Heated (Most Wanted #2) by J. Kenner (
I knew better than to risk my heart. But fierce passion comes at a high price. I grew up believing in right and wrong, good and evil, black and white. I knew better than to trust. And then I met Tyler Sharp. Bold, charming, and dangerously sexy, Tyler always... Read more
Revenge: A Bad Boy Romance by Jessica Ashe
Denton I’ve killed before, but I’ve never murdered anyone in cold blood. Not yet. Now my mind is set on one thing: killing Roddy Barton. He murdered the person I cared most about in the entire world. He’s going to pay. I’m going to get my revenge. I couldn’t... Read more
White Heat (Lost Kings MC #5) by Autumn Jones Lake
MC President, Rochlan “Rock” North finally has everything he’s ever wanted. Hope as his ol’ lady and his MC earning money while staying out of trouble. The only thing left is to make Hope his wife. But as their wedding day nears, an old adversary threatens Rock’s freedom, the... Read more
Takedown (Las Vegas #3) by Marie York
Mila Greene’s sister is everything to her, even if Mackenzie doesn’t think so. After her parents’ tragic demise, she’s all she has left. She needs Knox, but the guilt she secretly harbors may be the thing that keeps them apart. For Knox McArthur, fighting is life. His coach is... Read more
Love Me Like That by Marie James
Two strangers trapped together in a blizzard. One running from the past; one with no future. Two destinies collide. London Sykes is on her own for the first time in her life after a sequence of betrayal and abuse. One man rescues her only to destroy her himself. An... Read more
Homewrecker Incorporated by S. Simone Chavous
Available on NetGalley – https://s2.netgalley.com/catalog/book… Without love, marriage is just business. At least that’s what Claudia Mason tells the women who seek her firm’s unique services. With wealthy husbands who see their wedding rings as meaningless pieces of jewelry, they trust Claudia to do whatever is necessary to gather... Read more
Chasing Memories (Forevermore #2) by Anna James
Lucas Morgan wants to know the cause of the hit-and-run accident that killed his grandmother, and he’s certain the truth is locked inside the head of India Leone—an interior designer apparently suffering an all-too-convenient case of amnesia. Determined to either trip her up in a lie, or wait for... Read more
Bear to the Bone (Bear Claw Security Book 1) by Terry Bolryder
Cage McCann and Carrie Miller go way back. As kids, they meant everything to each other. But Cage left town years ago to escape his future as leader of the local motorcycle gang, the Aces, and though he promised to come back, Carrie has given up on seeing him... Read more