15 Tales of Love by Jessie Salisbury
Love comes in many forms: first sweet love, second chances, seniors seeking quiet companionship, and it faces many obstacles: Beth-Anne must decide if her journalistic integrity is more important than capturing that intriguing lawyer. Rose-Ellen has faced too many tragedies in her life to easily accept an offered love,... Read more
A Carol Christmas by Sheila Roberts
A VERY CRAZY CHRISTMAS… The last thing advertising planner Andie Hartwell wants to do is spend the holidays with her crazy family in Carol, Washington. She’s going to stay in New York City and have a sane Christmas instead of enduring life at home which is bound to consist... Read more
ADDICTED TO YOU: A Billionaire Romance (Part One) by Glenna Sinclair
My brother Matt promised to take me away from this nightmare of a place where the memory of my ugly past never fades away. He said he just needed time. But a different kind of man shows up in my small town looking for me. Billionaire Levi Morgan is... Read more
Whatever It Takes (Second Chances #2) by L.E. Bross
Tess is burdened with a responsibility she’s not quite sure she can handle, and Ryan is determined to save her from it—if she ever stops pushing him away—in this sexy follow-up to Right Where You Are, the first new adult novel in the captivating Second Chances series. Tess is... Read more
Wanted: A Bad Boy Romance by Maya Hawk
I’m dangerous because I know what I want. I’m a criminal because I got caught. Five years locked up and the first thing I see on the other side is her – some goody-two shoes parole-office intern attempting to satisfy her newly discovered rebellious side with a taste of... Read more
Smash by B.B. Hamel

Smash by B.B. Hamel

2015Romance December 24, 2015

He’s my stepbrother, my husband, and my dirty little secret. It all started with a mistake. He was a stranger back then. Arrogant, cocky, and sexy as hell, I couldn’t resist falling into his orbit. And then one night, we made the dumbest decision of our lives. We got... Read more
Rose by Sydney Landon
My name is Rose Madden and I have spent my life being the perfect daughter. Thanks to my daddy, I’m an expert marksman who dresses like some modern day freaking June Cleaver. My life has been perfectly scripted since the day I was born. I’ve never deviated from the... Read more
Risk: A Military Stepbrother Bad Boy Romance by Helen Lucas
“I don’t have to be quiet out here,” she whispered to me. “You can make me scream as loud as you want.” The only place I ever fit in was the Marines. I knew what to do there. Knew how to protect my buddies. Knew how to fight, how... Read more
Perfectly Kissed (Perfectly #2) by Lacey Silks
Mistletoes suck. My best friend sucks. That old lady down the street sucks. And it’s all because they all want me and Dave Mayers, the only man I’ve ever loved, to get back together. And this season, they may just get their wish. Their tricks are shameless and advice... Read more
Night Sky (Satan’s Sinners MC #3) by Colbie Kay
Jaxon ‘Writer’ Slade had everything he ever wanted. He had a family within his club brothers and he had the girl he loved. Everyone including him thought they were the perfect couple until everything came crashing down around him. The day that Ever told Writer she was leaving for... Read more
Modern Girl’s Guide to Vacation Flings by Gina Drayer
Beth Riley wasn’t looking for commitment. Beth left Chicago to escape her ex’s upcoming marriage to her sister. She thought a hot no-strings-attached vacation fling would help her forget her latest dating disaster, and the sexy guy she’d meet on the plane seemed like a perfect candidate. But Matt... Read more
Modern Girl’s Guide to One-Night Stands by Gina Drayer
One night of passion. After dumping her cheating fiancee, straight-laced Julia Hopkins decides to focus on herself for a change. A weekend getaway with a friend and one-night stand with a sexy stranger was exactly what she needed to kick off her new life. It was her chance to... Read more
Modern Girl’s Guide to Friends With Benefits by Gina Drayer
Megan and Peter have been friends since high school. Best friends. Others might speculate about their close relationship, but through the years, they’ve always kept it platonic. Until one snowy night in Vail that changed everything. A Friends With Benefits arrangement could be the best of both worlds. With... Read more
BUFF by Mandy Burns

BUFF by Mandy Burns

2015Romance December 24, 2015

A love worth dying for… is a love worth saving. Hiding a dangerous inked BUFF man from your family is hard. Hiding him in the attic is a lot harder. Resisting the urge to jump his bones is the hardest thing of them all. But for Becky Appleton, there... Read more
A Very Christopher Christmas (Death Dwellers MC, #5.5) by Kathryn Kelly
With all threats extinguished, the club has holiday celebrations planned from Halloween to New Year’s Day. The biggest events as far as they know is the arrival of babies for two couples. Unfortunately, an arms deal goes awry and puts a damper on the club’s good cheer. What is... Read more