Winter Wonderlove by Caralyn Fox
Workaholic Corinne Strauss has just been gifted the trip of a lifetime to a magical, romantic ski resort for some rest and relaxation. She’s surprised to find sexy lumberjack Jepson Cutler staying in her cabin. Determined to keep love out of her life, Corinne attempts to keep a cool... Read more
Torn into Pieces (Pieces #3) by Shelby Reeves
Love is risky, but then, sometimes it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Alexis Collins has had the perfect life, a life a kid can only dream about. Coming from a wealthy family, she got everything she ever asked for. Everything, except the one guy who will not... Read more
The Fight (A Standalone Novel) (MMA Bad Boy Romance) by Claire Adams
My name is Kya and I thought my safe decisions would lead to the American dream. And it had. But then I get sent to Vegas to sign up and coming MMA fighter, Fenton, to an endorsement deal. He’s cocky, flirty, and looks downright delicious… But I’ve never crossed... Read more
Overture (Rain Dance, # 1) by Elle Devrou
I’m lucky. I get to do what I love for a living. I can stay indoors for days at a time, possibly even weeks so long as the kitchen is stocked. I wear whatever pretty clothes I want, dance to whatever songs I want, and create to my heart’s... Read more
Her Darkest Road (The Roughneck Series #4) by Nicole Hart
My name is Belinda Montgomery. I had a rough start in life, a life I never asked for. But then Joe rescued me. He wanted to save me, to protect me, to love me. I should be happy. I have a good life now. I finally have a home.... Read more
Healing the Pieces (Pieces #2) by Shelby Reeves
The threat. The trial. My mother. It’s all too much for someone to handle. My mother is not making my life easy at all, I’m on edge constantly because of the threat, and the upcoming trial makes me want to puke. The only reason I’m sane right now, is... Read more
Finally My Happy Ending (Meant for Me Book 3) by Brooke St. James
Finally My Happy Ending, the third and finial book in the Meant for Me series, can be read as a stand alone but will be enhanced by reading the first two books. Blind dates are for the birds. Trish Carmichael had been on enough of them to know they... Read more
Falling for Hudson (Marlowe #2) by Alexandria Bishop
Orphaned and alone, Chloe Weston is forced to leave everything she knows and start over with nothing more than a shattered heart. But it isn’t long until the Hartley boys–both of them–begin to mend the broken pieces. Kind, loving, and reliable Hudson Hartley would move mountains to see her... Read more
Entranced (Guardian Academy #1) by Jessica Sorensen
Alana Avery’s life is far from normal. Most of her family are Keepers, warriors chosen to protect the human race, and for as long as she can remember, she has been training to become a Keeper herself. So when she’s chosen to be a Guardian, investigators who solve paranormal... Read more
Dirty Italian (A Mafia Romance) by Jacee Macguire
Adelaisa Rossi has a nice life. She has a rewarding career as a doctor in Hell’s Kitchen, and her father is honoring her wishes to keep the Cosa Nostra way of life as far from her as possible. At least she thought he was honoring her wishes. Massimo Bianchi... Read more
Wickeds Scandal (The Wickeds #1) by Kathleen Ayers
Alexandra Dunforth, a bookish spinster from Hampshire, has no desire to marry despite her uncle holding the fate of her beloved family estate over her head. Satan Reynolds, a wealthy Marquess, is possessed of angelic beauty and a scandalous dragon tattoo. He doesn’t care for the simpering women of... Read more
The Planet Whisperer by E E Montgomery
Jonah Starovski, a Planet Whisperer, harnesses the energy surrounding dead planets and redirects it into new growth. Abandoned by the man who bought him from a brothel sixteen years ago, Jonah flounders in a world he s ill equipped to deal with. He must accept the help of a... Read more
Sons and Brothers (Sons #4) by Shae Connor
Sons: Epilogue As the end of the year approaches, seven gay men in their own unique romances ring in the holidays in their own unique ways. Six months after they started dating, Evan Day and Riley Yeats are settling into living together in Riley’s loft. Across town, Shaun Rogers... Read more
Loving The Billionaire, Book One: The New Boss by J.M. Cagle
Courtney had fallen into a routine. After her divorce, she had thrown herself into her work – as an assistant to the CEO, Anderson, of a company worth billions. Having worked there for ten years, she had fallen into a comfortable pattern. Yet Anderson’s birthday party changes of all... Read more
Just Imagine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
The War Between the States may be over for the rest of the country, but not for Kit Weston. Disguised as a boy, she’s come to New York City to kill Baron Cain, the man who stands between her and Risen Glory, the South Carolina home she loves. But... Read more