Mason: A Black Widow MC Romance by Olivia Jones
I’m at his mercy… Blazing hot, inked, and filthy. Mason is every naughty girl’s fantasy. His dark eyes watch me with a hunger. The way his rough hands hold me down… his soft lips on mine. He taught me how to use my body in ways I never thought... Read more
Make-Believe Marriage by Dill Ferreira
Ould a great friendship survive a make-believe marriage? Threatened by her ex-husband, who used their son in an attempt to resume their failed marriage, Amanda decided to opt for a relationship based on appearances. Living a farce was not in her plans; however, she was led to such a... Read more
Bad Boy’s Secret: Enemies with Benefits Book One by Ella Score
Paige Easton is one of the prettiest girls at her school… of 3000 Teens. Along with Jake Lincoln one of the schools hottest guys. You’ll see him in all the sports pictures, at all the parties, and hear how hot he is from every girl at school besides Paige.... Read more
The Firefly Effect by Allie Gail (
It was supposed to be nothing more than a fantasy. All right, so I’ll admit that maybe steamy, impulsive sex isn’t the ideal way to cope with a total stranger wandering into your beach house unannounced. But discovering that my anonymous lover is none other than Shane-the-Pain Becker, the... Read more
Stain by Francette Phal
“You’re like the sun…and I’m the stupid moon. Always chasing after you.” I didn’t know it was possible to fall so deeply into someone. To drown so strongly into their bottomless depths coming up for air was unfathomable. Until he comes along, with his sun-hot radiance, and eclipses the... Read more
Secret Of The Manor by Taylin Clavelli
Warren Blake is an accountant at the pinnacle of his career. After accepting a new position he decides to settle in the scenic Cotswold village of Walmsley Hackett. A village with a colourful history of myth, old wives tales and mystery. One morning during his train ride into work,... Read more
Heart of Glass by Marian Snowe
Clara Duncan is adrift. She’s always been a loner, so she never suspected that her breakup with her first love would leave her this hopeless. Clara abandons her old life and moves to a quiet, coastal New England town, where she looks forward to days of aimless wandering, like... Read more
Cinderella Busted (The Cinderella Romances Book 1) by Petie McCarty
Cinderella’s fairy tale moves to Jupiter Island, Florida where Lily Foster, owner of an eclectic landscape nursery, is mistaken for a wealthy socialite by billionaire resort developer Rhett Buchanan. Overdue for a little romance in her life, Lily is anxious for one fabulous date with her handsome prince, so... Read more
AJ’s Salvation by Sam Destiny
She saved his son. Can she save him, too? Jamison Loane knew Alessia Rhyme like he had never known any other girl. As his best friend’s little sister, Aly always was around, making it easy to fall in love with her. Yet, one careless comment on Jam’s side put... Read more
Sweet Soul (Sweet Home #4) by Tillie Cole
One shy lost soul. One silent lonely heart. One love to save them both. Life has never been easy for twenty-year-old Levi Carillo. The youngest of the Carillo boys, Levi is nothing like his older brothers. He isn’t dark in looks or intimidating to everyone he meets. In fact,... Read more
Toeing the Line by Allyson Lindt
This is part 1 in a 3 part series, it does not stand alone. All 3 parts will be available December 2015. They toed a line while he was deployed. Flirting. Dirty-Talk. Mutual self-gratification. Nothing was off limits. Now he’s back, and these best friends have to figure out... Read more
The Sun and the Moon (Giving You … #1) by Leslie McAdam
She follows all the rules. He’s going to teach her how to break them. After a heartbreaking tragedy, successful attorney Amelia Crowley has numbed herself to the pleasures of life, clinging to a specific set of rules, finding strength in order and organization. When she meets easy going surfer... Read more
Stitch: Satan’s Fury MC by L Wilder,
From New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author L Wilder Stitch As the club Enforcer, Stitch is the man chosen to protect the club. There are no limits to his brutality, no lines drawn in the sand. The club is his life, and he’ll do whatever it... Read more
Out of the Shadows (The Tangled Ivy Trilogy #3) by Tiffany Snow
Ivy Mason is no stranger to trouble—though so far she’s always managed to outrun or outsmart it. Now a nasty man-made virus and an FBI manhunt have her desperate for a cure and on the run for her freedom. Even her romance with British secret agent Devon Clay may... Read more
Hidden Truths (Violet Chain #2) by J. Kahele
Violet and Chain are trying to build a loving and trusting relationship, but life has a few more obstacles to throw at them. Violet wants to know more about Chain’s rocky past with his father, whilst Chain is more interested in getting Violet to commit to their relationship in... Read more