. I’ve spent my life being a good girl, and he’s been working his way up through the mob since he was a teenager. We’ve never gotten along, and we both... Read more
An Earl’s Guide to Catch a Lady by Tanya Wilde
Evelyn Tremaine HAS DREAMS TO TRAVEL THE WORLD… And being outwitted by fate will not deter her! But even she has to admit that waking up in the bed of a stranger with no memory might be a tiny wrinkle in her otherwise grand plan. Was he a peasant?... Read more
The Alpha’s Virgin Witch (The Alpha Shifter Collection Book 7) by Sam Crescent
Though not a wolf herself, Lucy has always been part of the wolf pack. Years after discovering she’s a witch, Lucy’s ready to go and find others of her kind. The only way to do that is to leave the only family she has ever known. Caleb is the... Read more
Nolan Trilogy: Box Set (Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed #1-3) by Selena Kitt
What happens when you fall in love with your best friend’s father… in the 1950s… the perfect “innocent” backdrop for this wicked coming-of-age romance trilogy! ——— FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING & AWARD WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITT ——— “It’s like Flowers in the Attic meets Eyes Wide Shut…” “Lead... Read more
The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin
In the tradition of Sarah Dessen, this powerful debut novel is a compelling portrait of a young girl coping with her mother’s cancer as she figures out how to learn from—and fix—her past. Few things come as naturally to Harper as epic mistakes. In the past year she was... Read more
See Me by K.C. Wells
See Me (Lightning Tales) (Lightning Tales) by K.C. Wells – Romance>Contemporary Adrian DeSoto spent most of his time in high school being bullied and beaten up, simply because he was perceived as gay. Always slight, effeminate, he was the perfect victim for guys like Martin Cavanaugh, one of the... Read more
Rustic Melody (Rustic #1) by Nic Starr
Adam Chambers has never seen eye-to-eye with his father and is reluctant to take over the family’s property-development company. To clear his head and work out what he wants to do with the rest of his life, Adam leaves his responsibilities in the city and heads out to see... Read more
PS… You’re Mine by Alexa Riley
Katie Lovely signs up her class for a project, writing letters to Marines serving overseas, but a calculation error means she has to participate along with the class. She isn’t prepared for what happens after she gets the first letter. Sergeant Major Mark Gunner is serving his last tour... Read more