Watched (Watching #2) by Bethany James
So much has changed. My typical Friday night before Jack revolved around a pint of ice cream and my Netflix queue. Now, I’m practically living with him and off the charts hot sex is my new normal. If that wasn’t enough, Jack is helping me explore things I never... Read more
Snowflakes, Exes and Ohs by Melanie James
With two men vying for her affection, Abbie’s heart is torn between the two. One has always been there for her, no matter what. The other left when she needed him the most. Download Links UploadEx (Note: Use UploadEx to download in Mobi and PDF Format) Read more
Pulse – Complete Series (Pulse #1-4) by Lucia Jordan
Stormy Angelus is running from her past. Leaving a career in L.A. behind to escape her abusive ex, she finds herself in the small and sleepy town of Cliffton, managing the local radio station. The small-town station is popular…but she’s still having trouble making ends meet. So when Stormy... Read more
Marked For Magic by Daisy Banks
The witch mark on Nin’s hand is a curse. She has no magic powers, whatever the lore says. But the village believes. The old crone’s wisdom is to see her banished. Ragged and hungry, she must serve the Mage. Alone in his tower, she is his chattel. But Mage... Read more
HAZE by Deborah Bladon
HAZE, a new standalone from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Deborah Bladon. Standalone Book. No Cliifhanger. Isla Lane is an ambitious violinist, who yearns for the career her grandmother had and had always planned for her. Though determined to make her mark on Manhattan and follow... Read more
Falling Into You (Bachelors & Bridesmaids #5) by Barbara Freethy
The romance continues with FALLING INTO YOU, the 5th book in Barbara Freethy’s bestselling Bachelors and Bridesmaids Series. Seven female friends start out as bridesmaids and end up as brides! Maggie Gordon grew up as an Army brat, moving every other year as the family followed her father around... Read more
Capture Me: Smith and Belle #3 (Royals Saga #6) by Geneva Lee
Smith and Belle’s captivating story races towards its breathtaking conclusion in Capture Me. I never expected to fall in love with Smith Price. Now he was more than my lover. He was my obsession. My savior. My future. But someone had to pay for the sins of our fathers.... Read more
Burning Glass (Burning Glass #1) by Kathryn Purdie
Sonya was born with the rare gift to feel what those around her feel—both physically and emotionally—a gift she’s kept hidden from the empire for seventeen long years. After a reckless mistake wipes out all the other girls with similar abilities, Sonya is hauled off to the palace and... Read more
Blake: A Bad Boy Romance by Laura Day
Ivy I hate him. I hate his cocky arrogance. I hate those stupid tattoos he’s covered in. I hate that s***-eating grin he’s got on his face when he looks at me. I hate how he makes me feel every time those unsubtle eyes tell me exactly what he... Read more
This Is True Love (Exclusive! Book 1) by Jamie Wesley
EXCLUSIVE! Which movie star is moving on with her ex’s BFF? Hollywood A-lister Felicity Chambers has managed to walk away with her cheating husband’s share of their production company in their highly publicized divorce, sources close to the situation tell us. Even more scandalous? Their business partner, Alex Graham,... Read more
Song at Twilight by Teresa Waugh
Newly retired French teacher Patricia Fishbourne is spending her twilight days writing her memoirs. However, the past is a dangerous place and it’s not long before old memories resurface from where Patricia buried them all those years ago. She looks back at her relationship with a young student at... Read more
Shred: Billionaire Bad boy Romance by Adair Rymer
The name of the book has been changed from UNWRAP THIS! to SHRED Shred: Billionaire Bad Boy Romance Claire I wasn’t ever even supposed to know his name. This shredded, filthy, playboy didn’t just break the mold, he made it explode. It was supposed to be a one night... Read more
Shark In Troubled Waters (The Date Shark Series Book 4) by DelSheree Gladden
Sabine Saint Laurent is known as the Princess of Paris. Polite, beautiful, charming, polished…perfect. Everything is always under control, and when it isn’t, she handles it. It’s been an eventful few years, but she’s made it through each upheaval with poise. Just as she’s looking forward to things calming... Read more
Bring Me to Life by August Kert
Plan to survive: befriend a monster. Not in the plan: falling in love with him. As one of the few humans left alive, Lyric knows a hundred different ways to survive—none of them pretty. Anything to stay out of the “farms” where the not-so-mindless zombies keep humans they eat... Read more
Black Squall: A Billionaire Romance Novel (The Broken Billionaire Brothers Book 1) by Tia Wilson
An event from billionaire Grant Everbrooks past still haunts him. If he wants to find true love he might have to lose everything. May Clark has worked in the crumbling Black Squall house for over a decade, taking care of the destitute and elderly male residents. Quint Everbrook a... Read more