The Guild (Guardians of Destiny #3) by Jean Johnson
For centuries, the mages of Mekhana have done their best to hide themselves and their powers from the rapacious needs of their so-called Patron Deity, Mekha. Greatest of their secrets is the Vortex, a Fountain hidden in the heart of the Hydraulics Guild. But even after the dissolution of... Read more
Ship of Shadows by Fritz Leiber
Fabulous Voyager… Fritz Leiber, America’s finest fantasist, is the winner of six Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards. In this award-winning new collection you can be transported to a shadowy alternate reality where Germany won the Second World War; watch a man play dice with the devil; sail in... Read more
Release the Stars by Harper Bliss
Can love be measured in percentages? After her girlfriend leaves her for a man, broken-hearted novelist Charlie Cross moves from New York to Los Angeles to work on a TV show based on her books. Charlie vows to never date any woman who isn’t a hundred percent certain of... Read more
Pregnant By The Rival Ceo by Karen Booth
It was just business. And then she got pregnant… Anna Langford is ready to be CEO of the family business, but her brother won’t give up control. When she sees the opportunity for a major deal, she goes for it — even though it means working with Jacob Lin,... Read more
Night of Power by Spider Robinson
The place: a future New York City torn by racial tension and ripe for rebellion. The revolutionaries have high technology and careful planning on their side, their soldiers are well trained and sworn to secrecy, and their plans are unsuspected . . . until the Night of Power. Caught... Read more
Hyperthought by M.M. Buckner
Warning: The world of 2125 is extremely toxic. It is ruled by huge corporations called Coms. The workers, or Protes, are enslaved. Humanity’s only hope is a neurosurgical technique that could unlock the mind’s power to alter reality-or destroy it. Download Links Uploadex (Note: Use Userscloud to download... Read more
The Hall of the Mountain King (Avaryan Rising #1) by Judith Tarr
Before Mirain could possess his kingdom, he would have to displace the bastard Prince Moranden, win the loyalty of his squire, Vadin alVadin, and subdue a rebellion. But the greatest battle would be with the dark goddess Uveryen. A stunning new novel by the author of The Hound and... Read more
Fortunes of the Imperium (Imperium #2) by Jody Lynn Nye
Sequel to A View from the Imperium. Jeeves in space! Rollicking adventure featuring a seemingly dense, lovable nobleman and his indespensible, droll aide, Parsons. Lieutenant Lord Thomas Kinago sets out from the Imperium homeworld for the Autocracy of the Uctu, a galactic region with a geckolike overlord known, eponymously,... Read more
Dukes Prefer Blondes (The Dressmakers #4) by Loretta Chase
Biweekly marriage proposals from men who can’t see beyond her (admittedly breathtaking) looks are starting to get on Lady Clara Fairfax’s nerves. Desperate to be something more than ornamental, she escapes to her favorite charity. When a child is in trouble, she turns to tall, dark, and annoying barrister... Read more
Claimed By The Billionaire Alpha by Jordan Moore
Ethan Locke is a recent M.B.A graduate in a bind. Running low on funds, he’s frantically applying for jobs on his crappy laptop every day. Then one fateful afternoon, Ethan has a chance meeting with a sexy stud by the name of Talen Romanov. Talen is mind-blowingly handsome, tall... Read more
ADDICTED TO YOU: A Billionaire Romance (Part Two) by Glenna Sinclair
“What are you doing here?” he asked quietly, glancing around at the curious gazes we were getting. “I wanted to surprise you,” I said. “Well, I’m surprised.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Congratulations.” I felt stupid, like I was being fussed at in front of a bunch... Read more
Denver: A Bad Boy Romance (FMX Bros Book 3) by Tess Oliver
Book 3, the final installment in Tess Oliver’s Bestselling FMX Bros series. Strong. Passionate. Confident. Will Denver’s irresistible new neighbor be the one to finally capture this FMX bro’s heart? When Denver Mathison moves into a house at the beach, the last thing he expects is a beautiful and... Read more
Devil’s Fall (Motorcycle Club Romance) (Dust Bowl Devils MC) by Britten Thorne
Trouble begets troubles. Bad luck draws more bad luck. The only way out is to break the cycle. Gunner hadn’t figured out how to do that yet. He thought he’d reached a low point. He’d alienated himself from his club and even his father declared him an irreparable screw-up.... Read more
Grit (Dirty #6) by Cheryl McIntyre
Link and Rocky’s story continues. Three. This is my number. The sum of reasons why I continue to go on. One: She needs me. Two: I have to protect her. And three: With her, I feel human. But the weight of a man’s secrets is a thousand pounds on... Read more
Hard and Fast (Fortis #2) by Raven Scott
A covert ops specialist, a cyber-surveillance expert, and an unmatched international security and recovery pro. These are the men of Fortis. When money is no object, discretion is essential, and the police are not an option, the wealthy and powerful call on this trio of former government agents with... Read more