Wrong Side Girl (The Girl Series Book 1) by Julia Goda
Cole has been Lizzy’s best friend from the moment he found her crying in the woods two weeks before her tenth birthday. Growing up without a father, Lizzy was raised by her alcoholic and drug-addicted mother. Being branded as the town whore’s daughter, she had one bright spot in... Read more
The Sheikh’s Offer by Ella Brooke, Jessica Brooke
Sheikh Asam is a bad boy sheikh with a penchant for beautiful women. Although he enjoys his playboy lifestyle, he feels there is something missing… Enter Kelly Kentworth, a fiery American beauty with an attitude. Ever since they met, there has been chemistry between her and Asam. Kelly can’t... Read more
Stepbrother Thief by Violet Blaze
STEPBROTHER THIEF A Stand-Alone Second Chance Bad Boy Romance by Violet Blaze Thirty minutes ago, my stepbrother pulled off one of the biggest jewelry heists in history—and I helped him do it. Now we’re on the run, and I don’t know what to think. He says he’ll protect me... Read more
Shame: A Stepbrother Romance by Emma Soule
They say good girls finish last… Well, not true. Here I am. The good girl. Finished. Done. Ruined. And it’s all because of him. My best friend is getting married and as her maid of honor, I’m determined to give her the wildest party of her still-single life, even... Read more
Night Fires by D.H. Sidebottom
I would watch him watch the ocean. He would build fires and sit, all night waiting. For her. For his dead wife. She never came. I never expected her to. But he did. And he never let go. Even when I fell in love with him he never let... Read more
MINE 1 by Kristina Weaver
Ashley He’s gorgeous and wealthy and wants to take care of me – but is he even capable of love? Ever since he left me and flew straight back to England (with no explanation at all, the douchebag), my life has been a total disaster. It’s not Luc’s fault,... Read more
Marriage: Impossible (Voretti Family #1) by Ava Blackstone
Navy SEAL Sean Patterson didn’t mean to marry his best friend’s sister. But when he wakes up in a Reno honeymoon suite with a vicious hangover, a platinum band on his ring finger, and a mostly naked Keri in his bed, he knows the attraction he has spent half... Read more
Loved by You (Taken by You #3) by M.L. Young
After confessing her deceit to Blake, Penny has no idea what’s going to happen to their relationship. Will he take her back and understand why she lied to him and used him, as he once used her, or will he say goodbye forever and give up on what they... Read more
Linc (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 3) by Lane Hart
Hi, my name’s Linc, and I’m an MMA fighter who’s in love with a porn star. Okay so maybe I’m not in love with Eve Kelly, but I’m completely freakin’ obsessed with her, addicted even. Hell, I know that for years I’ve been using Eve as an escape from... Read more
Endless Love Letter (Love Letter #2) by Callie Anderson
Our love had to live in the past… The first time we met I knew. She was perfection. I needed to know everything about her—what made her smile, what her lips tasted like, what her body felt like under my skin… But our love was fatal. The purest venom... Read more
Blood And Water by Siobhain Bunni
Meet the Bertrams . . . William the celebrated politician, conniving father and devious husband. Barbara, his long-suffering wife who laces her day with alcohol so she can hide from herself. And their children: Sebastian, a successful businessman defending his realm; Enya, the grieving prodigal daughter returned from self-imposed... Read more
BLAMELESS (Black Thorns, #3) by Franca Storm
(This book can be read as a standalone, but characters from the previous books appear and situations/relationships from the first two are also referenced.) He never saw her coming. An angel doesn’t belong with a devil. Nothing will ever be the same…. Zeb “Runner” Wilkes has always been the... Read more
Unleashed: Volume 2 (Unleashed #2) by Callie Harper
Enjoy the heat as the bargain begins, and finally discover what went down between Declan and Kara during those long, hot summer nights six years ago on the ranch. Declan I finally had her, the woman I’d craved for years. Under my control, within my power for one week.... Read more
This Census-Taker by China Miéville
For readers of George Saunders, Kelly Link, and Karen Russell, This Census Taker is the poignant and uncanny new novella from award-winning and bestselling author China Miéville. After witnessing a profoundly traumatic event, a boy is left alone in a remote house on a hilltop with his increasingly deranged... Read more
Swish (The Riley Brothers #3) by E. Davies
“I wouldn’t be caught dead kissing you.” “Alex was always something else.” Bank teller Thomas Riley is the youngest of three brothers, and the only single one. That’s not to say nobody’s interested… His ex, hunky Alex, is back in town and wants to see him. But Alex nearly... Read more