The Gravity of Love: Contemporary Romance Novel by Anne Thomas
Temporarily discounted! Two friends are coming to face the realities of life: bills need paying, work has to be done, car payments have a deadline, and the secret love that the two have harbored needs to be dealt with whether they like it or not, no matter how hard... Read more
The Champ: Bad Boys Book 5 (The Bad Boys) by Jordan Silver
Wyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ home for the holidays, fresh from the circuit and all he wants to do is unwind between the thighs of some hot young thing who knows the rules. He wasn’t looking for her, didn’t even know she was out there; until he... Read more
Release!: A Walker Brothers Novel (The Walker Brothers #1) by J.S. Scott (
Author Note: Although this series is loosely connected to The Billionaire’s Obsession series, it stands alone and can be read without reading The Billionaire’s Obsession series. But this is a steamy alpha billionaire romance, so skip it if you dislike sensual romance and explicit language. Trace and Eva’s story:... Read more
Marcus: A Mafia Bad Boy Romance by Evie Adams
Is it better to be loved or feared? That’s a question Marcus asks himself, and for now, while he is trying to become the boss of the Marletti Crime Family, his answer is ‘feared.’ But not everything is as it seems, especially Marcus. His father is the ailing Don... Read more
Lights on the Far Horizon Trilogy-Sailor Stone
Book one – Naked Sunrise – A short story prequel. In the moments before the dawn of a new day, on a deserted beach… A young artist ready to change the world and a passionate surfer looking for a quiet and inspiring moment come together and connect in the... Read more
Innocent Christmas (Innocence #3) by Alexa Riley
It’s a Christmas wedding for Daddy William and his little, Haley. The final chapter in their story is one with a little pink, lots of bows, and lots of Daddy’s attention. Warning: Their happily ever after is filled with full-time DD/lg play as William and Haley embrace their lifestyle... Read more
HUNTER: A Bad Boy Military Romance by Cordelia Blanc
Kyla Since rumour got out that I cheated on an American War Hero, nothing’s gone my way. Because of him, Hunter Sykes, I lost everything, five years ago. I know I’m just as guilty but if it weren’t for him, I could be working for NASA right now instead... Read more
Fade Back (A Stepbrother Romance New Adult Novella) by Emma Fawkes
Her life seemed perfect…until she had to admit something was missing. Will this broody handsome stranger fit the bill? Any way you slice it, Becka Treadway is one hell of a sexy girl, drawing stares wherever she goes. Popular and gorgeous, Becka lives her life to the fullest these... Read more
Expose’ (Born Bratva #3) by Suzanne Steele
When a college student infiltrates her way into a Bratva family to do an expose’, she gets much more than she bargained for. Her only ally may very well be Kodiak; the son of Glazov; a cold blooded killer. Download Links UploadEx (Note: Use UploadEx to download in... Read more
Dr. Chase Hudson (The Surrogate #2) by Jessica Gadziala
This is not a stand-alone and must be read after “The Sex Surrogate” You asked for it, now you’re getting it: a novella from Dr. Hudson’s POV plus an epilogue so we can catch up with Chase and Ava. Here you will find answers to your questions about Chase’s... Read more
November: Calendar Girl Book 11 (Calendar Girl #11) by Audrey Carlan
Life, Love, Laughter. Three things I never expected to experience in the month of giving thanks, but that is just what I received. Wes had survived Hell on Earth, and was back where he was meant to be…in my arms and my bed. For good. There would be no... Read more
Christmas in Paris (A Master Chefs Series Standalone Novel) by Kailin Gow
From the bestselling adult contemporary Master Chefs series by Kailin Gow comes the standalone novel, Christmas in Paris. Celebrity Master Chef Errol King is set to surprise his very pregnant wife Taryn Cummings by going home to Paris early from opening The Oyster House restaurant in Hong Kong. But... Read more
Womanizer (A Standalone Novel) (A Steamy Alpha Billionaire Romance) by Nella Tyler
My name is Evan Gade. I’m a 32-year-old Wall Street Investor billionaire, who has lived a life of excess. I’m known as a womanizer among my fellow trading company employees. I’m good at what I do, sometimes too good. I have my eye on an up and coming IPO... Read more
What He Provokes (What He Wants, Book Eighteen) (What He Wants #18) by Hannah Ford
Introducing WHAT HE PROVOKES, book eighteen in the hot and sexy WHAT HE WANTS series by Hannah Ford… Twenty-one-year-old law student Charlotte Holloway isn’t the type of girl to lust after things she can’t have. But when she starts working for the sexy and mysterious Noah Cutler, Charlotte can’t... Read more
Walking Heartbreak by Sunniva Dee
Don’t judge me. I am not what you see. I am the opposite. —Nadia’s lipstick note on Bo’s mirror. Indie-rocker Bo Lindgren is worshiped for his looks and musical genius. It’s been lonely at the top since his ex left. Bo will never take a girlfriend again though, because... Read more